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(5:41:40) Fri Dec 28, 2012 Kwanzaa
(10:29:17) Wed Dec 26, 2012 Fiscal Cliff
(7:19:48) Thu Dec 20, 2012 Hillary's Boo-boo
(18:54:57) Thu Nov 22, 2012 Life of PI
(9:3:19) Mon Nov 19, 2012 Hostess
(5:47:21) Thu Nov 8, 2012 Big Bird Won!
(12:24:34) Wed Nov 7, 2012 Political Religion
(5:52:2) Tue Oct 30, 2012 Syria - Benghazi Connection
(9:9:40) Mon Oct 8, 2012 Wanting to Lose
(3:21:43) Thu Oct 4, 2012 The First 2012 Debate
(10:58:5) Sat Sep 29, 2012 Ambassador Stevens
(9:29:58) Thu Sep 27, 2012 What's in a Game?
(4:29:56) Wed Sep 26, 2012 What Chant?
(6:37:47) Tue Sep 18, 2012 NOT Terrorism!
(6:29:40) Thu Sep 6, 2012 Another Great Depression
(10:33:17) Sat Aug 25, 2012 Romney's Money
(6:26:3) Sat Aug 18, 2012 Four More Beers
(4:7:51) Thu Jul 5, 2012 Independence Day Celebrations
(6:27:1) Sat Jun 30, 2012 Chief Justice Roberts
(7:25:36) Wed Jun 20, 2012 Executive Privilege
(6:45:25) Mon Jun 11, 2012 Private Sector Doing Fine
(5:53:18) Fri May 25, 2012 Payoffs
(5:41:55) Fri May 18, 2012 Romney vs Obama
(15:0:29) Sat Apr 21, 2012 Money Laundering
(6:40:2) Wed Mar 28, 2012 Health Care Law
(9:1:19) Tue Mar 27, 2012 Sabbath Day
(16:25:19) Fri Mar 9, 2012 Volcano God of Moses
(4:54:26) Thu Mar 8, 2012 2% vs 20%
(7:34:8) Fri Feb 24, 2012 Gas Prices
(7:25:29) Sat Feb 18, 2012 Dry Runs
(14:47:3) Fri Feb 17, 2012 Economic Inequality
(12:9:49) Tue Feb 14, 2012 The Middleman
(11:44:33) Tue Feb 14, 2012 Debt
(6:2:0) Sun Feb 12, 2012 World War III
(6:51:34) Sat Feb 4, 2012 A Slobbering Love Affair
(6:23:17) Fri Jan 27, 2012 Villains with Candy
(4:46:32) Mon Jan 23, 2012 Witness Protection
(0:56:58) Thu Jan 19, 2012 Gay Marriage
(10:22:37) Sat Jan 7, 2012 Die-Ins
(6:19:0) Fri Jan 6, 2012 Caucus Spoilers
(11:33:28) Thu Jan 5, 2012 Joint Forces
(5:23:0) Sun Jan 1, 2012 Aliens?




(5:41:40) Fri Dec 28, 2012

First Fruits of the Harvest

This was created in 1966 for the purpose of making Blacks feel better about, well, being Black. It is celebrated only in America. Its roots attack the Catholic Church, calling Jesus psychotic, which is weird because Blacks are very strong and dedicated to their religious beliefs. In the 90's, that view was relaxed because, well, Catholics are kind and have a lot of money.

Kwanzaa is a Swahili word meaning First Fruits of the Harvest. Sacrificing to gods for better crops is a reality of our history. It starts with Cain and Abel, and continues throughout the Old Testament with even God demanding the First Fruits of Field, Beast, and Man. Yeah, Human sacrifices; children. The people form the Church of the Firstborn, and send messages to stop this killing through stories like Isaac and Abraham.

When Christianity is created, it's central figure is a combination of key attributes from the surrounding beliefs and histories. Primarily a mix of the hero Sampson and the god Mithras, Jesus becomes the firstborn of the dead; a connection to the church of the firstborn.

Each time a term is borrowed and redefined, it hides the original meaning beneath another agenda. Your job is to play paleontologist of the written word and sift through these re-marketed stories for fragments of truth that can be recombined to reveal the origin of the term or story. will get you started with summaries of the ancient records that reveal the errors and key words.

(10:29:17) Wed Dec 26, 2012

Fiscal Cliff
Over Analyzed Manmade Disaster

News analysts are over thinking the Fiscal Cliff.

In typical Republican fashion, they are looking for the President's angle on fixing the problem to the DEM's advantage. Obama/Reid/Pelosi have no intention of fixing the problem. To them, there is no problem. They have gotten away WITHOUT passing a budget for four years! What motivation do they have to pass a BALANCED budget?

Obama is going to use the Fiscal Cliff to begin the DEM campaign for 2014 and 2016 with BLAME BOEHNER. The Blame-Bush mantra worked extremely well, but it's time for another target.

