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(6:19:35) Fri Dec 20, 2013 Laundering the Minimum Wage
(5:49:13) Sat Nov 30, 2013 Website Troubles
(17:22:0) Fri Nov 22, 2013 Cancellations
(5:43:4) Sun Nov 17, 2013 Man Made Disasters
(7:41:35) Wed Nov 6, 2013 Half Truths
(8:10:5) Tue Nov 5, 2013 No Fault Obama
(10:17:45) Mon Oct 21, 2013 Bring Out Your Dead!
(9:19:24) Thu Oct 10, 2013 Obama Hostages
(2:49:22) Tue Oct 1, 2013 ObamaCare
(7:23:35) Thu Sep 26, 2013 Insomnia
(4:31:14) Sat Aug 10, 2013 Ordinary
(4:12:2) Tue Jul 9, 2013 What If?
(8:56:2) Wed Jul 3, 2013 Zimmerman Trial
(4:50:47) Mon Jul 1, 2013 Treason
(4:23:14) Wed Jun 19, 2013 Snowden
(10:40:17) Fri Jun 14, 2013 West Texas
(4:9:23) Wed Jun 12, 2013 Garbage
(8:2:48) Fri Jun 7, 2013 GO TO JAIL
(5:40:9) Wed Jun 5, 2013 Watergate the Sequel
(4:38:53) Tue Jun 4, 2013 Bin Laden Captured
(2:21:32) Wed May 29, 2013 Exit Value
(7:2:7) Tue May 28, 2013 Controversy Orgy
(4:24:57) Tue May 28, 2013 Self-Investigation
(11:53:53) Fri May 24, 2013 Clintonian Age
(3:39:40) Sat May 18, 2013 Who's on First?
(17:33:56) Mon May 13, 2013 Cairo Questions
(11:44:37) Fri May 10, 2013 Libya
(8:27:30) Tue Apr 30, 2013 Cowards of Benghazi
(6:52:27) Fri Apr 26, 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing
(7:14:46) Thu Apr 18, 2013 Anchor Babies
(8:38:58) Tue Mar 26, 2013 Cyprus Bail-IN?
(7:55:30) Tue Mar 5, 2013 Innocent until proven Black
(6:11:30) Fri Mar 1, 2013 Sequester Stalone
(9:0:59) Sat Feb 16, 2013 Minimum Wage
(11:5:53) Fri Feb 15, 2013 Meteorites
(7:28:35) Wed Feb 13, 2013 Drone(r) becomes Dorne(r)
(13:55:33) Tue Feb 12, 2013 Dorner
(4:52:27) Sat Feb 9, 2013 Black Rambo
(5:36:32) Wed Jan 30, 2013 Amnesty
(9:26:24) Wed Jan 23, 2013 Hostages
(6:14:7) Sat Jan 19, 2013 Balanced Budgets
(10:19:7) Wed Jan 16, 2013 Human Shields
(6:55:1) Sat Jan 5, 2013 Dealing with the Devil
(6:34:30) Wed Jan 2, 2013 U.S. Ambassadors Targeted




(6:19:35) Fri Dec 20, 2013

Laundering the Minimum Wage
More Taxes; I mean, Revenue Enhancers!

The latest movement and marches protesting Walmart and demanding higher wages is a preemptive attack by DEM supporters to mitigate another harmful side effect of ObamaCare which decreases full-time employment from 40 to 30 hours while at the same time increases health insurance premiums and deductibles. ObamaCare is going to crush buying power. Before this all hits the fan, wages have to be increased so that the lost buying power can be blamed on big business and not greedy politicians or the Obama Plan, once known as HillaryCare.

The other side of this coin reveals new taxes, fees, and regulations being created and laundered through something the people want, higher wages, but dont fully understand. Raising the Minimum Wage will have a snowballing effect on product cost. The end result is a depreciated dollar with less buying power. However, the politicians rake in more money because regulatory and tax revenue is percentage based.

Democrats pushing for the higher wages are also fooling their own members by not warning them about the higher tax brackets they will be shifted into. Making more dollars means paying a higher percentage. A depreciated dollar means lower effective personal deductions. Seniors get hurt the most as retirement and pension plans are not adjusted to compensate the plummeting dollar.

This is a multi-pronged nightmare; fully illustrated in the latest Commodity Laundering video by :: Laundering Taxes. Help spread the word. It's going to be brutal.

(5:49:13) Sat Nov 30, 2013

Website Troubles
Incompetence or Working as Designed?

Obama frequently claims stupidity -err ignorance, which is not much better, and maybe worse, than incompetence. Regarding the ACA (ObamaCare, a.k.a. HillaryCare), it is working exactly as designed. Health care for all and to all a good night, is not the goal. This is another transfer of power. The news talks of the transfer of wealth, but this Health Care debacle is not a disaster in the eyes of the Democrats.

ObamaCare is working as intended; similar to the AutoCare Bailout, which heavily favored Democrat Dealerships. Republican donating dealers got whacked. HealthCare is just a larger attack on Republican donating Doctors and Medical Industries who are finding themselves locked out of the new system. We are just pawns under the ObamaCare weapon being deployed against Republicans. And, Republicans are too stupid to understand this.

The entire HealthCare website issue can be fixed in a day. Literally, one day! Go to eBay. Open a Business account. Create 67 departments; one for each State, Territory, and DC. Then list the plans with a handy BUY-NOW tag. Done.

But that's not what the Dems want. The purpose of the ObamaCare website is to data-mine your personal information for later campaign contribution use and opponent targeting. The identity theft risk is an added bonus for crushing political dissent, which was also the whole point behind Hitler's Arian Race model.

