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(3:48:59) Sat Dec 27, 2014 RoboCop Diplomacy
(8:38:10) Wed Dec 17, 2014 GITMO handoff
(8:3:32) Sat Dec 6, 2014 Terrorized Oil Prices
(6:2:49) Wed Dec 3, 2014 Body Cameras
(14:55:24) Mon Nov 24, 2014 Bernie 'Gruber' Madoff
(6:6:19) Fri Nov 21, 2014 Trick or Treat
(4:45:27) Thu Nov 13, 2014 Bin Laden
(6:16:50) Tue Nov 11, 2014 Health Care Bill
(12:0:24) Fri Oct 17, 2014 Ebola Plasma
(5:35:35) Tue Oct 14, 2014 Dr Brantly
(3:11:16) Wed Oct 8, 2014 War on Ebola
(5:29:4) Tue Oct 7, 2014 Cancer Games
(13:52:34) Thu Oct 2, 2014 Ebola Gone Wild
(9:16:25) Wed Oct 1, 2014 Armed Elevator
(11:49:38) Wed Sep 17, 2014 Forgotten Purpose
(3:14:51) Wed Sep 10, 2014 Illegal Diseases
(6:12:0) Tue Sep 9, 2014 Ray Rice
(2:32:49) Sat Aug 2, 2014 CONfession
(4:34:52) Thu May 29, 2014 Hail Obama
(8:36:41) Mon May 19, 2014 GODZILLA
(19:27:24) Tue Apr 29, 2014 Tolerance
(5:15:46) Tue Apr 15, 2014 Ranchers vs Managers
(5:11:42) Fri Apr 11, 2014 Lerner Retirement
(6:58:16) Fri Apr 4, 2014 Half Full or Half Empty
(16:47:31) Sun Mar 23, 2014 Internet Lost
(12:43:54) Wed Feb 5, 2014 Credit Card Theft




(3:48:59) Sat Dec 27, 2014

RoboCop Diplomacy
What is the value of a dead cop?

Remember the Movie? It featured Government married to Industry (a.k.a. Socialism) tricking the general public and other councilmen to allow robots to police the streets. In order to accomplish this, the police were being hunted to drive up community unrest. The people of crime-ridden Detroit, Michigan had nowhere to turn. They had to accept the malevolent mega-corporation Omni Consumer Products (OCP) and embrace their superhuman cyborg law enforcer.

See any parallels? Detroit in ruin, after fifty years of Democrat rule. The nation facing the reality of Drones. The people rejecting Drone enforcement. Drones have already been used over seas to murder American citizens. Do we really want Big Brother hovering over us, watching everything we do?

Who manufactures the Drones? Which Party will benefit most? The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is the national authority that will govern the deployment, regulation, and use of drones. Nothing like resuscitating the dying Unions by Nationalizing public safety and security to expand Union membership and influence.

When are children shot in schools and malls? It happens the month Gun Regulation Bills are voted on to influence Congress; days before the vote, and then nothing after. Is the professional Race-baiter, Sharpton, being embraced by Obama for the purpose of driving up anti-cop hostility to push a Drone agenda? The program will separate out the human element of law enforcement to ease public tensions.

Is the recent unrest part of a larger plan? The motto of the Obama-Admin is, "Never let a good crisis go to waste." I suspect a Drone Bill will be voted on soon and there will be a push for Nationalizing the Police.

(8:38:10) Wed Dec 17, 2014

GITMO handoff
Once again, Obama negotiates with Terrorists.

It's nice to get an American home, but not through an exchange of three Cuban spies. The Obama-Five and Cuban-Three are just gateways to future hostage taken. Obama is placing a price on American civilians.

However, something else might be involved. Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, a.k.a. GITMO, is in CUBA. Why open a dialogue with Cuba to open a U.S. Embassy in Cuba, when we already have a naval base there? Unless Obama is planning to pull a Panama.

The swap of three Cuban spies is the distraction. This capitulation further weakens America in the World's eyes, and offers only a seat at a negotiating table; promising nothing. But it opens the door for Obama to close GITMO by getting rid of the Naval Base.