I worry about the other DEM agenda of Gun Control. These people have proven themselves over and over to "Never Let a Good Disaster Go to Waste". The scary scenario: Are they involved in the production of disasters like the School Shooting in-order to drive their agenda?

Be afraid. This Admin is crazy and has no interest in our safety.

(7:19:48) Thu Dec 20, 2012

Hillary's Boo-boo
Awww, Hillary fell down and can't get up.

I wonder if Nixon could have gotten away with the Watergate coverup if he just pretended to be under the weather. We can expect Hillary to have Selective Amnesia when she does testify; hopefully not as a civilian because then different rules will apply.

It's good to know the country's interests and security can be put on hold until Hillary is feeling better. I guess she's really not ready to handle that 3am phone call, just like our part-time President.

(18:54:57) Thu Nov 22, 2012

Life of PI
Hidden meaning.

Great visuals and story. Slow, but mesmerizing. The story presents the classic choice between Truth and Fiction; an example of Science versus Religion.

PI is lost at sea with a few other survivors and goes crazy as anybody would under those conditions and length of time. His mind plays tricks and develops a fantasy of what happened. You have to choose the story displayed or the true story uncovered at the end.

(9:3:19) Mon Nov 19, 2012

So worried about Big-Bird we missed the Twinky!

Hostess will go through bankruptcy to break the Unions that destroyed it. If the Union Bosses were reasonable, the workers would still have a job or companies would have purchased Hostess and picked up the Union contracts. But now, Hostess will be broken up and the vultures will tear her apart.

This is what should have happened to the auto industry. Let capitalism rebuild it; instead of allowing Unions to continue destroying it. The auto bailout simply delayed the bankruptcy and made it cost far more to the American people and did not cure the problem.

I guess the Twinky Union wasn't important enough for Obama and the DEMS to bail out. Big-Bird was! The actor in that costume maintains a $320k yearly salary. If Federal Funding (YOUR MONEY) was removed, Big-Bird would only make $250k per year. If Congress cannot see these simple things, how can they ever fix the economy?

Hostess Twinky. You will be missed. But fortunately, Great Value already makes a better Twinky.

(5:47:21) Thu Nov 8, 2012

Big Bird Won!
Going small was the right strategy.

The people chose to protect PBS because they cannot do Math. The actor in the Big Bird suit would have to take a 6% pay-cut without Public funding, and STILL make over a quarter million dollars per year.

It is no longer [the economy stupid]. It's now all about the emotions of the stupid. Fear of Planned Parenthood losing Public Funding shook the Female Vote even though it is only around 5% of their yearly Income.

Math lost. We are no longer a people based on logic. Emotion dominates us.

(12:24:34) Wed Nov 7, 2012

Political Religion
Tyranny of the Takers

When Politics becomes a form of Religion, the only way to achieve change is to force the believers to face the facts of their dogma. The Democratic Party has successfully created a tyranny composed of the poor. The Makers are now enslaved to give and give and give. The choice is simple; accept the slavery, or fight back.

The Takers need to see their world. The Makers can give it to them by simply ceasing to make. Take a vacation from Business, stop fighting the increasing headwind of Government. Shut it down for four years; give them what they want. Show the Takers they need to support the Makers; otherwise, there is nothing to take. It is this or Succession. The Takers unionized. Now, it is time for a Makers-Union in order to fight back.

The Nation truly died in 2008. We are still grieving. I hope we don't reach acceptance.

(5:52:2) Tue Oct 30, 2012

Syria - Benghazi Connection
Questions not being asked.

-1- Stevens was stationed in TRIPOLI. Who ordered him to BENGHAZI and why?
-2- The Seals saved 30 people. Who are those SURVIVORS? They saw what happened. INTERVIEW THEM.
-3- Images of the Consulate interior shows it burned out and the electrical boxes torn out. Outside are cameras. Makes sense the video recorders are what was torn out of the walls. Why would the terrorists take the VIDEO RECORDERS and not Stevens' JOURNAL? How did it survive the 2000 degree temperatures of the fire?
-4- Did the CIA clean up a weapons deal gone bad? and plant evidence for CNN?
-5- Stevens was on the job only three months; was he spearheading a weapons deal to help the Syrian Rebels? Rebels win, Obama wins; his october surprise?

Watch my latest LAUNDERING video on SYRIA ==>

23,000+ shoulder fired rockets are now in the hands of terrorists. They now have the capacity for a single, timed attack at all major airports across the nation, and OBAMA owns it. That's the COVER-UP.

(9:9:40) Mon Oct 8, 2012

Wanting to Lose
With the HealthCare Bomb set to go off next term; why win?