The American People are truly stupid for not demanding prosecution. Everyone working on the ObamaCare website should be indicted. They knew they were being grossly overpaid. The Congressmen and Senators that sold out the People by supporting this power grab at the People's expense should be locked up in Gitmo. They committed embezzlement by using the public treasury for a personal project, which just so happens to be an armed-assault on the American People.

The money spent on this Government website is just a veiled transfer of wealth reloading the Democrat campaign coffers. It's called Money Laundering! Pay attention! The People need to stop rooting for their team and start defending themselves and each other because both parties are playing the greatest good cop bad cop routine in history. They are ratcheting up their power while convincing us to fight each other without understanding the issues. Nobody listening, just go team, go.

(17:22:0) Fri Nov 22, 2013

or Enhancements

This week Obama was upset about the cancellations being sent out by the insurance companies due to the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. ObamaCare, a.k.a. HillaryCare). Let's be clear. He was not upset about millions of Americans losing their health coverage. He was angry with the insurance companies for sending out Cancellation Letters. They should have sent out Premium Enhancement Flyers. Obama believes the People are so stupid that a Benefits Adjustment Rewards Card would hide their plummeting benefits and soaring costs, copays, and deductibles.

(5:43:4) Sun Nov 17, 2013

Man Made Disasters
Terror's hiding place.

The DEM wordsmiths labeled terrorist attacks under President Obama as Man Made Disasters.

Now that the DEMS and Obama are calling the ACA rollout a Disaster, does that make them Terrorists?

(7:41:35) Wed Nov 6, 2013

Half Truths
And, Partial Lies.

Obama stated then, "If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan. Period." This is true, until your health care plan goes extinct because your company no longer provides health coverage, or because your insurance carrier drops you, or doubles your rates, and so on.

Obama is stating now, "If you have insurance, you dont have to do anything." This is true, until your policy is terminated. Right now, we are experiencing the fallout in the individual market. In classic divide and conquer deceptive action, Obama gave corporations a one year delay. When that runs out, everyone will be without coverage, and will be forced to do something.

The Unions and other Obama supporters received wavers. But these are temporary protections from ObamaCare (a.k.a. HillaryCare). And, the clock is ticking on them too. Dominos are stupid that way. They just fall, one at a time.

(8:10:5) Tue Nov 5, 2013

No Fault Obama
A culture of distraction.

The Health Care failure is not about a website and it's not Obama's fault. It is working as design to produce a single payer system by collapsing private insurance.

The People are to blame for not punishing the media for their extremely biased and deceptive coverage, which continues today. The purchased media is to blame for not holding the Democrat senators and congressman accountable for their criminal actions. The Democrats are to blame for behaving like lemmings and worshipping at the altar of Obama. Hollywood and the Public School system is to blame for literally pledging allegiance to Obama and not America.

Obama is enjoying a free ride as America's first emperor. He took a failed policy called HillaryCare and remodeled it in his own image, and successfully sold smoke to the people who continue to ignore reality and blame the people who warned them everyday for years; even before the Affordable Care Act became known as ObamaCare, way back, when Hillary proposed it, the Republicans objected.

It's the People's fault for allowing the Hillary nightmare to return like a bad case of herpes.

(10:17:45) Mon Oct 21, 2013

Bring Out Your Dead!
The flawed ObamaCare rollout.

Nothing is done by accident. The law is flawed; NOT the rollout, but that's how it is being sold. By making the website expensive, the general public will think it is complicated to manage; rather than thinking the Government is incompetent and now has all my personal information for the next election to which loads of fake ID's can be made to steal the votes of the habitual non-voters, which is the flaw in the election process by design.

No doubt, the ObamaCare failure will be blamed on the shutdown with Bush's name somehow mentioned. President Obama will continue purposefully deceiving the American people (a.k.a. lying to Lemmings) by twisting truths. Yes, you can stay on your parents insurance policy until 26. However, this does not mean insurance companies will not raise your parent's rates. Yes, no pre-existing conditions. This means you can wreck your car, get insurance, have them pay for it, and then dump them. This means, ALL our insurance rates go up as this corruption and risk gets spread out across ALL policies.

Learn to read between the rhetoric. ObamaCare (a.k.a. HillaryCare) is a complete train wreck. Thank you House Republicans for trying to help us. Now, criminally prosecute the foreign company that ripped General (non-commercial use) Licensing out of the public source code they cannibalized to make the ObamaCare website.

(9:19:24) Thu Oct 10, 2013

Obama Hostages
A clueless news media.

It is clear (AGAIN) Obama is using the Government as a weapon against innocent Americans to make the shutdown as painful as possible to force the House to cave. Isn't that ASSAULT?

This is not the first time Obama has used government offices as weapons. The NSA/IRS/EPA/SEC/FEC/... scandals all point to a coup executed 2012 when Obama used those agencies as weapons against political opposition in order to take office.

Let's start prosecuting. We The People understand defending the OFFICE of the Presidency from all dangers foreign and domestic; of which, Obama is both.

(2:49:22) Tue Oct 1, 2013

Truth revealed but un-noticed.

Proof the DEMS are using the poor to push their political agendas: ObamaCare is supposed to help the poor. All they have to do is logon to find out about the program, exchanges, and details. But they are poor! How exactly are they logging in?

It is disenfranchising for GOP to demand a photo ID when voting; the same ID required to receive any form of Welfare, many other services for the poor, and to get into a DNC convention or DEM town hall.

Somehow the GOP is evil for living in reality, and the DEMS can get away with defining negotiation as getting everything they want AND then they'll talk; maybe.

A government shutdown is just what the country needed.

(7:23:35) Thu Sep 26, 2013

... and other Cures.

