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(11:59:51) Mon Dec 26, 2011Disenfranchised
(11:17:23) Sat Dec 24, 2011Oil, Iraq, and reElection
(7:6:38) Wed Dec 14, 2011Free Will
(18:23:46) Fri Dec 2, 2011Oil vs Water
(7:57:39) Tue Nov 29, 2011Money Laundering 101
(8:56:28) Mon Nov 28, 2011Clinton. NO BUSH!
(8:54:7) Thu Nov 10, 2011Fourth Estate Gone Wild
(15:36:15) Wed Nov 9, 2011Flat Tax Sugar High
(15:17:59) Sun Nov 6, 2011GOLD GOLD GOLD
(11:6:27) Thu Nov 3, 2011Politics According to John
(8:22:19) Fri Oct 28, 2011Oil B'Gone
(7:13:20) Sun Oct 23, 2011Peace Prize
(10:22:54) Sat Oct 15, 2011Herman Cain's 9-9-9 Plan
(7:48:6) Fri Oct 14, 2011Let's get caught up!
Crusade Part II
The Ten Commandments
United States Postal Service, Schools, and Libraries
Terrorism Vulnerabilities
New Star
Oil in the Gulf
Romanoff Dodge
Gulf Oil Continued
Initial Explosion
Diamond Mines
Holocaust Part II
Ancient High Tech
Y2K and the Integer
Stolen Lineage
Rooted Beliefs




(11:59:51) Mon Dec 26, 2011

No foundation need be established for a fictitious problem.

The debate on keeping the poor and minorities down because they cannot get a picture ID is an insult to those groups. It is also a distraction from the DEMS true goal of allowing ILLEGAL ALIENS to vote. Those are the only ones who cannot get a FREE picture ID from the organizations called CITY HALL established EVERYWHERE.

(11:17:23) Sat Dec 24, 2011

Oil, Iraq, and reElection
Two years to topple two militaries, install two democratic governments, and seven years to throw it away, -err to keep the peace.

Once again, Bush gets no credit for the time table. The do-nothing administration of Obama just waited for the clock to run out, and then got out. Sadly, doing nothing might be the plan for Obama's reelection.

In order for Obama to enjoy a second term of golf and vacations around the globe, the economy must improve. One big indicator is the price of gas. It is a large weight and the most obvious sign of recovery. By ending the war (taking a stand) -err allowing the war to end (voting present), a very large demand for oil ends. Prices will come down. It has already started.

Of course, Bush will still be blamed for Going to War for Oil; even though I never got my bucket of oil. Too bad Obama wont be blamed for Leaving War for Oil Prices. One is a long term vision of stability, and the other, well, it's a sneaky reelection technique.

The real crime is the number of vehicles that will be destroyed and recycled rather than brought home. Roughly 50-50, because it is cheaper. But, what about the cost of production? Oh! That's just another way to stimulate the economy and funnel more public funds to Union Voters who will have to rebuild these machines.

The Green Movement should be taking up arms! The loss of engines, axles, tires, ... and so on. All materials that can be transformed into farming equipment, wind mills, ... and so on. An even larger loss then Cash for Clunkers. But, that's an old story.

(7:6:38) Wed Dec 14, 2011

Free Will
No religions were identified or harmed in the writing of this blog.

Simple contradictions are being ignored.

Free Will means no Heaven or Hell. How can there be a prize or a punishment if there is no wrong answer? If there is a wrong answer, then there is no Free Will.

Free Will means God is all UN-knowning because your choice is undetermined at time of creation. If it is determined then it is not Free Will. It is Fate.

Fate means you are executing an action for a predetermined purpose. Bad or good, your action is out of your control because it is by God's design. Thus, there is no wrong answer and you never had a choice, i.e. Free Will.

Right and Wrong are Human Inventions for the purpose of survival. Surrounding yourself with like minded people is a form of protection. Rules create Safety. Free Will governs your associations and level of comfort.

Right and Wrong are subject to interpretation. Free Will is elemental.

(18:23:46) Fri Dec 2, 2011

Oil vs Water
This is another example of B.S. Economics.

Oil prices keep increasing and the public fumes. $3 to $5 gasoline! The OUTRAGE.

Bottled Water costs $2 for a 16 fluid ounce bottle. That's $16 a gallon for something that comes out of the tap for FREE. But, the water from the Tap doesnt taste good; even though you PAY for clean water each month.

The Public Works is allowed to be substandard so that industry can circle the wagons and provide water purifiers. It's bottled water to the rescue at only $10 per gallon for the bulk shopper.

Shhhhh..... The public is sleeping.

(7:57:39) Tue Nov 29, 2011

Money Laundering 101
Holywood has butchered this activity. It is actually very easy. In fact, anything can be laundered; even people!

For example, the Mortgage Interest Deduction is a method for handing Banks your money. But Wait! An Interest Deduction is a benefit for the People. You know, the little guy, not those hated banks.

Congress cannot just hand your money to the Banks. They launder the handout through you. The Banks simply raise their rates to absorb YOUR benefit, and market it back to you to show their rates are competitive. The Politician accomplished the task, and also bought your vote because they helped you. The BailOuts are just Congressmen and Administrations getting lazy and harvesting larger quantities.

But, what about National debts? We borrow a lot of money from China!

The U.S. Government cannot just give China YOUR money. They must launder it through a fictitious debt. A debt YOU responsible Americans will pay because that's how you were raised with honor and integrity.

Why does the Government have to borrow money? They can PRINT as much as they need. Either way, Borrowed or Printed, the value of the Dollar decreases. But, borrowing it, means continued interest payments creating a revenue stream for the recipient. It also buys influence in that nation without the donor population realizing the theft.

For example, you need $100. I'll give that money to you from the Public Treasury and then get voted out of office and maybe go to jail for Misappropriation of Funds. However, if I borrow the $100 from you for the grant I promised regarding a fictitious need or service, then I can pay it back with interest and not go to jail. I can bury MY gift to YOU in a Opposing Party's Bill, and use that against them in the next election to keep my position. So common, we named them Pork Projects.