The Democrats gave the people everything they wanted without any means to pay for it, and with every expectation the Supreme Court would declare it unconstitutional. This would give the DEMs fuel to get the vote out and campaign on Health Care AGAIN with the addition of replacing retiring Supreme Court Justices with more Liberal/Progressive candidates.

Political Jujitsu Master Chief Justice Roberts destroyed their plan and energized the GOP and TEA party members. This put Obama into complete panic. Now, they owned the mess and would have to find a method to make it work. Their solution is to LOSE.

By losing the next election with weak debate performances and an unleashed gaffe-machine, the DEMs will hand the whole mess to the GOP and then campaign in 2016 against the GOP's failure. They will use it to show [only DEMs] understand the problems Americans face and can fix them.

Victory through failure is not new. The GOP lost the 2006 and 2008 elections on purpose to hand the Housing Bubble (created by Clinton and governed by Frank) to the DEMs, and gain control of the 2011 redistricting after a 2010 comeback.

Sadly, We the People are just the Pawns.

(3:21:43) Thu Oct 4, 2012

The First 2012 Debate
A Romney Win!

At the beginning of the Debate Jim Lehererer had the attitude The Great OZ Has Spoken. Romney asserted himself well to move Jim closer to the center of a fair debate rather than always directing what Romney should answer next, instead of being allowed to freely respond to the great O.

The one Zinger left unZung by Romney was when Obama mentioned the importance of a Good Budget. Clearly, a golden opportunity to mention A Romney Administration would not allow Congress to go 3.5 years running without passing one. Obama's body language and slight hesitation revealed he knew he just stepped in it, and quickly changed the subject to successfully move away from it.

(10:58:5) Sat Sep 29, 2012

Ambassador Stevens
Which is better for the Administration?
– Being incompetent for ignoring intelligence, or
– Being incompetent for not having intelligence?

(9:29:58) Thu Sep 27, 2012

What's in a Game?
Packers v. Seahawks 2012

It is clear to all; the Packers got robbed. How can the Replay Officials miss the most flagrant offensive pass interference in history? The impact of this sporting event is not being discussed. It's not just who gets the win and millions of dollars in Vegas. The Game is an example of what is wrong with America and the World. A win at any cost mentality; even cheating, or having others cheat for you. This Game is a direct measure of character. Will the Seahawks Coaches, Managers, and Owners step up and demand the NFL give the win to the Packers?

WHAT?! Admit failure?

I thought that was the whole point of Good Sportsmanship. If actually practiced, referees would not be necessary. This Evil-Sports Mentality is why the country is so messed up. Win at any cost; lie, cheat, steal, or have someone else do it for you as long our team wins. Never admit failure. Never take responsibility. Forever more, it will always be Bush's fault.

An Ambassador is killed due to the failed policies of President Obama and the Silent Democrat Party. However, it's not the Apology-Tour or the Policy-of-Weakness or the Power-Vacuum created by this Administration. It's just Movie-Rage. An obvious lie that will be repeated until we all accept it. A failure of the media to do their job.

Leadership is taking responsibility for mistakes and correcting them, NOT doubling down to protect personal ego or jobs. Bipartisanship is not blasting a statement on a Makers vs Takers split in this country; rather it is admitting that the split exists! Takers are easy to make and with the Win at all Cost Evil-Sportsmanship mentality to fan the fires, Democrats make more Takers to support their careers, ignoring the country's foundation is failing. That's why they cannot stop spending. It would mean giving less to the Takers and losing votes. Takers protest the accusation and then demand more from the Makers. It's mind boggling.

We see the lack of character displayed by the Seahawks in all areas of the nation. How can a Taker stop taking when working yields less? How can a player stand up when they dont know how the rest of the team will respond. They dont want to get kicked out of the nest any more than any actress or actor. They'll never work again if they say the truth, so they just pile on the praise for shabby directors and producers.

The Packers-Seahawks Game is a great lesson of character; the same lack of character in our Congress, political parties, social circles, ... at all levels. Find your character in a mirror by asking, "would you give up the win."

(4:29:56) Wed Sep 26, 2012

What Chant?
Osama Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive

Obama is fixated on an obscure movie causing the violence in Libya, and ignoring the protesters chant [A Billion Bin Ladens]; a clear message to stop spiking the football. You have not heard the GM-chant from Biden or anybody in the Administration since.

Is U.S. Ambassador Stevens the final straw just like Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand?

(6:37:47) Tue Sep 18, 2012

NOT Terrorism!
How much longer do we deny truth?
  1. The Underwear-Bomber is not a terrorist, He's incompetent.
  2. Fort Hood is not terrorism, it's work place violence.
  3. The Arab Spring is not terrorists filling the retreating U.S. vacuum, it's Democracy in action.
  4. An Ambassador murdered is not terrorism, it's movie rage.
The Obama Wordsmiths would probably not call 9-11 a terrorist strike either. It's a parking violation that should be handled in Traffic Court.