Advice on curing Insomnia. It is very simple and not surprising academy-nuts cannot solve it without costly medical and psycho therapy. There are a number of these Youtube videos on Abacus Muscle Memory ( It shows the lost art of programming our bodies and minds. Schools don't teach it even though Politics employs it -- Indoctrination.

Cure for Insomnia: Dont exercise with your eyes closed! You are teaching your body to release adrenalin and prepare for a long workout whenever your eyes are closed. TRY IT. In just TWO workouts with eyes closed (jogging on a treadmill, elliptical, pressing weights, ...) you will find it very difficult to sleep at night. No matter how tired you are, as soon as you close your eyes, your body will interpret it as another workout session and release the hounds of adrenalin.

Cure for Insomnia: Don't think through complex problems with your eyes closed! You are teaching your mind to activate and prepare for another complex problem solving night, or imaginative session. TRY IT! In less than a week you will be up for hours trying to get your brain to shut-up!

Cure for Bed-Wetting: Don't pee with your eyes closed! TRY IT! By the end of the week you'll have a very bad experience. Parents make the logical mistake of forcing their barely conscious children to go bathroom just before bedtime. These tired children close their eyes and sometimes fall asleep on the can; thus, training their bodies to just let it rip while sleeping.

Keep your eyes open during these operations. Your body and mind will remember. When it is time for sleep, eyes close, mind and body are programmed to relax, and you'll be out quickly. If nature comes a call'n, your body is programmed to open your eyes; 99% of the time, this will wake you up. (Sleep-walkers are a different animal.)

Cure for Cancer: We put too much emphasis on medical technology and not common sense. Nature is always balanced. This means every problem comes with a cure. Cancer could be a simple fungus that mimics cells. Vitamin-A is a poison. We need vitamin A and C, but at mega doses they become toxic, especially, A. Too much vitamin-A no longer promotes cell growth, but hardens cell walls and causes ruptures, killing the cell. Cancers are HUNGRY. They will actually protect the body from an overdoes by absorbing the vitamin-A resulting in death of the cancer cell. There are many studies on these two vitamins.

Cure for Phobias: Sometimes poisons are good. Alcohol kills brain cells. Different parts of the brain control various activities. Put yourself into the environment that scares you, in a safe way, and start drinking. The alcohol will be delivered to the area of the brain causing the hyper-sensativity to the environment or action, and kill those cells. A liquid lobotomy! Never drink while doing something enjoyable, for it will be lost or tempered.

Some quick advice and observations. Nature is full of symbiotic relationships. Enjoy.

(4:31:14) Sat Aug 10, 2013

Who's Special?

President Obama has clearly abused word-smithing with kinetic military actions, workplace violence, revenue enhancers, and so much more. During his NSA illegal snooping speech he was very clear to state, [we are not interested in ordinary Americans]. The question we all must ask, "Who is Ordinary!?"

I send an email to a friend noting a concern; such as, how did they dump Bin Laden's body in the Indian Ocean so fast when the ceremony they claimed to follow takes four days? Or, how could the Seals have the time to remove Bin Laden's body and computers, but not extract Bin Laden live for further interrogation in someplace, let's say, the Benghazi CIA Temporary Activities Center."

This Freedom of Speech protected discussion just made me non-Ordinary. It made the recipient non-Ordinary. It made EVERYONE we converse with non-Ordinary; that's the second layer they often refer to. The Administration is playing with the law and jackhammering the Constitution. A proven word-smith should not make you comfortable.

(4:12:2) Tue Jul 9, 2013

What If?
Covering up the cover-up.

Pilots trust their gauges. Like pulling out of a parking spot, the pilots are not focused on one thing. Check gauges, check gauges, check gauges, lookout windshield, check visual approach, and repeat until one of the backup pilots states from experience "We're too slow", another looks "Power up", another orders the missed approach procedure, and then Crash. The most obvious question, "Was there an instrument failure?"

It seems the speed gauge became stuck, and the pilot kept decreasing thrust while scanning the gauges not understanding why air speed was not dropping. But, everybody is focused on the Rookie pilot because a failure means expensive lawsuits. Or, does it mean sabotage? The Control Tower is an independent check on Asiana Flight 214's speed. Why weren't they warning the pilots 'flight parameters are out of range'?

Hmmmm. Snowden was Obama's bagman to take attention away from Lois Lerner who leaked the illegal NSA taps. Snowden only confirmed it. His demands for return was house imprisonment and choice of venue. San Fran is the perfect choice for Snowden to receive a very sympathetic jury. The media was quick to make a few statements on Snowden's unknown whereabouts and secondary passport along with Cuba applauding other nation's willing to give him political asylum.

The two dead in this SFO #214 crash are two sixteen year olds from China. Those bodies have probably already been returned to China. No interviews will occur with their families. It's the perfect cover-up to launder the return of Snowden to the States. Reporters need to get back to asking the most important question, "What if ... ?"

(8:56:2) Wed Jul 3, 2013

Zimmerman Trial
Racial Injustice

Never before has so much money and time been wasted on a non issue. It could not be more obvious. With racial slurs spewing from the mouths of those claiming racial inequality, a minority (hispanic) is jailed for white-on-black violence and becomes National news while Obama, Holder, Lerner, and Hillary get a complete pass. Why aren't they in jail waiting for their trials?

Because of reverse racism, a hispanic man sits in jail for two years. His crime? He defended himself and did not allow the other minority (black) to beat the crap out of him. The People's money is spent with reckless abandon to prosecute this threat to national security, even to the extent of withholding information from the jury that proves his innocence. Win at All costs! ... because the People are paying the bill.

(4:50:47) Mon Jul 1, 2013

How many Nixon Level Scandals does it take to Impeach a Democrat?