Cannot close GITMO? No problem, just give it to the new Bestes of Obama, the dictators of Cuba. Just like building a Canal, and then just giving it away to the Chinese as president Carter did. That'll buy friends.

(8:3:32) Sat Dec 6, 2014

Terrorized Oil Prices
Thank you ISIS for doing what the FED won't.

Everyday pundits regurgitate aged financial theories and explanations. News anchors praise their expertise even though nothing new or even accurate was presented. This void of knowledge and honesty has left them confused in regards to oil prices dropping. What could be causing it? China? Yeah, let's blame China!

Maybe Obama is to thank. By putting our military in full retreat, there is less demand for diesel and jet fuels. Maybe the pending election gloom inspired the Admin to leverage lower gas prices. Prices at the pump did begin falling after Obama's, "Are you better off speech." How coincidental. However, there is a bigger influence that adds to the web of deceit by the Obama Admin.

It starts with Obama considering caving to Egypt's request to release the Blind Sheik, the spiritual leader of the 1993 WTC bombers. President Mohammed Morsi's inaugural speech in Cairo's Tahrir Square includes a promise to seek the release of the Blind Sheik. And, we all know how Obama likes to bow to and support the Muslim Brotherhood. As Hillary's secret meeting with the Leader of the Brotherhood surfaced, Congress gets involved and shuts down any potential release of the Sheik.

How does this affect oil prices? Well, Hillary appoints Stevens to Ambassador in Libya, stationed in Tripoli. When asked what was he doing in Benghazi, Hillary replies the Ambassadors are loose cannons, uncontrollable cowboys, they go wherever; even though that IS her job to coordinate State Affairs, and the Ambassadors work for her.

Stevens serves the Admin's interest in enforcing Obama's Red Line by funneling weapons to the Syrian Rebels. We later find out, the Rebels are ISIS, a sub-group of AlQaeda. Stevens would make a good bargaining chip to exchange the Blind Sheik. AlQaeda in Egypt protests Obama refusing to release him. They burn images of Obama in the marches and take over many Embassies. It had nothing to do with a video. How did AlQaeda know to hit the 'consulate' in Banghazi? Hillary supposedly, didn't even know Stevens would be there. How did AlQaeda?

The death of Stevens ruins the opportunity to make a trade for the Sheik, but even worse, it disrupts the flow of weapons to the Syrian Rebels. AlQaeda's clumsy actions cause the rift between them and ISIS to fracture. ISIS unloads on the region and are heralded by the American News Media as the greatest force to be reckoned with throughout the Muslim world. That's great advertising for ISIS, who now find it extremely easy to sweep the region, and are on their way to establishing a Terrorist State.

Couple this with Putin threatening to further expand Russia's borders, and Oil prices drop. Russia's economy to heavily vested in oil sales. The Saudi's don't care, until ISIS becomes a threat. Once again, America's mercenary army is compensated on the sly. ISIS is gaining power by selling captured oil. The Saudi's now have a vested interest in lower oil prices to weaken ISIS and purchase America's military assistance.

Too bad America's leaders don't pressure nations to lower oil prices to help American citizens. The Keystone pipeline would generate 40,000 high paying American jobs and lower gas prices here in the States. Obama's DEM minions are fighting the pipeline with every fiber of their being. Hillary stated it takes a Village to raise a child. Well, apparently it takes a Terrorist to lower oil prices.

(6:2:49) Wed Dec 3, 2014

Body Cameras
Big Brother is Watching You.

Instead of laundering another 75 million to friends of Obama (Unions) by purchasing body cameras for police at the OUTRAGEOUSLY high price of $1500 each in response to the CRIMINAL actions of Brown, his Step-Father and Sharpton, How'bout releasing the dash-cam video of the Wilson-Brown event?

The camera is ALWAYS running, and also records SOUND. Let's at least listen to what happened that night from the perspective of an unemotional police vehicle.

(14:55:24) Mon Nov 24, 2014

Bernie 'Gruber' Madoff
Lady Justice is Peeking

Bernie Madoff defrauded his investors and went to jail. His crime was illegally obtaining money through deception.