The Half-Million School busses are a favorite Campaign Contributor Laundering Vehicle for the Fed. Just how many lights, signs, swinging arms, seat belts, and paint jobs do they need? That extra reflector will make all the difference. It's For the Children. Dont you want to help the children?

That reflector costs $1 to manufacture and gets purchased by YOU for $100 plus installation fees of $100 to $300, a profit margin even Bernie Madoff would be proud of.

Money Laundering is very easy, but Laundering PEOPLE?

Would you like to become a Slave today? No? But, what happens if I treat you like a slave without you knowing it until you become a slave?

Affirmative Action holds Blacks and Minorities down. Welfare Programs like this teach a group of people they cannot compete without assistance. The Programs imply they are inferior, weak, helpless. The only way they can Have is if they learn how to Take. This generates large groups managed by their new Masters. And, they dont have a clue.

(8:56:28) Mon Nov 28, 2011

Clinton. NO BUSH!
Four Very bad things Clinton did.

Each time I try to have this discussion, my DEM friends sing the Hate Bush mantra like Pavlov Dogs. This is an example of America's Sport's Mentality: defending our team rather than prosecuting their crimes.

So, what did Clinton do? (Aside from arguing the meaning of the word IS to evade Grand Jury prosecution.)

Roth IRA was introduced. This drained the tax revenue pool from IRAs for the next 40-years. It made him look fiscally responsible while butchering future administrations.

Base Closures neared 50%. America had never been more vulnerable, as evidenced by 9-11. On top of this, the CIA and FBI were not able to communicate. This is the 1950's drive across the border to get away system.

Mortgage Commodities allowed. The cause of the 1930's Great Depression was Mortgage Backed Securities. Restrictions were put in place to prevent mortgages from being sold as commodities. This means banks held the notes and thus made sure the customer could pay it back. Without the restrictions, bad loans become a hot potato and only hurt the last person holding it when the bill comes due.

Greenspan quit after lifting the ban. Chris Dodd and Barney Frank ignored warnings from Bush and others. Jackson and Sharpton used their members to pressure banks to give out unsecured loans. The American People (55% that pay taxes) paid the bill.

The Obama Administration used the collapse to further farm the American Worker and promote their own political interests. The Super Committee failed because DEMS want to get their hands on the over Two Trillion dollars being held by Businesses waiting for this Reaper to be removed from office.

Inventory Tax was the most brutal. This is a Storage Fee. It's YOUR property, in YOUR store, and YOU pay taxes on it each year. This brought Manufacturing to a halt and encouraged companies to leave the country. Prices soared and many stores closed.

Interesting, store fronts reopened under Bush, and are now closing again under Obama.

(8:54:7) Thu Nov 10, 2011

Fourth Estate Gone Wild
The news media was supposed to be the people's weapon against the Government. What happened?

Joe Paterno fails to defend his student athletes from continued sexual molestation and he is defended.

Herman Cain suggests the Democrat Campaign Machine is behind the allegations, just like their attacks on Sarah Palin and Marco Rubio, and the media cries out "How dare Cain make these unsubstantiated allegations!"

The Banks are picketed by mindless drones in a NYC Park and around the country, while Fanny and Freddie get a free pass, and Chris Dodd and Barney Frank escape all blame for causing the housing bubble which is the root of the bank collapse.

Four unknown 'ladies' make wild, unprovable, unsupportable, unbelievable claims against Herman Cain and the media demands Cain take a lie detector test to Prove his innocence.

What the hell is wrong with us? The media is completely upside down. Their focus is on hype and ticket sales. What about justice? What about the fall of America? Gitmo detainees get more protection than American Citizens in our Courts of Public Opinion and the news media is the driving force.

Herman Cain is feared by the Democrat and Republican Establishments. They cannot defend against his plans or debate his proposals so they attack his character. Failing to find any kinks in his armor, they fabricate and the laugh tracks prod us as the show goes on.

(15:36:15) Wed Nov 9, 2011

Flat Tax Sugar High
Each candidate is presenting their Me2 Flat Tax Plan after Newt and Cain posted theirs. Cain got a little heat for also suggesting Minimum Wage might need to be lowered. However, he might be the only one understanding the depth of the issue, or the only one willing to be honest about it. Prior postings covered Cain's 9-9-9 Plan and UNemployment issues associated with a Flat Tax. What is being ignored in this National debate is Deflation.

Currently, companies absorb personal tax breaks by lowing wages. I experienced this strategy when moving to Florida. The company touted their salaries were competitive because Florida did not have a State Income Tax. This means they wanted to pay me a lower number of dollars since fewer dollars would be taken away in taxes. Essentially, the company was trying to steal MY State Tax Exemption benefit.

With a Flat Tax, take home pay rises and the companies will begin lowering wages to absorb it. They will give their employees passionate speeches on making a serge in the market to increase future revenues. So, the Workers only enjoy a short period of financial relief in which they will spend like a politician. This is the time period YOU need to SELL assets.

A Flat Tax also reduces and simplifies Business Taxes. Once these businesses process their current inventory, profits will skyrocket. Competition steps in and forces the prices down which drives wages down even further. This is Deflation.

The Dollar now has more value, greater buying power. So, on the surface Cain's 9-9-9 plan hurts the poor who are faced with a new 9% National Sales Tax without a comparable income savings. However, with Deflation all their Dollars are worth more which is a big boost to the poor if minimum wage is not changed.

The biggest impact in all this becomes Housing Prices, and Loans of any kind. New homes can be built at a lower numerical dollar amount. This brings down all housing prices. So, the conservative buyer who stayed under 80% of his buying limit now finds himself at 150% because his Salary was reduced and there is no way to get the Numerical Dollar amount out of his home. Underwater mortgages boom.

As a flat tax approaches, the best thing might be to dump the home and any loan and then rebuy when the dust settles.

(15:17:59) Sun Nov 6, 2011

Hurry Sell Your Gold! Hurry Buy Our Gold Coins!