Is it Treason ...
  1... to murder Americans, or to allow their deaths because it serves a political agenda? (Benghazi)
  2... to habitually lie to the American people to protect personal careers? (Fabricated Video Excuse)
  3... to use the IRS, EPA, FDA, NSA, HSA as weapons to gain political office? (How is that different from an armed military coup?)
  4... to conduct weapons deals with the enemy (AlQaeda in Syria)?
  5... to control and threaten the news media?
  6... to negotiate with terrorists, or to release prisoners (Blind Sheikh) to appease terrorist nations?
  7... to send your bagman (Snowden) to the protection of a foreign nation? (Lerner leaked the NSA taps, Snowden only confirmed it.)
  8... to leaverage the murder of a foreign ambassador (Saudi) to subvert the U.S. Constitution? (Fast-n-Furious)
  9... A means to an End. (Was it coincidence children were being shot in schools just before a crucial gun-ban bill was to be voted on?)

Haven't watched Laundering Scandal? What are you waiting for?

(4:23:14) Wed Jun 19, 2013

Snow job?

What did Snowden add to the argument? Lois Lerner already strategically leaked the NSA tapping to distract America from Benghazi. She ran from office. Snowden ran from America. Two of the same thing. However, Snowden packed the treason label in his carry-on. It is common practice for DEMS to flip labels regarding their actions onto Republicans or other actors. Treason is a delicate term that was being floated regarding various members of the Administration and Obama himself. Is Snowden Obama's bagman?

Why is Congress unable to speak with the Benghazi survivors? Where are they? Are the Drone Strikes also a work of fiction? Obama has doubled down on everything Bush did. Were the drone-targets being taken to the CIA Temporary Activities Site in Benghazi for water-boarding and nobody looks for them because they believe a drone took them out? Bin Laden's body was practically beamed into the Indian Ocean. That evidence erased; case closed, or is UBL one of the thirty?

This Admin is not trustworthy. Obama has proven himself to be very crafty. He stole the Presidency by using the IRS/EPA as loaded weapons to strategically teardown political opposition as defined by the developed NSA tapping maps. What other offices were stollen? I guess the joke on Americans becomes: "How many Nixon level scandals does it take to impeach a Democrat?"

(10:40:17) Fri Jun 14, 2013

West Texas
Disaster relief should be given when local resources are exhausted.

I feel bad for the Town of West and the people affected; however ...

-1- The poor community planning is the Town's fault. Fertilizer can be used to make bombs and grain silo dust explosions are common knowledge. A one-mile easement would suffice, NOT building schools and hospitals across the street.

-2- The fertilizer plant did not have proper or enough insurance to handle catastrophic failure. Again, this is the Town's permitting failure. It's like California's debt from all its social programs bankrupting the State. While they party on, should the rest of the States bail them out?

-3- Obama lies. Is this a big surprise? Aside from growing Unions and supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, what promises has he made good on? Stop giving the DEMS campaign clips by saying he's an honorable man. Demand Obama provide the help promised.

This might be a bit cruel, but what happened to taking responsibility for your own decisions and actions? Who would send their kids to a school across the street from a potential bomb? Are they hoping to win the disaster lottery?

(4:9:23) Wed Jun 12, 2013

Temporal Databases

The current data-mining scandal is troubling. All your Texts, Calls, eMails, and other digital data is being captured and stored. First reaction is outrage. However, after careful examination, it's legal. Maybe our laws need modification, but the data-mining functions exactly like a garbage dump.

Your garbage is Private until it is mixed with other garbage. Now, it is fair game to anyone with access. It contains your personal digits, communications, and habits. To protect your privacy from the public dump, Capitalism invents shredders with varying degrees of effectiveness and cost. Digital shredders are available for discarded hard-drives. It's only a matter of time for electronic garbage shredders to hit the market. Encryptors are pre-disposal shredders; available now but difficult to use.

A garbage-dump or data-dump is carefully managed to allow temporal searches. For example: if someone is missing, a warrant is issued to search the area of the dump coinciding with the disappearance timeframe. The data-dump is being used the same way. It is a great deterrent to crime and terrorism because any event will authorize a detailed search yielding associates.

Public data shredders and obfuscaters are on the way; just like buying virus protection from the vary people inventing the viruses. It's another shakedown. But, one we will gladly pay the internet, search engine, email, chat providers to destroy our communications and information. However, presently that information is more valuable to the ad marketers. A Constitutional Right to Privacy might need to be added, but we are dealing with Global collection; all nations are affected by this data-garbage-yard.

The difference between Bush and Obama's use of this data orgy is Bush used it to track terrorists while Obama uses it to crush political dissent. That's what makes it scary and outrages the public; not the collection, but the usage.

(8:2:48) Fri Jun 7, 2013


The eMail and phone taps are ILLEGAL. Start demanding people GO TO JAIL. All who were upset with Bush for the Patriot Act and War, should be OUT OF THEIR LEMMING MINDS with Obama's extension of the Patriot Act and War(S).

Obama did not use this information to track terrorists; otherwise, they'd have stopped the Boston Bombing, or even Fort Hood. They are using the information in conjunction with the IRS/EPA muscle to quench political opposition. PERIOD.

Terrorist are not going to use eMail to communicate. They'll log into games like WarldOfWarcraft or EVONY or Kongregate and have private chats that are not recorded. Or, they'll author emails, but NOT send them. As draft emails, everyone in the network can logon, read and alter them for discussion, without the email ever going through the system for capture.

Anything you devise to destroy the American way of Life, Liberty, and Rights will be bypassed by terrorists. Stop justifying the ILLEGAL/CRIMINAL/IMPEACHABLE/TREASONOUS acts of the Obama Administration. It is Nixon SQUARED.