Gruber defrauded his employers (the States and American People), and received a contract cancellation?

Why isn't Gruber walking the line to jail? Is it because EVERYONE laughing in that room, and that worked so closely with him in the White House and Congress, will go to jail too?

Since when did Lady Justice take off her blindfold?

(6:6:19) Fri Nov 21, 2014

Trick or Treat
The October surprise comes late.

President Obama's speech last night had nothing to do with Immigration. He and his party have been wielding immigration as a weapon against the GOP for six years, amongst other things. Obama's ex-Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanual said it clearly, "Don't let a serious crisis go to waste." The Democrats are the Divide and Conquer Party, and they are genius at it.

The last time the GOP lost the majority in the House and Senate was 2006 wherein in the country faced a Democrat Party bent on stagnation and hurting the Bush administration and war effort. When Obama is elected in 2008, the Dems now have to produce. Their first move is dumping their two year old Say-No theme on the GOP, who are now branded with that label.

This is common place. If you want to know what illegal things or hidden agendas the Dems are guilty of, just listen to their GOP accusations. The 2014 election is no different. They are doing the same thing as in 2008 and flipping the blame of a Do-Nothing Congress onto Republicans.

Out going, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, pocket vetoed 387 Bills from the Republican controlled House for the passed two years. He ruled the Senate as a tyrant, and his Party allowed him to refuse any up-or-down votes on Republican Bills. Reid stagnated the Congress.

Now, the GOP has control of both House and Senate; Bills are going to flow, budgets will be passed, and the Dems have to get out in front of that productivity by shaming Republicans for everything the Dems themselves failed to do. Hence Obama's statement in the speech, "Pass a Bill." It's a stab at the Electorate. Obama can now take credit for any productivity from Congress because he called the GOP out. He is now the great uniter, despite the 2014 wave election against his administration and policies. He is now the great motivator, while the GOP gets blamed for six years of Democrat inaction.

The Democrats have successfully leveraged crisis after crisis for generations to their advantage. They have brilliantly monetized kindergarden banter to protect their political advantage, interests, and careers. The inability for Republicans to see through these laundering scams is astounding, but more so the American People who are so easily Grubered.

Obama's speech last night does nothing to solve the immigration issue; a discussion that has never once described how the existing immigration system is 'Broken'. However, the real issue not being addressed is the truthfulness of Gruber's statements. The first step to good health is admitting you have a problem, and the news media is just codling the American People, "There there baby, you're not stupid."

(4:45:27) Thu Nov 13, 2014

Bin Laden
Assassinated or Captured?

The Navy Seal who shot Bin Laden stated some controversial things. First, Bin Laden used one of his wives as a human shield. He stated both hands were on her. This means he was unarmed. This was a kill mission from the start and not a capture mission. America's military is not supposed to be used as assassins or mercenaries. How much information was lost because Bin Laden, unarmed, was not taken?

Second, he stated the body of Bin Laden was brought back to Afghanistan after a 90 minute flight. He was standing next to the body while President Obama was speaking about the mission wherein it was also quickly announced the body was buried at sea as is Islamic custom. Well, that's not Islamic custom, and Afghanistan is landlocked. When the announcement was made, it seemed awfully fast to retrieve, process, and respectfully bury at sea.

Put these two items together. Bin Laden was not taken to a carrier and speed buried to prevent requests for his body's return or examination. The body was in Afghanistan while the burial claim was being made. The Navy Seals frequently come back with the target as a prisoner and not a corpse. That's their purpose and the value of the target. Coupled with the timeline, it suggests Bin Laden was not killed.

We also learned from Gruber in three video shorts, [the American People are Stupid because they don't understand economics]. He explains the Health Care Bill was purposely deceptive to get it through Congress. When you or I lie to Congress, we go to jail. Even Congressmen can be prosecuted for intentional deception. Everyone involved in this health care scam should be prosecuted for deceiving the American People. ObamaCare is a financial theft rebranded as Wealth Redistribution, but it's still a crime and uses Federal Agencies as the weapon.

The news media is not exploring this correctly. Gruber is right. The American People are stupid because they'll believe anything; Fast-n-Furious, Benghazi, ...