Here's how it works. Company GOLDHOG has no gold. Because of the high gold prices it can invest in a scheme to spin gold from excitement and fear. They play both side by first creating or partnering with gold gathering locations. Your gold is not 24 karat. It is between 10 and 14 karat. The gathering houses pay you a 6 to 9 karat price. They sell it to GOLDHOG for an additional karat to get their fast commission.

GOLDHOG invests about a karat in melting the gold and plating TINY coins or bars. These are sent to the Coin vendors. The advertising accurately states the value of the Plating, but sell you a coin as if solid. Further, a collector enhancement enrichment factor is added. That's a propaganda induced hysteria profit margin.

GOLDHOG made money on the collection and a LOT of money on the distribution of coins. What the consumer needs to know is Gold is a baseline. This means a unit of gold that could buy a nice suit in 1910 can still only buy a nice suit in 2010. When Gold is at a High price, the consumer wants to take advantage of the currency exchange. By selling Gold for Paper, the consumer can multiply their net worth.

But PAPER is Bad! The nice carny trying to sell me Gold said so!

There will always be currency. Dealing with gold is clumsy and does not represent the full value of the Nation. Paper does include the other resources; land, oil, etc. It is devalued when the Nation prints too much Paper, diluting its value, creating Inflation. But, Inflation is a good thing for a borrower. They receive a Dollar and pay back the loan with a number of dollars worth less than what was borrowed. For example, the U.S. borrows money from China, purposefully deflates its dollar, and pays China back in worthless currency.

The Flat Tax proposed by all the Republican Candidates will create a period of Deflation when implemented. This means the value of the Dollar increases and Prices decrease. Prior to this there will be a period of spending by the public. However, competition quickly drives prices down along with salaries. If a Flat Tax is passed, look for the Sugar High, and Payoff All Loans. Deflation is a Banker's Dream come true because they will now be paid back a number of Dollars worth far more than what they originally loaned out. The Housing market will experience another bubble, resembling explosive decompression.

Gold will come down. A Flat Tax will accelerate that movement by initiating a deflationary period. As with all stocks, you buy low and sell high. Right now, gold is very high.

(11:6:27) Thu Nov 3, 2011

Politics According to John
Democracy stares into the Abyss as its birthplace (Greece) is in ruin and its greatest advocate (America) teeters.

Let's fix it. What Would John Do if he were Supreme Ruler of the Universe (a.k.a. President Obama). In no particular order, here's a list to get things started.

  1. Federal Jobs paid Bottom-Up until money ran out. Thus, Congress/Senate/Executive/Justice Members get paid Last. (Budget would be balanced tomorrow!)
  2. No more paying Private Sector Union Benefits and Pensions with Public Funds.
  3. Reduce the Federal Department of Education to a WEBPAGE. Sell off the Public School resources (TRILLIONS in land, buildings, and equipment). Let Private Schools expand. Let families pool resources and Home School. Expand the Libraries for more Federal Web Schooling Access.
  4. Remove the USPS (TRILLIONS in land, buildings, trucks, equipment, and delivery routes). Legislation is already needed to prevent the Private Sector from making the USPS completely useless. Just get it over with and have a Yard Sale.
  5. Recycle Old war machines. Tanks make great Excavator and Tractor frames. (TRILLIONS in tanks, planes, boats, ... just rotting)
  6. Enforce U.S. Law on the Criminals in Government. Double all maximum penalties because our representatives have also betrayed us, and that's borderline Treason.
  7. Allow State Governments to recall their Senate Representatives. Allow Districts to recall their Congressional Representatives.
  8. Public Benefits use the same system as Private Sector: Social Security, HMO's, PPO's, NO Pensions. This includes Congress and Executive Members.
  9. Bump the retirement age to 85 gradually over the next generation.
  10. Slash Regulations and Government Meddling.
  11. Support Capitalism. Prosecute Socialism. When a Company marries the Government that's Socialism. Government selecting winners and losers is a conflict of interest and represents criminal behavior; Misappropriation of Funds.
  12. Two Plus Two is Four no matter what mob-rule states. The only reason to make it anything else is for political and financial power. This is why there are Lobbyists. Prosecute them.
  13. Take over the Sinai Peninsula. Give it to Israel under the condition a barrel of crude is maxed at $30 USD Value. Use China's surplus male population of 100,000,000 (not enough women to get married) to sweep Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan under the condition the U.S. gets full access to the Lithium fields in Afghanistan.
  14. Repair the courts to their intended purpose of Defending the Constitution and Enforcing the Law. Prosecute Activist Judges.
  15. Establish a Loser Pays system under the discretion of the Judge; 50-50, 70-30, ... Prosecute Lawyers who bring Frivolous Lawsuits. Prosecute anybody using the Law as a Weapon or a Roulette Wheel.
  16. Welcome Legal Aliens. Charge Country of Origin for Illegal Alien Damages and Crimes. Put Illegal Aliens to work digging a trench across the southern border (TRILLIONS in cubic yards sold to farms, land fill, ... raising New Orleans above sea level). Illegals Returned to their Home countries when Payment received.
  17. Burn the Drug Fields of any nation transporting drugs into the U.S.. Just as the Left tries to make Gun Dealers responsible for how their weapons are used by Customers, so will the Drug Dealers be responsible for policing their own products and being responsible for the actions of their clients.
  18. Support the Ten Commandments. Prosecute the dissemination of false information; especially by organizations with News Media Credentials.
  19. End Affirmative Action. It is an Insult to Minorities to assume they are Inferior and Require help to Compete.
  20. Consolidate all Welfare Programs under Unemployment Insurance. This ends the divide and conquer strategy of politicians buying votes.
  21. Limit candidates for Federal Office (House/Senate/Executive) to SECOND generation American Citizenship minimum. Also, disqualify Americans who grew up OUTSIDE America. We dont need another Anchor Baby President.

(8:22:19) Fri Oct 28, 2011

Oil B'Gone
Green Energy Movement forgot to Flush.

The quest to Go Green is ignoring the consequences and taking a very narrow view. Sure. Electrical Power is a great idea. But, it is not Free. Energy is produced and someone has to pay for it. Recently, the True fuel economy was posted for Hybrid Vehicles. They are less fuel efficient than a gas guzzling, full size SUV.