(5:40:9) Wed Jun 5, 2013

Watergate the Sequel
What was Learned?

Like all movie blockbusters, Part II is always more aggressive, dynamic, and exciting than Part I. However, it is also far sloppier and executed with extreme disregard for facts, responsibility, and realism. Of course, in this case, we are taking about the dismantling of the U.S. Constitution.

What did Administrations learn from Watergate? Make sure both the CIA and FBI are on board before executing illegal operations. Control the media by offering high government jobs to spouses. Record nothing; destroy emails, heavily redact, or use personal phones and accounts. Claim National Security is involved and thus classified even though documents are unclassified. Make sure the AG, IG, and all other top officials are on the team. Remind all players, as long as the President is insulated, they will be pardoned anyway.

[Nixon said in a May 1974 interview with a supporter that if he had followed the liberal policies which he thought the media preferred, "Watergate would have been a blip."] just like Fast-n-Furious, Benghazi, AP&FOX taps, IRS audits/delays based on political positions, and so on. Watergate has nothing on the current Orgy in Washington.

(4:38:53) Tue Jun 4, 2013

Bin Laden Captured
Drone Striking Inquiries

My website ( provides two explanation videos for Benghazi and Syria. The big coverup in Benghazi could be a combination of things that include Syrian Rebel (AlQaeda) weapon deals gone bad just like Fast-n-Furious. However, the Temporary Activities Center, as the Benghazi Consulate is now being called, could be a CIA rendition site.

We cannot talk to the Survivors because they are actually the prisoners that were being interrogated there. It is convenient to claim drone strikes eliminated a threat, while in reality the ''threat'' was captured and sent to the Benghazi torture center.

Bin Laden's body was removed from Pakistan and virtually beamed into the depths of the Indian Ocean. The speed of its removal was ridiculous. Is Obama hiding the reality Bin Laden was taken and held in Benghazi?

(2:21:32) Wed May 29, 2013

Exit Value
Don't waste anything.

On Nov 9, 2012, FOX reported, "Attorney General Eric Holder will honor President Obama’s request to stay into the second term and will remain on the job."

Holder's exit is being used for yet another distraction. In this case, a warning to future whistle blowers, [don't talk to the Press, Big Obama is watching]. Today's news was planned last year to tamp down Benghazi; GET BACK ON THAT STORY FULL FORCE.

(7:2:7) Tue May 28, 2013

Controversy Orgy
Hiding under the pile.

Remember Paula Jones? She was sexually assaulted by President Bill Clinton, who eventually did settle her sexual harassment suit at the full amount of $850k. Why spend millions denying, and then quietly pay her off if you did nothing wrong?

That question aside, Bill was brilliant. He ran toward the controversy; lining women up to accuse him of sexual harassment until Monica Lewinski got on her knees to worship the Monarch. The media loved her! She stayed in the public eye and on the news media lap for long-time, but even she began to fizzle. With only a House Impeachment and more girls lined up, the media finally threw in the stained dress and dropped the story.

This is exactly what Obama is doing. All his jesters will exhaust the House of time, money, and resources. Maybe they go to jail and have to wait a few months to be pardoned at the end of Obama's golfing tour -err vacation, I mean term. The big question, "What is Obama doing with these many layers of distraction?"

He was caught telling the Russian ambassador more flexibility is coming. Are the frequent China scandals technology payoffs? Obama cannot give the Chinese this intel. He'd go to jail -err fire someone who's about to leave office, I mean state he's incompetent and does not know anything at any level of Government. So, the network drops its firewall to give China a peek just like Clinton kept dropping his pants.

And the News Media Goes Wild! They love this stuff. Imagine the focus on Benghazi with hints of whistle blowers in the wind. Now, the DEMS leak the IRS scandal and the AP illegal search along with James Rosen. This is not an admission of guilt. It's a threat to the whistle blowers! Couple this with Kathleen Sebelius strong arming companies to ''donate'' money to support ObamaCare, raids on Businesses donating to Republicans like Gibson Guitar and Tea Party start ups and you cannot get more Mafia. In-fact, the Italian Mafia is taking notes.

The slow overthrow of the American government from within is still Treason. If the People are not educated to this reality because media political correctness prevents this harsh language, then the harsh reality will be an end to the Great Experiment.

(4:24:57) Tue May 28, 2013

America :: JUL 1776 - NOV 2008

Barney Frank investigated Barney Frank for the Housing Bubble. It makes perfect sense the Democrats would appoint AG Holder to investigate AG Holder for Voter Fraud/Manipulation using the IRS/EPA as weapons.

Contracts are now meaningless because [they did not know what they were signing]. I wonder if [We the People] could ever use that excuse like Hillary, Bill, Holder, ... have? Of course, Obama did not know he was stealing an election.

Without Contracts and the Voting Booth what remains of our Republic? Can we start using the word Treason? ... the slow, methodical overthrow of the government. It's happening.

(11:53:53) Fri May 24, 2013

Clintonian Age
Tyranny of the Poor

Clinton's name was on the same contracts that landed many in jail, but he was spared. His excuse? "I did not know what I was signing." Great! Please, run the country!

Lerner and the other Obama puppets know they will be pardoned on Obama's last day just as Clinton did with his criminal partners. Their job right now is to shackle the Congress and waste as much time as possible.

(3:39:40) Sat May 18, 2013

Who's on First?
When the Mafia takes over the Government.

Obama and all his minion are laughing at the Justice system and the Congress. The Democrats have successfully neutered both bodies. Listening to the recent hearings reminded me of Abbott and Costello's Who's on First skit.