(6:16:50) Tue Nov 11, 2014

Health Care Bill
Deliberate Deception

MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber has admitted the Health Care Law (ObamaCare) was designed in a 'deceptive' way to get passed. Lying to Congress means jail-time. Are the people involved in this scam, this Grand Deception, going to be prosecuted? This is an attack on American citizens. It's not just the writers of the HealthCare Bill, but all those who were intimate with it and 'deliberately' lied to Congress in the process.

(12:0:24) Fri Oct 17, 2014

Ebola Plasma
Africans Ignored, Whites Saved!

Ebola has a 70% fatality rate. This means 30% live! But only when white doctors are at risk is blood plasma from a survivor used. There is nothing special about Dr Brantly. Millions of Africans have survived Ebola. Where has the World Health Organization been for the past decade? Where are all the Ebola antibody blood banks to drive out Ebola from Africa?

Media; ask this question, "Is there record of a survivor of Ebola contracting the disease again and dying from it?" If yes, then the Dr Brantly miracle blood donations was an illusion to get Ebola doctors back to the States to deal with the Human Biological attack on America through the illegals (children) that flooded the border on what Mexico refers to as the Death Train.

If the answer is 'No', then the World Health Organization and State's National Institute of Health are using the Ebola victims in West Africa as a goldmine of charitable aid. For generations, these organizations have been leveraging the dead to collect more cash for their political purposes and personal coffers. This should be punished by the World Court as Genocide, as a War Crime. All involved.

(5:35:35) Tue Oct 14, 2014

Dr Brantly
Miracle Blood Illusion

Plasma takes time to be generated. The Brantly plasma tour and recovery is very fast and suspect. NO WHERE online is ANY news organization reporting what Dr Brantly’s blood type is. It is very important in determining who can receive his blood and determining if all this is more WhiteHouse smoke and mirrors; bringing an EBOLA expert back to the States to deal with all the diseased illegals that flooded and continue to flood our country. The people in charge are proving to be moronically stupid in terms of maintaining open borders, not quarentining West Africa flights, pretending aide and health care workers could not get in/out of infect regions, and so on.


If O-, then he is a universal blood donor.
if AB+, then his plasma is universal donor.

Are they pretending Duncan (dead) was not compatible with Brantly so as to continue the miracle blood illusion as more EBOLA experts are brought back to the States to deal with the quarantined illegals shuffled all around the country along with bizarre outbreaks. This is yet another Obama controversy. If it wasn’t, we would know the blood type of Dr Brantly.

(3:11:16) Wed Oct 8, 2014

War on Ebola
Nature to the Rescue

In a September-26 statement, the World Health Organization said, "The Ebola epidemic ravaging parts of West Africa is the most severe acute public health emergency seen in modern times. Never before in recorded history has a biosafety level four pathogen infected so many people so quickly, over such a broad geographical area, for so long."

"Not in America!" Nope. Apparently, American hospitals are well equipped to deal with any disease. However, there is no cure for Ebola, only treatment that includes hydration and good burial practices. Not closing airports in the affected regions to public travel without a quarantine period is absolutely insane. Burial is not health care.

Nobody knows how Ebola is transferred. It is thought to be contact only, and is not an airborne pathogen. However, there are other natural players to augment that limitation. Mosquito saliva prevents clotting. This means, the mosquito first injects its victim before feeding on its blood. An infected mosquito makes a blood transfer from prior feedings to transport Malaria, AIDS, and even Ebola.

Nature is all about balance. Vitamin-A is a poison in high concentration. It causes cell walls to become brittle and fracture, resulting in cell death. High doses can be lethal to Humans. Low doses can flush the body of Nature's many invaders. Cancer is a mimic-fungus and Ebola is a virus; both are aggressive eaters that are also subject to death by vitamin-A.

Sometimes the simplest thing, is the best answer.

(5:29:4) Tue Oct 7, 2014

Cancer Games
Depressed Sports

Ever since the Atlanta Olympics, American sports presentations crashed into the soup of heartfelt stories that have nothing to do with the game. This person had cancer, or someone they knew down the street has cancer, or this person told that person that another person has cancer, …. JUST GET BACK TO THE GAME. Talk about the GAME. Talk about the health of players IN THE GAME. I could careless about their lives outside the GAME.