This is because the full energy transmission and generation process is taken into consideration along with part manufacture. Some will then argue, [not if all energy was produced through green resources like wind and solar.] As an example, a single massive windmill raised in California can supply energy to 300 homes at the installation cost of millions of dollars, plus millions of dollars in yearly maintenance averaged out over the lifetime of the device. Hm... $200 monthly electric bill on fossil fuels, nuclear, hydro, and coal. Or, $600 monthly electric bill on wind energy pending nature's cooperation.

Solar is a big topic to defend the Greeners from reality. But, it turns out to be far a more efficient use of the Sun to grow energy as BioFuels, but we also need to EAT and there is just not enough Land to do both. What gets lost in all these leaps to defend an idea is the loss of products produced by Crude Oil. The Processing of Oil generates Gas, Gasoline, Kerosene, Diesel, Fuel Oil, Lubrication, Paraffin, and (my favorite) Asphalt. There are other products and even more in secondary markets with the leftover Coke.

Going Green also means having a solution for the simple things like Roofing Shingles. The movement also has to examine the full production and disposal life cycle. For example, those new Pigtail Lights with the drop of life taking mercury in each one comes with an eight page manual for proper disposal. Add up the Carbon footprint of the manufacturing process and disposal process, and those incandescent lights are looking pretty Green.

Bottom Line: Good Intentions coupled with Incomplete Research yields Chaos.

(7:13:20) Sun Oct 23, 2011

Peace Prize
When will the Nobel Peace Price be taken away from President Obama?

Obama received the 2009 Prize for what he intended to DO, not for what he had DONE. This is a grand departure from the norm. A lifetime of work for the greater good was always the Award's intended target, but for Obama it became a lifetime of dreaming about the greater good.

What the counsel for the Prize will never admit to is their politicization of the Award. It was given to Obama to spite Bush. However, Gitmo is still open for business. The War in Iraq continues (the recent decision to bring the troops home means moving them to Afghanistan; that's not HOME). The War in Afghanistan was expanded and will continue. A Non-War was fought in Libya. Pakistan endures Drone strikes within its borders. Even Yemen has U.S troops on the ground. More American soldiers have died under three years of Obama than six years of Bush.

The Wars doubled, but what about those innocent people snatched from the battlefield by Bush? They were supposed to get fair trials with court members and judges along with all the rights afforded to American Citizens even though they are not American citizens. They are not even covered by Geneva because they refuse to separate themselves from the citizenry with a simple uniform. In the days of Bush, an enemy combatant is shot and drops his AK47. When he hit the ground without his weapon the news blitz proclaimed an innocent civilian was murdered.

Obama has accepted the complications of Gitmo and detaining the enemy. His solution is just shoot them. The dead cannot talk, and the strike is by drone. It's just a video game now and the news no longer records the "civilian" casualty. Even Americans are on Obama's assassination list. What happened to fair trials and the rights of the accused? What happened to that annoying document that grants Americans protection from the Government?

The argument is Awlaki was killed on the Battlefield to which Obama issued an apology because another American was killed in the drone strike. However, in terrorist warfare the Battlefield is, well, EARTH. The Vice President and key Democrat Senators and Congressmen have declared the Republicans and Tea Party members as terrorists. Does this mean they are also fair game?

If there was ever a slippery-slope, THIS IS IT. A President authorizing executions without Judicial review or Congressional approval? Well that sounds like a tyranny to me, and that gets us back to that annoying Document. When will the world see the value in the Constitution? When will the Nobel Committee apologize to the World, and to Bush? When will they recover credibility by reversing the decision to give the Nobel Peace Price to Obama?

(10:22:54) Sat Oct 15, 2011

Herman Cain's 9-9-9 Plan
9% Personal Income Tax
9% Business Tax
9% National Sales Tax
The Personal income tax change affects everyone positively. The complaint will be it helps the wealthy more than the poor. Others complain the existing system punishes the wealthy with a Progressive (increasing) tax RATE. The Fair Tax, one tax RATE for ALL, is fair. The average tax payer will see their FED Tax drop from 25% to 9%. Businesses will react to this by lowering wages. I found this strategy in Florida, wherein businesses argued their salary was competitive because there is no Florida Income Tax.

Business Tax rates will drop from 35% to 9%. Self-Employment Taxes would drop from 15% to 9%. Combined with the Personal Tax rate drop, this is a huge boom for the economy. Loads of money to reinvest, expand business, hold on to assets, reduce prices, and so on.

The NEW Fed Sales Tax is a potential gotcha. Alabama has the highest State Sales Tax at >8% because it does not have a State Income Tax. A sales tax combination of >17% feels brutal, but the Business and Personal Tax rate savings more than makes up for it and keeps the Taxes visible. The biggest problem with the current system is all the hidden taxes often labeled as Fees and Regulation Penalties or Permitting.

The potential gotcha is for the Elderly. They dont earn income. But they do receive distributions from 401K's and IRA's. So, even though the sales tax impacts them hard, the Personal income tax savings makes up for it. However, selling your home and getting hit with $9,000 for every $100,000 is brutal. Opening a new gateway for government to collect taxes is dangerous, but it is visible. And, in times of need it serves to cover unexpected disasters. It also requires the removal of hidden fees/taxes. For example the Fed Gas Tax becomes a double tax. Flushing the system may require a plunger.

What about deductions? The problem with the current system is also the divide and conquer format politicians use to chip away at all savings and businesses. They can build political power through exemptions to promote their own reelections. A flat system illuminates all this. All deductions should be flushed and this includes charitable donations, churches should be treated as businesses, and the 527 eliminated. A deduction causes an increase to the tax rate to make up for the lost tax income. Why should you pay for my charitable or religious interests?

The problem with a flat tax deals with the U.S. economy's foundation which is based on BS. The system functions by allowing a problem to exist because it helps a business increase profits, compete globally, make larger campaign contributions. The Free Market reacts by circling the wagons around the problem to protect the people. This creates industry, employment, tax revenue, ... everyone wins. This is why you are taking so many medicines to make it through the day.