(6:29:40) Thu Sep 6, 2012

Another Great Depression
... for the same reason as the First.

I'm tired of Obama bleating on about the tough environment he inherited. Bill Clinton lit the fuse allowing home mortgages to be traded as commodities; a restriction put in place after the First Great Depression.

Bush is on video record warning of the pending collapse. Barney Frank and Cris Dodd ignored it and took the opportunity to bash Republicans. Pelosi and Reid ruled the House and Senate like Tyrants; Four and Six years respectively, and did nothing to correct it.

Democrats caused it.
Democrats cannot fix it.

We need a Business Man to get us out of this!

(10:33:17) Sat Aug 25, 2012

Romney's Money
Oh how times have changed for the Democratic Party.

(1961) U.S. President John F Kennedy, "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country."

(2012) Campaigner-n-Chief Barrack H Obama, [Ask not what I've done with your money. Ask what Romney does with his.]

(6:26:3) Sat Aug 18, 2012

Four More Beers
Is the proper chant if you are thinking of voting for Obama.

Axelrod slipped in an interview with Hannity, suggesting gas prices will fall in October; conveniently for the election. Now, we learn about the Administration's plans to drain the U.S. strategic oil reserves around that timeframe. It seems Obama will deplete every resource to benefit his career.

(4:7:51) Thu Jul 5, 2012

Independence Day Celebrations
Fireworks Fizzled

Township and city fireworks displays were lame this year. Even civilian displays were pathetic. Not only does it show a lack of funds, but a lack of spirit.

Thank you Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the DEM drones you lead; the first administration to not pass a budget. Thank you Clinton for allowing home mortgages to be traded as commodities and ushering in another Great Depression; that is your legacy. Thank you Barney Frank and Chris Dodd for ignoring Republican warnings a disaster was looming; you should be in jail with Madoff.

Thank you Media for letting them get away with it.

(6:27:1) Sat Jun 30, 2012

Chief Justice Roberts
Friend or Foe?

Most have served on a Jury, and experienced limited/restricted information. The Jury rules on what was presented. Roberts stepped out of bounds by rewriting the Health Care Law. He rewarded Obama's Deception by turning the non-participation Penalty into a Tax.

Only Congress can levy a Tax. By changing the language of the Law, Roberts legislated from the bench and stepped outside the Constitution. His decision is mired in Politics; another thing the Judges are supposed to ignore.

However, his political judgement might be brilliant. He spanks the American People for taking their votes lightly by electing someone they knew nothing about. Roberts has pumped energy into the GOP and Tea Party while deflating Obama's strategy to turn a negative ruling by the Supreme Court into a campaign platform to reelect Obama so that vacated seats can be filled in next term, moving the Court to the Left.

The Health Care Tax is brutal. It is preventing business from investing. It is keeping unemployment high and benefits/wages down. ObamaCare pushes more people into Slavery by making them dependent on the Government; stripping the people of free choice, money, and control of their lives.

Bottom line: The People have a clear choice this November, and Roberts protected the Supreme Court from being overrun should Obama get reelected. He also illuminated an Opt-Out clause the States can execute without Federal Punishment.

(7:25:36) Wed Jun 20, 2012

Executive Privilege
Hiding behind the Law.

The only way Executive Privilege can be granted for the Fast-n-Furious Documents is if the PRESIDENT is part of the communications within those documents. By granting the Executive Privilege to seal the documents, President Obama is admitting to have knowledge of the events, program, and cover up including lying to Congress.

Obama's action is prima facie evidence of criminal intent and participation.

How can ANY of the Left-Media producers or reporters not want to see what's behind the curtain NOW?

Eric Holder is saying very loudly, "[Mr. President, If I go down, You go down]" with his Trump-card request for Executive Privilege to hide the documents related to a Murder Coverup. Obama wont fire Holder because he doesn't want the truth exposed, and has granted the Executive Privilege.

Where is the Congress? Are all DEMS just sheep taking up space in the House and Senate? Why has this President NOT been impeached? We are talking about MURDER not a third rate burglary of the DNC.

(6:45:25) Mon Jun 11, 2012

Private Sector Doing Fine
Obama's Hope and Change is revealed to mean Fantasy and Dependence.

The President knows the Private sector is NOT keeping up with population growth; his numbers of 4.3 million jobs created (or saved) is now 6.2 million jobs short of breaking even (60% unemployment per year added to the national average, plus the creative counting methods ignoring people no longer looking).

Obama made the statement, "The Private Sector is doing fine," to continue dividing the country. Obama wants the TAKERS to march against the MAKERS and demand MORE handouts, MORE social programs, MORE, MORE, MORE.

(5:53:18) Fri May 25, 2012

Hidden in plain sight.