Get Bob Costas off the air! I remember the Atlanta Olympics, with one sob story after another. A 15-minute lead-in for a 10-second sprint; the race starts, the American they spent so much time depressing everyone about is dead last, clearly not going to win, and the producers switch to a different event! A TEN SECOND race. And five seconds in, they switched to another dreaded cancer story in some other competition. JUST LET US WATCH THE GAME.

Americans are apparently so fragile, they cannot be shown an American losing, or are only shown American games in which they win. I watched the women’s national cancer team, -err I mean Soccer Team, lose to Mexico on a Spanish channel. I missed the beginning, so watched the English, American presentation later that day, only to find the programming changed to HIGH SCHOOL VOLLEYBALL. God forbid Americans know their Woman who dominate the sport actually lost a game.

Communist nations are criticized, condemned even, for controlling media and news. Well, guess what? Americans are just as controlled and held in darkness.

(13:52:34) Thu Oct 2, 2014

Ebola Gone Wild
Nothing to see here, Move along.

Keep in mind, it is not just the people who sat in the Ebola passenger’s seat in subsequent flights, but also the pat-downs by the TSA. Their blue rubber gloves are not there to protect you. They wear the gloves to protect themselves. How many people were touched by those gloves, passing God knows what from passenger to passenger before you even see a plane, or get to sit in the never cleaned waiting area chairs.

What about the crowded train fulls of illegals storming the southern border. Bussed and flown with our money all around the U.S. including Hawaii, and now breakouts of foot-n-mouth, ebola, … in all the same areas.

Let's just keep lying to the People to keep them calm, voting as designed, paying bills. Let’s have another boring news conference with someone else regurgitating the same thing over and over and over, wherein everyone gets to say, “Our hearts and prayers go out to the families blah blah blah”. How’bout bussing and flying all the diseased illegals OUT OF THE COUNTRY.

Meanwhile, we are told the story of the heroic Ebola doctor in Africa giving the ONLY antidote to his female coworker; but then was miraculously cured in the States because of the antidote he did not take. Don't let the people know he was brought back to the U.S. to deal with the illegals storming the wire along the southern border. Oh, wait. There is no wire.

(9:16:25) Wed Oct 1, 2014

Armed Elevator
Dodging a Bullet

An ex-con, now security guard, gets in an elevator with the President. Do any of you think he was put there by design? Every good movie has the convict given something for their involvement in a designed shooting. Sounds like he was unable or unwilling to carryout the operation. Keep an eye on the security guard. In all the movie plots, he’s now a loose end.

I would not put it beyond DEMs to carryout something like this to rally everyone to their side, demonizing guns and Republicans in the up coming election. Politics is truly that evil. Each time in the past six years of Obama, every gun rights/restrictions bill was preceded by a wave of school or mall shootings, just a week before the vote.

I’m tired of disinformation and being use like a political pawn. Aren’t you?

(11:49:38) Wed Sep 17, 2014

Forgotten Purpose
Generational Dilution

POP QUIZ - Answer the following questions, if you can:

  1. True or False: 1/2 = 1/3
  2. True or False: 1 + 1 = 2
  3. Is this Arbitrary: 2.5 (rounds up to) 3
Answers will follow. Right now, what do you think?

These simple equations are important for understanding political, scientific, and religious viewpoints. Many things have been forgotten, and many new things are not being fully explored.

(3:14:51) Wed Sep 10, 2014

Illegal Diseases
Nothing to see here; move along.

Is it really a coincidence? Illegals flooding the border, known to have a slurry of diseases, and then American children are getting sick by the thousands. No connection there.

A Congressman is prevented from visiting some illegals who are contained within a building with the doors locked from the outside. That’s not a quarantine. It’s just a coincidence ebola experts are being rushed back to the States.

The illegals were just bussed and flown to all these areas; like cute, innocent biological weapons, who by no fault of their own find themselves infecting Americans. In the age of terrorism, America is under attack. Nah.