You are defective and need Acid Reflux Meds, for example. It's not the reengineered wheat that hit the market the same time the drugs did. Ignore that reengineered, highly poisonous rapeseed that caused MadCow. Canola Oil is a major export from Canada and couldn't possibly have anything to do with it. I see another circle of wagons forming that will buddy up with the drug companies to put enhancers in their drink products so that taking Daily Meds with their product will have greater affect due to the added enzymes that break down the drug faster or dissolve the built in shields to release a higher dosage.

Undoing these business cycles is difficult. A Flat Tax removes the Problem: a complex tax program. It will cause over ONE MILLION unemployed IRS agents. MILLIONS of Tax Advisors out of a job. HUNDREDS of Tax Businesses no longer needed, which means THOUSANDS maybe MILLIONS more unemployed. It hangs Students strapped with 50-100 THOUSAND dollar school loans for a degree that is now meaningless. Hundreds of Professors find their courses taken off the schedule, and possibly unemployed. Colleges must raise tuition fees to compensate for the lost career path. The rippling effects continue as the circled wagons disband.

What is necessary may take awhile to implement. Understanding the BS Economy of America will reveal many of these problem-wagon cycles.

(7:48:6) Fri Oct 14, 2011

Let's get caught up!

Over the years I've emailed many News outlets my views on their broadcasts involving local and national issues. Here's a run down of several topics that affect everyone. Keep in mind, I am an Engineer and look at problems differently than most to produce unique perspectives and solutions.

The RICH can GIVE as much as they want. Taxes are the minimum. Nothing stops you from paying MORE. The RICH want ALL ''rich'' to pay more to reduce competition and wages, thus increasing profits and market control. Here's how it works.

HIGHER TAXES causes less start up companies, and puts more pressure on mid-size companies that will stagnate or downsize. Large companies can withstand the higher taxes and with less competition enjoy a larger worker pool and thus lower wages. Large companies can also afford to purchase Congressmen and enjoy loop-holes to further drive a wedge between the upper and middle class.

LOWER TAXES inspires more startups and mid-size company expansion. More JOBS means a smaller worker pool to select from and thus HIGHER wages. This puts greater pressure on the larger companies, reducing profits and market control.

Look at the CAUSE and EFFECT. It is clear why the uber-RICH want higher taxes. It's another TRICK. High unemployment means less competition to find workers, thus lower wages and benefits. The government suffers politically if unemployment goes too high, so it must be maintained at a safe level (<10%). How long have we been at +9% unemployment?

The benefit to the government is the campaign slogans. In this case, President Obama and the Democrats have nothing to show for TRILLIONS in bailouts; mostly moneys funneled to campaign contributors. The DEMS will leverage the higher unemployment because of the CBO's method of scoring. It is based on STATIC information and not DYNAMIC effects.

Health benefits, Social Security, Unemployment Insurance, ... and a host of other Welfare Programs are based on salary. The Higher Taxes produce Lower Wages and Benefits. Therefore, the CBO will score the 10 year balance for these Programs and show the Democrats have extended Programs like Social Security. When the Republicans retake the Office and Senate, they will Lower Taxes and reverse the CBO projection. The DEMS will then campaign on GOP efforts to damage Social Security.

It's a game to them. Higher Taxes hurts startups and midsize companies. This helps large companies. It also provides political leverage at the expense of lower wages and benefits to the people. Everything has a cost.

Crusade Part II
I'm in the lion's den with many Democrat friends that just can't get it, but I continue to try.

They are more concerned with those evil Israelis, than the pending Crusade Part II. Of course, they think Part I involved those crazy Roman Catholics versus the innocent Townspeople (Dont even know Arabs were involved). Frustrating.

Israel and the Catholic Church need to be defended. When THEY get done destroying these two groups, are THEY going to stop? No. THEY will continue. Eventually, they will get to YOU and there wont be anyone left to help YOU.''

The Ten Commandments
The war on God is an attempt to marginalize the Ten Commandments. These are simply guidelines needed for any society to survive. The question is, "Which of the Commandments do THEY want to violate?"

The first couple involving Love God, could be interpreted as RESPECT NATURE since the first Gods were the various aspects of nature. So, which Law is bothering them. Do they want to Murder, Steal, Bear False Witness, Disobey their Parents, ... ?


That's the EVIL Law of the Commandments. THEY must remove this virtue. How are they going to change Mr King's speech for Equal RIGHTS to Equal STUFF if you are not allowed to Covet another's property?

THEY, actors like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Farrakhan, have already made this statement. How can THEY push us toward Socialism with this annoying moral anchor?

United States Postal Service, Schools, and Libraries
The USPS was critical to expand and keep the country together. It lured workers with the promise of retirement pensions after just 20-years of service. Of course, the private Congressional joke was life expectancy of a postal worker was estimated at just 10-years; similar to school teachers. It was a very hostile environment that no longer exists and life expectancy goes well beyond retirement.

The program is out dated, out lived its usefulness, and is now a burden to the public and its workers. It is time to sell it off. There are trillions of dollars in land, buildings, supplies, equipment, delivery routes, and plenty of private companies ready to fill the void and buy all of it; similar environment as public schools. The USPS can not survive even with existing protective legislation that holds the private delivery companies back.

It's time to pull the plug and put the USPS to rest; similar conclusion for the public school system. The FED can provide an online knowledge base carved up into age groups for kids/families to self-school, community school, or join private schools. Libraries are on the bubble of being replaced by the internet. Libraries can be saved by expanding computer rooms for self-schooling children without home internet access.

USPS, Schools, and Libraries can all be retooled for the modern age and produce trillions of dollars in revenue to even save the economy. Unfortunately, Congress wont go for this because it means breaking the unions and losing political capital, which is all they care about, their own reelections.