Darrell Issa will represent the frustrated Republicans, and John Banner will be used for Obama and all his circus performers. You know JB as Seargent Schultz from Hogan's Heroes. His famous line is, "I know nothing! I see nothing! I hear nothing!" which is very accurate for today's three monkeys in Washington; Obama, Pelosi, and Reid.

Issa: Do YOU think it is illegal for the IRS to target people?
JB: That is something for YOU to determine.
Issa: WHO is responsible?
JB: It is too soon to know WHO did this.
Issa: I want to know WHO did this?
JB: It is premature to make allegations like that.
Issa: YOU can't tell me WHO is responsible?
JB: I cannot speak for YOU.
Issa: I'm asking YOU WHO did this?
JB: That would be entirely appropriate for YOU to determine.
Issa: Answer my question!
JB: I can't tell YOU WHO knew.

We are living in truly dangerous times. Any citizen would be in jail for mocking Congress in the disgraceful way we have all witnessed.

(17:33:56) Mon May 13, 2013

Cairo Questions
Media diversion?

Considering the Obama Administration's willingness to abandon their duties in protecting Americans (ie. Benghazi), have the diplomatic personnel in the Cairo Embassy been accounted for?

We are dealing with the Clintonian media obfuscation model. The Admin claims the embassy was expecting a demonstration and cleared all diplomatic personnel from the facility. Is this true?

Then, why was Stevens in Benghazi? He was stationed in Tripoli. Who ordered him to Benghazi? Also, an American was shot and killed by the Cairo protestors. Who was he?

(11:44:37) Fri May 10, 2013

Attacks Part II

The preparations being taken to extract our people from Libya is what was expected in Benghazi. The lies of the Administration regarding Benghazi along with the stand-down order to aid our people on the ground (same abandonment of the Seal Team 6 members) shows a willingness of the Administration to murder our people in order to hide illegal or sensitive operations, or benefit their political careers.

Benghazi comes down to these options: -1- Hiding Black Opps Site, rendition (water boarding), survivors include prisoners. -2- Surface to Air Missile deal gone bad, attempting to arm Syrian rebels (Al Qaeda affiliated). -3- Weapons deal gone bad attempting to recover S.A.M.s arsenal after Gaddafi's removal. -4- Stevens being offered for capture to allow future Blind Sheikh trade to appease Iran. -5- Complete Incompetence of the entire Obama Administration.

There is no good, unImpeachable reason.

(8:27:30) Tue Apr 30, 2013

Cowards of Benghazi

It hurts me to say this, but the Benghazi survivors are cowards. Their lives are not being threatened. According to the attorney who talked with them and confirmed by others, their careers are being threatened. Soldiers sacrifice their lives for our continued freedom, and these survivors of Beghazigate cant put their job on the line. What an insult to those Seals who gave their lives so they could be rescued.

Cowards. Even if their lives are threatened, or their family members. How many thousands of families are being punished by their continued silence?

(6:52:27) Fri Apr 26, 2013

Boston Marathon Bombing
Fame and Hollywood Appreciation

The mother of the bombers, Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, curses America for taking away her children. Her reaction reminds me of the spoof in Princess Bride wherein Billy Crystal's character cries out, "Have fun stormin' da castle" while his wife Valerie played by Carol Kane waves with tears of joy.

Video, writings, and carefree actions of both Tamerlan (26 dead) and Dzhokhar (19 jailed) Tsarnaev have me thinking of the upcoming Robert Redford movie "The Company You Keep" that glorifies the domestic terrorist group called the Weather Underground; filled with President Obama's mentors.

The brothers may have the same twisted view of the Weather Underground as Redford and Obama; specifically believing they are [real Americans who stood for their beliefs]. The bothers see these domestic terrorists like 70's Bill Ayers as heros who gained fame and fortune by blowing people up. Shockingly, nobody in the media seems to be making this connection. The brothers clearly see their rampage road-trip as bringing the same future admiration from the Left.

An important question is not being asked. Hillary and Obama fabricated a Video excuse for the Benghazi bombing and Mark Basseley Youssef went to jail for causing a religious riot; well, actually for a minor parole violation. With the same rationale, will Hollywood, specifically Redford, be prosecuted for encouraging Tamerlan and Dzhokhar? When are Obama and Holder going to perp-walk Redford for the Massacre in Boston?

(7:14:46) Thu Apr 18, 2013

Anchor Babies

The issue of citizenship comes up from time to time in various arguments. Clarification is needed for the JURISDICTION statement in the 14th Amendment. Is this something that has been ignored when it comes to ''anchor babies'', for example?

Amendment XIV, Section 1, Clause 1:   All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.

I believe it means, international vacationers cannot squat. Just because the child is born on American soil does NOT mean it is American or has any rights of citizenship now or later. The child is subject to the governing JURISDICTION of the parents, and thus inherits NO ties to the States.

(8:38:58) Tue Mar 26, 2013

Cyprus Bail-IN?
The CONsequences of Free Stuff.

The concept and execution of a Bail-IN as being proposed in Cyprus which takes 40% or more of PRIVATE funds from civilian bank accounts is scary but might be the right thing for places like California. No more can the people demand more free stuff and then refuse to pay the bill when it comes do. Californians cannot just move to a prosperous State to continue their socialist ways, ignore their failures, and take down another State. You want to leave, then pay your fair-share of the debt. You want to leave America or Cyprus or anywhere, then pay your Fair-Share. This harsh, financial imprisonment might get the general population to elect better people and demand less free stuff to keep their obligations down and travel freedoms up.