Vegas and Hawaii benefitted from GSA and other government agency lavish parties -err meetings with a combined cost to the tax payers over a hundred million dollars; that we know of.

This is after Obama's negative comments about Vegas; Harry Reid's town. If Obama wants Reid's support (not passing a budget), then money needs to flow into Vegas. If Obama wants his birth certificate to remain hidden, then the Governor of Hawaii needs to get paid too. An infusion of millions of dollars will keep unemployment low in Hawaii and encourage Abercrombrie's reelection.

Too bad those multi-millions did not get spent rebuilding multiple Tennessee Towns nearly completely wiped out by tornados. In fact, Obama hasn't even visited those sites. He was too busy vacationing with Michelle and daughters in Hawaii.

(5:41:55) Fri May 18, 2012

Romney vs Obama
Maker vs Taker

The double standard has never been greater. Romney's Mormon faith is questioned, while Obama's Muslim associations is off limits. A high school hazing takes center stage, while anti-American statements get covered up.

It's a good sign for Romney when the opposition has to go back fifty years to find something bad; for most of us, last weekend would be enough. We cannot look back fifty years to examine Obama's life because he only came into existence a dozen years ago.

Rev Wright confirmed Obama's Muslim faith and associations. Hypocrisy has come a long way. I wonder if electing a Japanese man to the highest office in 1944 would have been appropriate?

(15:0:29) Sat Apr 21, 2012

Money Laundering
Anything can be Laundered; even People!


Commodity Laundering is the foundation of the U.S. economy. The basics are explained in the clips above using real world examples.

(6:40:2) Wed Mar 28, 2012

Health Care Law
Supreme Distraction

The Democrats cannot lose on this issue. If Obama-Care is rejected by the Supreme Court, then the Dems campaign against the Republicans who prevented the people from receiving [free] health care. They also point out the number of Supremes preparing to retire, and the next president will be able to appoint replacements that would be favorable to Obama-Care.

The campaign to try-again is not needed if the Supremes approve Obama-Care. Then the Dems campaign on the great gift they gave to the people, and the obstructionist Republicans continuing to try to bring it down. Too bad the majority who are against this Obama-nation get ignored along with the enormous cost for very little if any benefit.

(9:1:19) Tue Mar 27, 2012

Sabbath Day
What's a Saturday?

Twenty years of reading the modern versions of the ancient records have yielded many discoveries; critical topics not being discussed. My summaries of these records are available on In general terms, Apion was right when stating 2000 years ago [the Jews are just an Alexandrian cult pretending to have great antiquity]. The Sabbath Day being a cornerstone of the Jewish faith dates the creation of the religion.

The Roman Calendar System grants the Jews a Saturday to celebrate the Lord. It replaced the Lunar Calendars. The problem is, this system originates in the first century, which corresponds to other technologies woven into the Jewish record unavailable to the story-characters taking place thousands of years prior. For example: Moses cannot condemn Jews to death for violating the Sabbath when nobody, including Moses, knows what a Saturday is.

Other records of the times and Jews suggest the Sabbath Day, the Lord's Day, was the New Moon or Full Moon. This is consistent with Apostles describing the Lord as the [Father of Lights that shows no shadows of turning]. It is the classic mythology battle of the gods; Sun worshippers versus Moon worshippers. Christianity converted many Jews with the insertion of Faith, and the inclusion of the Moon God as the Lord of Hosts; the biggest of the White Dots in Heaven.

The word Brass is another bad-word throughout the ''ancient'' record of the Jews. It is a metal that does not exist in the time of the story-characters; or anything BC. It dates the fabrication of the record; as does the seven day week! All deceivers make mistakes; in this case, simple metal and calendar gaffes.

(16:25:19) Fri Mar 9, 2012

Volcano God of Moses
The Power of Interpretation.

Read the record (Bible, Quran, Josephus, ...) carefully and a very clear image surfaces; a Volcano. The Burning Bush is just a Lava Spout. No great mystery, just turn on Discovery Channel. The rumbling and weather affects interpreted by the Moses character satisfy political agendas but does not change the fact it is just a volcano. The many miracles of Moses are all products of the maturing volcano; rivers poisoned, then poisoned some more, infestations, and so on.

Moses and brother Aaron fend off Jehovah's fiery serpents. Moses strikes the Living Rock to produce Water. Well, maybe a bad interpretation. It should have read [produce Lava]. Later, even the Angels are defined as Magma Displacements. In Mythology, the giants are the many lava flows battling the Gods on the mountain top. At the end of the Moses record, Jehovah's mountain is punished to look burnt out. Jehovah's anger Flows like Wax down a steep place. LAVA! It can't be clearer. The heavily debated pillar of smoke by day and column of fire by night is just the volcano's cauldron lighting the rising smoke.