Terrorism Vulnerabilities
For nearly one year, I have been trying to draw attention to real vulnerabilities in the U.S. and around the world. The news media continues to focus on Point targets. These are isolated bombings in either populated areas (night clubs, shopping markets, ...) or mass transit areas (subways, trains, ...). These Point targets are small compared to the next level in the evolution of terrorism: Resource targets.

Taking out a hydroelectric power plant with fewer operatives than used on 9-11 yields millions affected for years resulting in Billions in repair costs alone. Please take the time to examine the flaws I have discovered. I have written them into three eBooks. These are fiction novels that describe the process and environment in an attempt to warn and teach the people what to look for (be vigilant) and how to survive the event.

You will be shocked how easy it is.

These four links summarize areas of interest:

These are the links to the eBooks:
Three Seconds
Three Minutes
Three Hours

Also available through

New Star
2007: I noticed a very very bright star in the night sky, way brighter than Venus. According to NASA and astronomers it is comet Lulin. However, this comet near Jupiter is maintaining a near geosynchronous orbit with Earth. Impossible! Yet, there it is for many years.

The new star a couple years ago looked like a sea urchin in the night sky, super bright with long brilliant arms extending from its core. How could it be this bright? Comet Lulin became visible to the naked eye February 7, 2009 and continued to increase in brightness.

Currently, from my vantage point in Satellite Beach, Lulin is visible in the Western sky at around 8:30pm. Yes, this is prior to sunset. With a pretty light-blue background the new-star is clearly visible. Look for yourself, and then ask why is it not moving? It is at the same location when the sky goes dark. It's position is keeping up with the rotation of our planet. Impossible! But there it is.

The object must be in orbit. It is the only explanation. Satellites are visible as tiny specks of light moving very fast. The space station is large, and could be reflecting the sunset, but it also moves very fast. This new-star is stagnant. According to the Bible this is the Star of David the Wisemen followed for two years prior to reaching Bethlehem. At a minimum, there should be religious excitement for a potential sign of the second coming.

It is very annoying that nobody is interested in this new-star. The heavens have changed and it is not getting any mention. How can comet Lulin keep up with the rotation of the Earth to remain in a nearly geosychonous position? It cannot. Something big is in orbit. Please, someone with a telescope take a picture of this pig, and share it with the rest of us.

Oil in the Gulf
In the beginning, very hot oil streamed from a leaking pipe lying on the ocean floor. An attempt was made to cap the leak, but the robotic cameras failed to record the attempt. Instead, a new view of the pipe lying on the ocean floor showed three new gashes in the pipe with even more hot oil streaming forth.

The failure was blamed on ice, but ice cannot form under the ocean. The pressure is too great. Ah, but it was methane ice. Even though methane bubbles up out from the ocean floor at all depths around the globe as a gas, this methane released from this hot stream of oil was different. Violating the laws of physics and requiring a temperature 180 degrees lower than the freezing point of salt-water, this methane magically froze to prevent the unrecorded attempt to cap the pipe.

A simple question: Where is all the ice? Show me one methane ice stalagmite rising from the ocean floor. Show me one, anywhere, at any depth. Never has ice, from water or methane, been discovered under the ocean. Not even near thermal vents at much deeper depths. I wonder if a Grand Jury would accept this answer of ice. The Administration claims day-one readiness, and approving all BP actions, yet giving all blame to BP for the Administration's decisions and creative employment of ICE. I wonder if Bill Clinton will be employed to argue the meaning of the word 'ice'?

The ruse continues with President Obama sifting through sand to locate the elusive tar ball. Jacques Cousteau would be proud. Meanwhile, a few miles from this photo-op, oil slime covers the beach and fills marsh lands. Seriously? Can we just start with ICE, and sift through the other lies later?

Romanoff Dodge
Paula Jones was buried under one woman after another until Monica Lewinsky held media attention. More women were in line, and the media finally gave up on the story. Quietly, Clinton settled with Paula Jones for $850,000 to prevent her sexual harassment appeal. Who pays nearly a million dollars when they won the first round?

The lesson is do not run from the controversy, run towards it. Make more of it. Give the media raw meat to distract from the original criminal event. When the others eventually get disproved, even the first will look like a Republican witch-hunt.

Sestak and Clinton have added themselves to the criminal action of the Administration by lying. Their testimonies are conflicting. What to do? Pile on. One after another, string'em together until the media declares them all political fabrications by those evil Republicans. And, the impeachable action dissolves within a media orgy.

Gulf Oil Continued
The administration, BP, and many news outlets continue to report on the failure of the first oil capture attempt due to the formation of ice. Considering the damaged section is one mile down, it must be really cold down there. Brrrrrr.

Unfortunately, physics and nature say otherwise. Lakes freeze top-down due to the greater pressure under the surface; otherwise, fish would freeze each year. The oil leak is experiencing 162 atmospheres of pressure, or 2300 pounds per square inch. Way too much pressure for ice to form. If it could, then where are all the ice encrusted pipe images, and methane stalagmites littering the ocean floor?

The narrative involves methane-ice. For the general public they can get away with that ruse, but where are all the engineers and scientists? Methane is a gas that bubbles up out of the sea floor. It is a gas! But they say it's cold down there.

While it might be cold, it's not that cold. Methane freezes at -182 degrees Celsius. This is close to absolute zero. The methane cannot freeze because the ocean is not that cold. Plus, the methane is under extreme pressure. Plus, the methane is coming from within the earth where I hear it is very hot. Ice is a handy excuse for pretend actions.

The Administration has taken full responsibility for the spill since day-one. They are micro-managing the problem, and blaming BP for all the Administration's bad decisions. When the oil-leak is capped, the Administration will take full credit and launch a full financial collapse of BP. But what about the environmentalist groups who prevented the burn-off because of potential air pollution, and prevented the construction of berms due to a lack of environmental impact studies?

Remember the 'experts' testing the tar-balls washing up on shore to determine if natural or from the damaged rig? Meanwhile, oil-slime is blanketing the beach. This is what happens when the Keystone Kops are put in charge. How much should the Administration and Environmentalist groups pay for this disaster?