(7:55:30) Tue Mar 5, 2013

Innocent until proven Black
Crimes based on Color

The Black community, spurred on by their black Masters, jumps at any and every opportunity to cry racism and persecute/profile whites for the color of their skin. The CPR-911 call is frustrating to listen to, but at no time have they mentioned color. From this I can conclude the 911 operator, nursing-home manager, and victim are NOT Black. If ANY of them were, the black community would be bussed in like a small army to protest something; and the Nurse would be in jail pending investigation just like Zimmerman. He is an innocent man who defended himself and his community, and he is STILL in jail. Guilty because of victim-Color is not justice.

(6:11:30) Fri Mar 1, 2013

Sequester Stalone
Yo America ... I did it!

Wwaaaahhhhhh! The House took a Penny away and now I cannot destroy America as quickly. Wwaaaahhhhhh! You only give me Four Dollars, but I wanted to take Five, and now I can't. Wwaaaahhhhhh!

FINALLY! The Republican party went to Walmart and bought a backbone. But one very important thing is being ignored. It was illuminated for us by President Obama. The Unions are so efficient, ONE penny buys thousands of firemen, cops, teachers, airport screeners, border patrol officers, ... and that's not all! For a limited time only, because we can't do this much longer, we'll release thousands of criminal illegal aliens; just pay shipping and handling so we can get the Penny back.

The other thing that is being glossed over during these Jasperonian cuts, the thing Gutfeld fears the most, is ONE PENNY can cripple the nation according to our elected leaders. All it takes to destroy the most powerful nation EVER, is a single Penny. Maybe it's time to take a chainsaw to the budget before this Constitutional experiment is lost.

(9:0:59) Sat Feb 16, 2013

Minimum Wage
Secret Revenue Enhancers

By raising the Minimum Wage, the Democrats are expecting to increase Revenues without increasing Tax Rates. The increase means more Tax dollars collected, ignoring the fact Prices will increase; Inflation is the result of a deflated Dollar. The proposed 25% increase in Minimum Wage will result in price increases nearing 50% due to increases in material, part, and component costs, transportation and warehousing fees, along with a host of other layered dependencies.

The Poor think the Government helped them by keeping their promise not to raise taxes despite the fact the greater income buys less because businesses have to adjust their prices upwards, and a snowballing effect occurs. This does not bother or hurt the Democrats because they get to continue demonizing corporations and are thanked for the handout. Their reelections are almost guaranteed because the general public remains uneducated.

News outlets need revenues too, and advertisers are not going to support them unless they can show interviews with top leaders in Congress. The Democrat Party is keenly aware of this, and gives the media what they want in exchange for support of their political spin and agendas.

The people remain hostages to this tag-team. A hellish three-way of a Political Party, the mainstream Media, and Hollywood.

(11:5:53) Fri Feb 15, 2013

Aztec Math

Due to errors in the Roman Calendar system, Pope Gregory XIII ordered a new calendar, the Gregorian Calendar that pushed time forward by ten days on October 5, 1582 and refined leap-day computation. The Colonies and England did not adopt the new system until September 2, 1752 when the time offset from the vernal equinox had grown to eleven days.

Considering the latest Meteorite impacts preceding the approaching Meteor, the Aztecs got it close enough. Our mission is to determine the cycle of this object and calculate the next meeting.

(7:28:35) Wed Feb 13, 2013

Drone(r) becomes Dorne(r)
They're getting lazy.

Am I the only one to notice Dorner is an Anagram for Drone with a bonus R? Now, they're really playing with us.

Obama proclaims a war on the Second Amendment and coincidentally children are being shot across the nation to make his point.

Obama proclaims implementation of the Drone program in the States, and coincidentally Black Rambo is on the run; his body burnt beyond recognition to make sure his story is never told.

Here come the drones and the Constitution is in their sights.

(13:55:33) Tue Feb 12, 2013

Guilty before proven innocent.

How do we know Dorner did not do these things in self defense, or at all? Heard of political spin? The ''evidence'' presented by Fox and other outlets is one sided; the government's story. I heard on FOX yesterday the shocking discovery Dorner had relationship troubles and was aggressive on the football field. Who hasn't! He's blamed for shooting two cops who were innocently minding their own business. Well, for an experienced cop and military man, that is a tactically really stupid thing to do. It creates a trail and doesn't fit the description of the man.

We must proceed with caution and try the man if possible for these violent acts, but Dorner's story needs to be heard. It's the American way. We dont assassinate citizens just because the government said so. The aggressive suicide-by-cop and other statements pushing for a shoot-first solution by the government makes me nervous; trial by drone strike.

It seems very strange. Some statements don't make sense. And, the POLICE shooting and killing bystanders only received a footnote, although blame given to Dorner. Were those bystanders accomplices of Dorner? Is something else going on, and the media shielding the panicky public? Police are not that reckless.

With Obama's lust to remove the Second Amendment, and our concern the children shootings are staging for that goal, could Dorner be staging for the drone program that is currently being debated? Black Rambo serves BOTH of Obama's objectives. How convenient; he waited five years for this moment to go postal.

(4:52:27) Sat Feb 9, 2013

Black Rambo
Smoking Gun(s).

Colonel Trautman stated, "Let him go... Diffuse the situation, diffuse him... Create a little gap and let him slip through... You'll pick him up working in a carwash someplace, and nobody else will get hurt." Christopher Dorner asked for his name to be cleared, and then he would come in. So, do it. No manhunt needed. Clear his name in a credible way, he comes in, and then reinstate the charges against his name in court. Done?

It amazes me that so much hardware has been mobilized to find this guy; armored personnel, armored carriers, snowcats, ... along with door to door searches over a very large area. Too bad this type of blanketing effort was not deployed for Ambassador Stevens. For some reason our military was held back. We heard that in Panetta's recent interview with Congress; [military assets were being mobilized]. He slipped! Senator Ayotte reminded him no assets were sent, so who ordered them to stand down?