Bad interpretations have several roots and cause generations of conflict. A simple interpretation of Snow as Manna, or various forms of Ice and Lava interpreted as Water changes the entire story. Jesus did not walk on water. He walked on ice. Peter was heavier and fell through. Simple. While many regions experience flooding and the Mediterranean experienced a big one when Mount Olives (Gibraltar) split allowing the Atlantic Ocean to flood the Valley of Death, the Global Great Flood is simply a reference to the last Ice Age.

God is always a solution and Man did worship Volcanos. There is a rational explanation. Correct these basic errors and the stories make sense.

(4:54:26) Thu Mar 8, 2012

2% vs 20%
... of what?

The DEMS (Politicians in general) Spin numbers by ignoring baselines. For example: Dems created 2.7 million jobs based on Obama's last numbers, but that ignores population growth, which makes the GOP numbers of losing 3.3 million jobs correct, currently over 6 million jobs under water.

Obama's latest twist is to mix percentages in regards to Oil. 2% of the world's Reservoirs is different from 20% of the world's yearly Consumption. The U.S. Reservoir is hundreds of times Larger than the U.S. yearly Consumption. But for a do nothing president who is against drilling, the 2% vs 20% argument makes it sound futile to do anything. The strategy works if the baselines are ignored.

(7:34:8) Fri Feb 24, 2012

Gas Prices
What's in a percentage?

The higher Gas Prices rise the higher the Gas Tax; another hidden tax on the little people. It also means higher shipping costs passed on to the consumer which is another hidden tax increase because it is percentage based. The Government wants higher prices to generate more tax income. Higher gas prices affects everything allowing the administration to pretend Job Well Done while boasting only raising taxes on the Rich.

(7:25:29) Sat Feb 18, 2012

Dry Runs
A strategy of Politicians and Terrorists

The game is Distraction. If there is bad news, then create an alternative story. Give the media something else to gnaw on. For example, if your financial record is in the toilet along with the country, manufacture an issue like contraception. It has nothing to do with the conflicts surrounding Planned Parenthood's Abortion Record or the Country's financial status. But, with a gentle nudge, it changes the argument to Republicans banning Contraception, which they are not. And BINGO! A ten point bump in the polls for the President.

Now, don't press the issue. Let it die on the vine because the election is nine months away. The Democrats will want to use this fictional conflict again to distract from real issues and get that same bump on election day to give Obama another four years to destroy America.

Does that sound biased? Or, Factual? It depends on which team you are on. Are you a Taker or a Maker. This is the problem in America: Too much yelling, Not enough listening. The attitude is my team is better than your team. Instead of prosecuting these Politicians, we allow them to ratchet up their embezzlements of both money and freedom.

Keep your Emotions out of it and just study the Math. We are going to be bombarded this year by test rhetoric and issues from both sides. Real or fabricated, all successful schemes will resurface in October for a Political Surge. Don't allow yourself to be so easily manipulated, and start demanding prosecution even if the player is on your team.

(14:47:3) Fri Feb 17, 2012

Economic Inequality
Where you Start is not where you have to Stop.

Let's explore the Socialist concept of Economic Equality. If everyone made the same, had the same, were the same; then the world would be a very boring place. If a garbage man makes the same salary as a brain surgeon; then what is the motivation to expend all the money and energy to become a surgeon? I'm sure the garbage man does not have the sleepless nights of the engineer wondering if the bridge they designed or worked on will collapse.

Common means downward movement. Why climb the ladder; if the bottom is more comfortable, less stressful, and has all the same benefits? Socialism always means common misery. Capitalism produces a pyramid structure; the higher you climb the less room there is. More competition means more luxuries and rewards for years of hard work and stress.

Capitalism works. If there is a need, business will emerge to fill it. Socialism begins with the Government takeover of, or marriage with Business. It is no longer Capitalism, but that's what gets blamed. An environment of Economic Inequality means upward movement. Remember: It is the Pursuit of Happiness, Not the Guarantee of Achieving It.

(12:9:49) Tue Feb 14, 2012

The Middleman
Union workers flipping trucks and boats for votes.

A Retailer can buy a product from a Supplier cheaper by going through a Middleman. There are multiple factors to consider in this relationship, however the most important is the hidden participant: YOU.

Let's say the Supplier can sell a Product to the Retailer for $100. Because the Middleman buys in larger quantities, they can buy the same product from the same Supplier for $90-$100. However, the Middleman sells the product to the Retailer for $80. How does the Middleman stay in business?

The Government buys votes through friendly legislation targeting various groups (Unions). In this scenario, the Middleman gets YOUR tax money from the Government as an Export bonus. The Product is purchased in America and either driven on trucks out of the country, or put on boats and taken into International waters. These trucks then turn around and reenter the country with no import tariff. The boats return to the docks and the merchandise unloaded onto the same trucks it showed up on and continue on its way to the Retailer.