Initial Explosion
Distraction: The oil spill in the Gulf has the world focused on the damage to come, but what about the initial explosion? Is there any investigation ongoing to determine the cause of the initial explosion? The rig burned out and collapsed making discovery difficult. Was this a terrorist attack?

Like him or hate him, all must agree Bush kept us safe. Biden warned us Obama would be tested. How many terrorist strikes have occurred on American soil during Obama's eighteen-months? How safe do you feel?

Using the oil rig to tear a deep sea pipeline is the same mechanics as using the top of a building to tear down a sky scraper. America has been hit again and it took thirty-days to get the president's attention. This president only represents half the nation because he will not listen to Republicans. Maybe that's why Nashville gets ignored while on going Democrat campaigns get more attention than the oil-spill.

The exact dates escape me. I leave FOX news on all day for background noise. They reported on offshore oil-rig safety with simple comic like graphics. The episode ran once which is odd for FOX. Within a week, Obama declared his interest in exploring offshore drilling. Within a week, eleven died. Within a week, the rig collapsed. Within a week, a disaster was born.

It is possible Bush allowed the planes to hit the towers, BUT not expecting them to be brought down. The intent was to generate support for military action against Iraq and Afghanistan; similar to the potential orchestration of Pearl Harbor by FDR. I believe Obama, a strong opponent to offshore drilling, either approved or allowed to fester the offshore rig incident, not expecting it to collapse and rupture the deep sea lines.

These events parallel nicely. The primary ingredient is fire weakening a structure to bring unexpected levels of disaster. The blame game follows, but the administration got what they wanted; support for shutting down off-shore oil rigs, and preventing drilling in other politically sensitive areas.

Americans need to wake up and stop the sports-mentality. We root for our team and applaud their expertise in getting away with criminal behavior. We deflect to the other-guy, and note their abuses as we allow both parties to ratchet up their greed and violations. Who pays? How much bail-out money will be paid to Gulf-shore countries for this political maneuver?

Americans must return to justice and punish all who violate our laws regardless of party affiliation. For example, each election produces a recession as the parties trade positions, but nothing changes. The incumbents try to fend off the financial, social, and political issues created by the other party and their special interest groups. Clinton handed Bush a recession created by Bush's machine to oust the Dems from office, and Bush handed Obama a recession created by Obama's machine to oust the GOP.

It's a game. Take notice. Is it any surprise Slick-Willie would be involved with the Sestak controversy; get the master of debating the definition of 'is' to twist the meaning of 'offer' as we cheer him on. While it puts a layer between Obama and Sestak, it is still orchestrated by Obama. Do not applaud the attempted obfuscation. Clinton is still just Obama's henchman. It is still Obama's criminal action.

This November (2010) America has the opportunity to take back the country. Send a clear message, fire everyone. It is time to flush. Have the courage to vote everyone out. No incumbents deserve our support. This might be our last opportunity to remind Washington they work for us. Change was promised but never defined. The change on the horizon is approaching very fast, and it will remove our ability to change it back.

This is a third-rail topic. However, like my religious record summaries, lets examine it void of emotion and bias. Let us apply the existing laws to draw a conclusion with some very simple examples and rough estimates.

WOMB (90% of the argument) :: The primary argument in favor of abortion is: "it is the woman's right to CHOOSE". Consider a woman in the Mall who gets tired of pushing her baby around in a stroller and opts to just throw the baby away and continue shopping. Barbaric! I know, but follow the logic. Our current laws would charge her with neglect and murder if the baby dies in the process. So what is the difference between a Manmade baby carriage and Nature's baby carriage?

FETUS (9% of the argument) :: The argument to defend CHOICE from the WOMB states: "it is not a human life". Consider a woman coming home and kicking her pregnant dog; killing it and all the babies. Our current laws would charge the woman with abuse; punishable with $1000 fine and jail time for the dog AND each of the babies. Is a Canine-fetus more valuable than a Human-fetus?

DANGER (0.9% of the argument) :: To defend against the FETUS, the argument becomes: "the woman's life is in danger". First, a careful definition of the word danger needs to be applied. Aspirin could represent a danger. However, consider a woman and her baby sitting on a couch watching TV. Her apartment catches fire. She leaves the baby on the couch and runs out of the building to protect her own life. Our current laws would charge her with neglect and murder if the baby dies. Social services will definitely be involved. So, again, our laws prevent the woman from ignoring her responsibility to protect the fetus even if her life is in danger.

RAPE (0.1% of the argument) :: Abortion's last stand. If not Human, then animal rights kick in to protect this life. But what do you do in the case of RAPE. This is where the LIFERS may have to grant an exception. Is the rape allowed to continue for 9-months? What is the psychological damage done to the woman? Although the debate in this area is troubling, the woman still has to file a police report. Our current laws punish false reports. So, once again, our existing laws give us guidance, and we should not allow the rare case to dominate the entire issue.

DANGER (100% of the argument) :: Making abortion illegal means women would have to murder their babies in unclean environments, and this presents a danger to the woman. This is the crazy logic of the CHOICER. With this logic all crimes should be legal, including all illegal drugs. It would sure be a lot safer for criminals.

Once upon a time,

A great orator rose from the masses, Gaining support of the majority, Protected under an umbrella of corporations. His goal was to change the country, To drag it out of depression.

The lesser party disagreed with his direction and methods. But the majority cheered him on, and demanded from the lesser, "Give us your money!"

The lesser said "No." And, the world heard a new word: 'Holocaust'.

One man saw it coming, And the world laughed at his concerns. After years of war, They cheered his leadership, To remove the misguided majority.

Today, a great orator has emerged, from within the greatest nation the world has every seen. Crucial corporations have surrounded him. And, the majority, composed of the poor, now demand from the lesser, "Give us your money!"

In a summit of both parties, The lesser said "No." Will the Lessers be denied their citizenship? Their businesses are already under attack. We know what comes next.

Diamond Mines
My understanding of slave-camps for mining resources in oppressed areas is the Company offers a salary to impoverished people. The company offers them a job, gives them Hope to draw them in willingly. In turn, the workers have to buy their tools, food, housing, and other supplies from the Company. This means the Company recovers the paid salaries, and the people get nothing for their labor and are now trapped in the system. The successful companies do this without anyone realizing.