The Constitution is a reminder Government should not be trusted. We are hearing so many bad things from the Government about Dorner, with essentially shoot-on-sight orders. That fits the Obama theme of [drone strike first, ask questions later], even if that violates the Constitution. I would like to hear Black Rambo's story. I would like the media to ask one question until answered, and have Congress stand-down until the Administration answers it: "Who invented the Video Alibi regarding Benghazi?"

If the Administration was not involved in something illegal in Benghazi like Rendition or a Weapons Deal, then why invent a video? Why did the Administration accept the fiction? It is an admission of guilt. You don't invent something, unless you have something to hide.

(5:36:32) Wed Jan 30, 2013

Ignoring existing, time tested, immigration procedures and laws.

Obama's reactive speech to the bipartisan discussions on immigration included more bewildering logic; [Yes, these people broke the law, but they're here now, and we have to accommodate them, ...].

Using Obama's logic; I'm going to rob a bank, just squat in the bank vault, and gain permanent residency with full access to the vault and all contents.

The most valuable commodity in the world is American Citizenship. Why are the DEMS so eager to throw it away?

(9:26:24) Wed Jan 23, 2013

Political Leverage or Cover?

Benghazi could be another gun running program gone bad like Fast-n-Furious; which was to allow the execution of the Saudi Ambassador to attack the Second Amendment, which is Obama's proclaimed second term mission. It could also be a cover up of a secret black-ops, rendition site, which explains why there is no access to the 'survivors'. However, it could also be staging to give Obama the ability to release the Blind Sheikh as continuation of his apology and appeasement tour.

The Seals were told to stand down, possibly because the Administration wanted Ambassador Stevens taken hostage. It would give reason and American support for a trade, and release the Sheikh. Recently, the Algeria hostage rescue attempt by European nations is condemned by the Administration. Was this another attempt to create a hostage trading environment?

Obama's Administration has a lot to answer for and so does the Global Media. We saw this activity and type of leadership before; page by page as if reading from a 1930's German playbook.

(6:14:7) Sat Jan 19, 2013

Balanced Budgets
Laundered Kickbacks

This has been my plan for the last decade :: To ensure Congress will balance the Federal budget overnight simply pay ALL Federal employees from bottom up until the money runs out. Thus, Congress gets paid last, or not at all. :: Problem solved.

You may also want to follow the Foreign Aid dollars to determine if a percentage is skimmed off and laundered through Switzerland or other financial Blackholes, to find its way back to Congress. How else does Palosi and Reid garner so much control over their members? A laundered kickback is a good reason to continue giving billions to terrorist nations.

(10:19:7) Wed Jan 16, 2013

Human Shields
Leveraging Children to push agendas.

Obama is shamelessly using the bodies of children to push gun legislation that will have no effect on school shootings.

Obama's logic is deeply flawed; [because I received a letter from a child] who lost a parent in a car accident, AND IF WE CAN SAVE ONE LIFE, then we should ban all automobiles. FOR ONE LIFE: sharp pencils should be banned, running abolished because children could trip and fall, ... and so on.

Let's set national policy based on the knowledge and experiences of a two-year old.

(6:55:1) Sat Jan 5, 2013

Dealing with the Devil
You get what you deserve.

Maybe Outer Limits or TwilightZone or Tales from the Darkside put forth an episode long ago of a traveling salesman. His deal was simple. I give you a suitcase full of money; Millions (Billions in today's terms). You give me permission to torture for eternity someone you dont know, nor will ever know. What is your answer?

You struggle with the thought of hurting another human being; let alone for eternity, versus the good that could be done with the money. Wrongs in your life could be corrected. You quickly comfort your greed by relying on mathematics allowing one to suffer for the good of many.

You accept the salesman's deal making sure the one chosen will not be anybody you know, or ever know. The salesman can barely respond through a ghoulish smile, and you share that smile now holding a large suitcase of cash. But the salesman bursts into laughter as he walks away, and this makes you wonder why; "Why are you so happy?"

The salesman turns and utters with joy, "Now I'm going to find someone who doesnt know you, nor will ever know."

This is the Fiscal Cliff deal, welfare programs, any form of handout. You take and take not caring who it is being taken from. This is what you get when you Deal with the Government.

(6:34:30) Wed Jan 2, 2013

U.S. Ambassadors Targeted
WWI began with an assassination; like it or not, WWIII has begun.

By targeting U.S. Ambassadors and offering bounties for their assassination, AlQaeda has issued a global declaration of war. Any nation housing these groups should be considered co-conspirators, and the U.S. should just start carpet bombing.

Start by leveling all major cities in the region with non-nuclear ordinance. The U.S. has a large stock pile of conventional bombs that need to be dismantled, using them to level AlQaeda and their supporters is the best, cost effective, dismantling method.

Friendlies should push AlQaeda members out of their territory to avoid their cities being leveled. If they continue allowing themselves to be used as human-shields, then they are in league with AlQaeda which justifies the bombing.

It is time for the U.S. Military to start bombing everything in the region to show the locals America means business. That's how they communicate, and that's how we must speak to them. Simply start on the west-coast of North Africa and don't stop until we reach India.

Crusade Part One was to push back the Moslem invasion. History books focus on a few bad characters like the AbuGhraib Hazing incidents, and ignore the main reason for the Crusades and the true instigators. Crusade Part Two is coming. Get it over with now.

U.S. allies along with Russia and China would gladly join the movement and divi-up the territory. Enough is enough. Cowards volunteer to walk in packs like ducks in a circus game believing they can hide and take their chances. Heros shoot back.