It's a beautiful Money (Product) laundering scam. The Unions get paid to Flip the trucks. The Government gets to brag Exports are up. Higher employment makes you think the Government is doing a good job, so you give them your Vote. The Middleman makes a killing on the Export Bonus, your tax money. The Retailer can offer the product at a lower price to the Customer and drive out Smaller Competitors. And, the Supplier sold its Product producing higher profits, higher employment, and once again makes the Government look good so you give them your Vote.

It's all part of a Fictional Economy. Once you understand how to launder money, you can understand the U.S.Government.

(11:44:33) Tue Feb 14, 2012

Who has the power?

The average consumer has no power. We borrow and must payback or lose property, pay penalties, and even go to jail. However, a large corporation has leverage. They borrow and never payback because they can influence elections through donations, large voting pools (Unions), afford tangled legal battles, argue legal nuances, buy their way out, and make settlements because the loss of their services hurts the lender directly or indirectly.

So, what about a country? America owes China billions in interest alone. First: Why does America have to borrow money? They can print as much money as they need. Whether borrowed or printed, the money in circulation loses value; in fact, less if printed because there is no interest burden. Borrowing from China is a form of money laundering. If the money was just given to China, Americans would complain very loudly.

Second: America has the power because China needs to sell its products and must create Thirty Million new jobs each year to keep up with population growth. America only needs to generate Three Million new jobs per year to break even. Without America, China's economy would implode. America has the power and can force China to loan larger and larger amounts. Plus, if America defaults on the loan, how could China collect? America is simply influencing the growth of China and buying a friend, or so it thinks.

(6:2:0) Sun Feb 12, 2012

World War III
A scoop of Civil with Crusade sprinkles.

America is at critical point. The Takers now make more money than the Makers. What is the motivation to become a Maker? Takers do not realize they have been laundered into slaves to their Government Masters. With nearly 50% not paying taxes, what is the motivation to lower taxes? Higher taxes means more money for the Takers; but eventually we run out of Makers, and the entire fictional economy implodes.

If the TEA Party members get absorbed by the Republican Party we are lost because both Democrat and Republican Parties have been infiltrated by Liberals (a.k.a. Progressives). If the Republican Party can be absorbed by the TEA Party then we have a chance. In the next election, Flush. Vote every Incumbent Out. It is the only way to drain the swamp.

Twenty-two States are poised to declare independence from the Union. If Obama gets re-elected after his abysmal performance, then we are lost. The Takers (a slave class) have enslaved the Makers. The only way out is through separation. Divorce is on the horizon for the States. This generates a Civil War, but don't forget about the Moslem invasion. They use our tolerance to gain a foothold and then after expanding their numbers demand compliance with their laws. That's the way it's been for thousands of years.

The Moslems will see a weakness and make their move. It will be a Crusade inside of a Civil War and it will spread to the World; a world with nuclear nations, crumbling. This election is more important than anyone knows because we are truly that close.

(6:51:34) Sat Feb 4, 2012

A Slobbering Love Affair
... with Romney?

If Newt stated [I'm not concerned with the poor] or [I like firing people], the news media would not be defending his statements by pointing out Context. They would blitz the man from every angle on how sloppy, unprepared, un-presidential, angry and out of touch he is.

We've gone through this type of bias on the other side and look what we got. The media protected Obama and BIDEN with hours and hours of Context explanations rather than looking at the painful Optics.

We cannot allow our bias to set another trap for ourselves.

(6:23:17) Fri Jan 27, 2012

Villains with Candy
See through the camouflage on our Politicians and Media.

Villains are added to remove logical thought. It is a form of Candy. When THEY dont have anything to offer, or cannot defend their position, THEY just fan the emotional fires. All hope of understanding goes up in smoke.

Candy is a weapon. It is used in the classic Divide and Conquer model. I cannot get everyone on board, so I'll give one segment Candy to vote for a policy that hurts someone else. The process repeats until YOU are someone else. The end result is all Candy recovered times ten and the unsavory policy imposed on ALL.

For Example, Social Security is often used in politics to inject fear into the discussion. The potential loss of this Candy is used to Villainize one of the Parties. Candy generates an environment of slavery. We must break our addictions regardless of how painful detoxing might be.

(4:46:32) Mon Jan 23, 2012

Witness Protection
Hiding a pedophile.

Have you heard of witness protection? Joe Paterno was going to face prosecution for allowing a pedophile environment. There was a lot of talk regarding the complications bringing this icon (relic) to trial, and the ramifications of charging him. Suddenly, he passes and the conflict evaporates; how convenient.

Will the actions of this pig be ignored? Was there any financial arrangement between the school and police? Charges would have prevented the school from competing for several years, including airtime, and destroy their multimillion dollar football industry.

Start following the money.

(0:56:58) Thu Jan 19, 2012

Gay Marriage
What's in a union?