America is no longer the land of opportunity. It has become a Diamond Mine. The mushrooming size of government, and the redistribution-wealth agenda of its President and Democrat party, is creating a massive slave-camp with no way out.

Holocaust Part II
Consider the character, abilities, and actions of Hitler. Most have already stopped reading because we have been told this man was insane. However, on further review we discover his brilliance with an underlying agenda of destruction. Being a great orator, he was on the fast-track and gained power over the entire country. He implemented social programs and gathered in key corporations to further cement his power. To ensure future population obedience, he launched the Youth Camps. This breeds more drones to accomplish his evil agenda.

As we learn about the friends, colleagues, and associates of Obama, we see into his agenda. He is an anti-white racist. He is a great orator with the same charm, fast track, and corporate support. Both leaders gained control of the news media. And Obama is now pushing for a Social Service Corp (Hitler Youth) that will have the same funding, armament, and strength as the military.

The stage is being set for a second Holocaust, and this time it's white-Americans who are not part of the chosen race.

Ancient High Tech
I have been analyzing the ancient records for 20-years and have made some very interesting discoveries. Unfortunately, I am trapped between two groups. The religious who only want to hear confirmation of their beliefs, and atheists who don't care what's in the Bible or other records.

My work is unique and I have found high-tech knowledge in these records, with a complete absence of God. From the errors in the record it can be shown these are completely fabricated works. However, they are based on more ancient stories and thus still hold some truths. We are basically playing paleontologist of the written word, and tasked with reassembling all the fragments of truth amongst all the politics, sensationalism, greed, agendas, misunderstandings, and mistakes.

Examples of my research can be found on

Y2K and the Integer
The Y2K scare involved 1960's and 70's memory restrictions that clever programmers answered by only storing the last two digits of the YEAR. Sadly, when the year 2000 was reached the programs would have a three digit number and only two spots in memory to store it. The result is an eventual crash. Credit Cards, Vehicle Registration, Driver License and Passports were some the first to impact this problem six and ten years prior to the year 2000.

The Big Concern was nuclear missile silos. If their computer programs crashed would the missiles launch by default? Quietly, there were stories of three launches in Russia. Two American officers stated [there were anomalies but they did not leave Russia's backyard]. An interesting way to put it. How close did we come to an accidental Armageddon?

Y2K was a problem 40-years in the making. The attitude was [We'll worry about it when it gets here]. Well, there is another Y2K event on the 40-year horizon and once again it deals with TIME; specifically the 'time()' function. It returns a 'time_t' value which is defined as either Integer or more commonly Long. However, programmers, even today, stuff this returned value into signed Integers.

The importance is a signed Integer holds 2,147,483,648 values before going negative. The time() function returns the number of seconds from the Epoch date of January 1, 1970 which in 2010 reached 1,261,440,000. Forty years from now, the value will exceed the storage capacity of a Signed Integer. If the programmer stuffed the value into an Unsigned Integer, then in 120 years there will be memory corruption.

This function is benign, and as such does not receive much attention just like dropping the leading 19 of the YEAR to save very expensive space in the early years of software development. Depending on the programmer and the use of the value could TIME trigger another Armageddon scare?

Stolen Lineage
Just a breakdown of the stolen lineage to be the Chosen People:
Isaac ignores Ishmael's Abraham-birthright,
Jacob steals Esau's Isaac-birthright, and
Ephraim gets Manasseh's Israel-(Jacob)-birthright

GENESIS 17:19 And God said, Sarah thy wife shall bear thee a son indeed; and thou shalt call his name Isaac: and I will establish my covenant with him for an everlasting covenant, and with his seed after him.

Isaac is the lineage of the Jews.

GENESIS17:20 And as for Ishmael, I have heard thee: Behold, I have blessed him, and will make him fruitful, and will multiply him exceedingly; twelve princes shall he beget, and I will make him a great nation. 21 But my covenant will I establish with Isaac, which Sarah shall bear unto thee at this set time in the next year. 22 And he left off talking with him, and God went up from Abraham.

GENESIS 17:23 And Abraham took Ishmael his son, and all that were born in his house, and all that were bought with his money, every male among the men of Abraham's house; and circumcised the flesh of their foreskin in the selfsame day, as God had said unto him. 24 And Abraham was ninety years old and nine, when he was circumcised in the flesh of his foreskin. 25 And Ishmael his son was thirteen years old, when he was circumcised in the flesh of his foreskin.

Ishmael will be fourteen when Isaac is born.

GENESIS 20:12 And yet indeed she is my sister; she is the daughter of my father, but not the daughter of my mother; and she became my wife.

So, Sarah really is Abraham's sister -- same father, different mother.

Rooted Beliefs
Matthew has Jesus speaking in flat-earth terminology, and makes the claim the kingdom of God comes from within the earth where the Devil and his angels reside in everlasting fire. (This makes the Devil a reference to the Earth's Core.)

1 Peter: SUMMED UP AS: Fear. Be afraid of being happy. Be afraid of doing something wrong. Be afraid of God. Just, be afraid. Humble yourself to the law, to earthly authorities, and to God. Divorce yourself from any existing knowledge. Continue as little children; as such, you will receive knowledge through faith. Be afraid, and only listen to the church. Don't question anything. When you die, everything will be revealed to you.

James: (APOSTLE) provides more visual detail on the Father; describing him as [Father of lights] showing no [variableness] nor [shadow of turning]. This would equate God to the Sun which would be appropriate for that era. God went from snakes, to volcanoes, to Sun, to virtual.

There's just too much stuff to list. This will hopefully get you to reread what is written through my summaries, and see the NT is simply the OT rewritten.

I believe it is more productive to figure out HOW to achieve knowledge; rather than expecting to magically inherit it through death. There is a lot of science and knowledge being ignored because we are so rooted in our beliefs (desires) which incidentally is one of the messages in the story of Cain and Abel. This representing the first murder caused by religious intolerance.