(6:12:0) Tue Sep 9, 2014

Ray Rice
Lack of Proportion

In regards to Ray Rice, the news-media is diminishing true domestic violence and are distorting the truth. Their legal advisors (couch potatoes) are cowards not to bring up the following.

  1. She spat on him. That by legal definition is a Sexual Assault because it is the exchange of a bodily fluid.
  2. She charged him with the intent to strike. That is Assault. SHE is the aggressor.
  3. He defended himself. Men don’t have to be punching bags while the equal-sex vents their violent anger.
  4. I’m sure he did not intend to knock her out. It was a swat, not a forceful punch, nor did he violently attack her.
  5. Dragging her out of the elevator makes him look really bad, a true creep, who is now looking down the barrel of public opinion.
  6. She married him anyway. When she divorces him in six months and takes half, is the news-media going to trash her gold digging character?
  7. This is not national news; nor is our justice system MOB-RULE as the news-media is making it.
  8. The ridiculous NFL banishment rules make all their players extortion targets.
  9. Talk about female self-control. Stop being sexist and putting the burden of calm solely on men; implying women cannot think rationally or act without violence.

(2:32:49) Sat Aug 2, 2014

Obvious lies rewritten.

FOX, You have me confused. Bill Clinton confessed to having Bin Laden in his sights September 10, 2001 but chose not to strike because of potential collateral damage. He states and FOX repeats, ten hours later 9-11 occurred. But, Clinton had no authority at that time because BUSH is President. What am I missing here? Is it any coincidence, Obama then follows up with a repeat of the 'evil American torturing process lead by BUSH' mantra.

Clinton is admitting to protecting enemy civilians versus American citizens as a knock against Israel defending itself. Obama is continuing his mission to weaken America and apologize to everyone but Christians, and to care for Illegals instead of our Military. These are messages to strengthen Hamas! The DEMS are putting out the ‘We are Compassionate’ ploy again. ‘Elect us or else the Republicans will take us back to indiscriminate killing and torture.’

Why is FOX missing these obvious scams? Why is FOX falling into the DEM ‘discuss impeachment’ strategy to rally the DEM base and swing independents? The GOP won’t talk about it, so the DEMS and FOX are going to beat the drum while pointing the finger at Republicans to make the lie stick.

(4:34:52) Thu May 29, 2014

Hail Obama
Too many Me-Me-Me speeches.

Placing Veterans on some secret list and leaving them to die, is almost as bad as Placing Americans on some secret mission in Benghazi and leaving them to die.

How many Americans have to die because saving their lives would upset Obama's political aspirations? His speeches remind me of another narcissist that started two world wars.

(8:36:41) Mon May 19, 2014

versus Spiderman?

Never before has a movie with so much, done so little.  Of course, I am referring to the latest Spiderman flop.  Goofy, choppy, and meaningless action, storyline, technology, and threats with a complete lack of interest and surprise.  Yet, it inherited raving reviews by the movie critics, while Godzilla received boring, blah, wait till the end ratings despite its perfectly melded storyline, special effects, combats (both military and monster), and constantly satisfying the show me the creatures anticipation.  Even the opening credits were creatively done with old style news clips and redactions.

There is a clear pattern employed by movie critics, established beyond the days of Siskel and Ebert.  They work for the movie industries and receive special access in exchange for good reviews. DUH!  It helps both parties by filling seats and elevating careers.  However, always giving good reviews diminishes credibility.  The lemming masses that follow them will catch-on.  So, good movies that will receive a flood of sales anyway, get bad reviews delivered in a positive way.

My only criticism of Godzilla was the implied mission.  Godzilla protects humanity or eradicates ancient monsters, then goes back to sleep.  It would be more believable if the highly radioactive creatures attract Godzilla because that's what he eats.  Once killed and devoured, he returns to his subterranean lair where there is adequate munchies.

I wanted to walk out of the Amazing [pointless] Spiderman, and wanted an encore of Godzilla; even waited through all the credits hoping for another look at this amazing childhood creature.

(19:27:24) Tue Apr 29, 2014

Free Speech and Choice.