What was the institution that provided security in your senior years prior to Social Security?

It was called The Family. Investing in your kids, and your spouse, even through the tough times gave you security later in life because that investment in time, sweat, and money created Bonds that can never be broken; unless it is legislated away and the people convinced to offload the effort onto The Village.

People go willingly into slavery because the Government now owns that Bond due to sneaky programs like Social Security. They have taught the people the arbitrary time when they can retire, how not to be fiscally responsible and save for their future, and to become slaves always afraid of their Security being taken away.

What's special about marriage? With Social Security, the only difference between Married and Single is the check box on your Tax Return. The Village (Government) has reduced Marriage to just a Tax Benefit. Gay Marriage is the final nail in the coffin of the Institution of Marriage, and it is the Village that killed it.

If you want to save Marriage, then stop being a slave to the Village. As long as Social Security exists, there is no reason for the Family.

(10:22:37) Sat Jan 7, 2012

Massive numbers of animals, fish, and insects are dying.

2011 has seen an increase in animal deaths. These are mass extinction events going on all across North America. Naturally, this inspires conspiracy theories targeting genetic engineering companies developing modified food products, new military weapons being tested, and the government.

The Honeybee deaths might give the biggest clue, or even the flock of a thousand red winged black birds that fell out of the sky. Cause of death was brilliantly declared as blunt trauma. Gee, slamming into the ground will do that, but what made them slam into the ground?

When I first heard of this, many Cell Tower companies were announcing their roll out of 4G networks. Looks like the signals that supposedly dont affect humans are harmful to the honeybees, birds, and fish. It is difficult to believe a disease could effect all three of these groups. The coincidence is striking.

(6:19:0) Fri Jan 6, 2012

Caucus Spoilers
Non-Residents, Non-Citizens, Non-Party Affiliated persons can vote.

How many voters in the Republican Caucuses are there to Vote for the Worst? Similar to the spoiler movements affecting American Idol results.

Some States allow same day Party declaration changes. Others do not require Picture I.D.'s, proof of residency, proof of citizenship. How many out-of-staters, are bussed in as we have seen in many ACORN rallies and Occupy movements, often UNION members, to skew the results?

Between the negative ads, these open Party elections, and the media bias, how are We The People supposed to be properly represented? The entire voting process needs to be overhauled.

And, dont start with that disenfranchised spew. Picture I.D.'s are needed for Driving, Banking, Passports, Drinking, Welfare, even Library Access. Just go to those CITY HALL buildings and get one. It's against the law not to have one!

Fix it now or lose it forever.

(11:33:28) Thu Jan 5, 2012

Joint Forces
Code for Military State.

If Joint Forces means a General Draw Down, Redeployment, or Base Closings this is common Democrat strategy for hiding economic failures and runaway spending; just steal from the military and leave the country vulnerable. In today's speech, there was also a threat directed at the Congress regarding the pending cuts; cave or else.

If Joint Forces means a single military force, then be afraid. The General stated in the Joint Presser with the President, a single military force will be capable of all functions. However, no longer capable of handling multiple large engagements. A weak, single, U.S. military is one step away from MIlitary government similar to Egypt and other non-Republics.

The purpose of a fractured military is redundancy. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Special Forces, ... all have overlapping mission capability. This makes the U.S. military extremely flexible and dynamic; very strong. It also prevents, or diminishes the possibility of a military take over of the government because all Branches would have to be involved.

If Obama also removes the layer separating the Police Force with the Military, be very afraid because that's the last line of defense. The economy, statements, actions, strategies of Obama should wake up the American Citizen (and the World) and never again elect an un-vetted Anchor Baby to the White House. As the U.S. goes, so goes the World.

(5:23:0) Sun Jan 1, 2012

With the Mayan Calendar ending, what better topic to start 2012?

Genesis 3:24 :: So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubim, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life.

There's a lot of Science buried in the ancient records. Your job is to play paleontologist of the written word and scrape away the sensationalism, greed, politics, misunderstanding, agendas, errors, and so on, and find fragments of pottery to reassemble Truth. The Biblical verse denotes Cherubim (multiple objects, Planets?) being placed East (later in time) of the Garden (Space) along with the Flaming Sword (SUN!) because it points in all directions.

The world is evenly split regarding Alien existence. Travel to just the next star would be unprofitable due to the amount of time consumed (possibly half a million years, oneway). One solution presented in Genesis is a structure ghosting earth's orbit by hiding behind the Sun. Alien believers have to first resolve location of a base. Backside of the Moon makes sense because it always faces away from Earth. But a larger body could hide behind the Sun as hinted in Genesis.

Of course, there are many ways to interpret this. That's half the fun of reading the ancient text. Solutions have to run through a gauntlet of verses to remain viable. lists eBook summaries for the modern versions of the ancient texts. Discover what's been overlooked.