Donald Sterling is going to end up owning the NBA. His first Amendment Right of Free Speech is being violated in the court of public opinion through tapes illegally obtained and would not be admissible in court. The gold-digger will go to jail for illegal wire tapping.

Sterling does not have to like African Americans, just as we dont have to do business with Donald. Everybody has a choice. Do the Black Panthers embrace the White community? Can Whites join their club? I object to the use of African American. It is a term designed to promote racial division in the States. Blacks can be French Canadian, British, whatever.

Sterling's statements and position regarding Blacks is disgusting. That is my personal view and I will vote with my dollars to disassociate from him. But that is my choice. Tarring and feathering Sterling can lead to vicious attacks in other areas. For example, I dont approve of homosexuality. I will defend their rights, but I have no interest in being around them. Why does Sterling have to hang out with Blacks?

It seems the only people that dont get the benefit of tolerance are Jews and Christians. The Left has set a trap. They promote tolerance as long as they approve. There is choice as long as you vote their way. They define the argument and the outcome, while we remain silent, fearing our free speech discussion will get us tarred and feathered as well.

(5:15:46) Tue Apr 15, 2014

Ranchers vs Managers
A timeless conflict between farmers and ranchers.

The Bundys don't want to pay a MILLION dollars for public land use to the FED. Ranchers flood Nevada to support them at a personal cost of MILLIONS of dollars. The Bureau of Land Management spends MILLIONS of public dollars to seize cows crossing the line. They do MILLIONS in damages to property and lost cows. The news media spends MILLIONS covering the event. The courts spend MILLIONS processing the claims.

Bad math has nothing on this level of crazy. How many MILLIONS have been spent from the Public Treasury (MY MONEY) by the FED to collect ONE MILLION from the Bundys? How'bout this? Deport Illegals, Not Cows.

(5:11:42) Fri Apr 11, 2014

Lerner Retirement
Crime Insurance

Lerner is leaving because Republicans have FINALLY threatened criminal prosecution. Even if she gets a pardon from Obama (most likely), she will lose her retirement benefits and pensions. By retiring BEFORE the charges are officially levied, she KEEPS everything even if jailed.

Congress needs to change this and make it retroactive. NO CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR WILL BE TOLERATED NOR PROTECTED BY RETIREMENT. It's like a bank robber getting to keep the money they stole. PATHETIC.

(6:58:16) Fri Apr 4, 2014

Half Full or Half Empty
What type of person are you?

Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

This question popped up on the news and my first reaction was, "That Glass is Too Big! It's an engineering disaster!"

This got me thinking, which is always dangerous. What other types of people are there?

  1. Optimist :: Glass is Half Full.
  2. Pessimist :: Glass is Half Empty.
  3. Engineer :: Glass designed too big. Look at all the wasted material, cost overruns, structural overdesign, ...
  4. Global Warmist :: AHHHHHH! If the Glass Melts the kitchen table will be flooded!
  5. Segregationist :: Water and Air divided. Can't we all just get along?
  6. Conservationist :: SEAL THE GLASS !!! Protect the Water !!!
  7. Buddhist :: The Water and Glass are One, The Water and Glass are One, The Water and Glass are One, . . .
  8. Religious :: Have Faith. God will provide the other half. Believe and ye shall receive.
  9. Existentialist :: There is no Glass. There is only You.
  10. Advertiser :: Don't worry. We'll decorate the top half of the glass to conceal the emptiness, and then raise the price because it looks full.
  11. Moslem Extremist :: Allahu Akbar! %%% BBOOOOOMMM %%%
  12. John F Kennedy(s) :: Ask not what your Glass can give to you. Ask what you can give to your glass.
  13. Bob Beckel(s) :: 87% of people believe the Koch Brothers are behind this. It's outrageous!
  14. Al Gore(s) :: Dihydrogenoxide must be regulated to prevent Climate Change.
  15. Barack Hussein Obama(s) :: One size glass fits all. Regardless of your water needs, you MUST buy it by March 31 or put it in your online basket or register to register or check this box stating you might register . . .
  16. Jesus Christ(s) :: Who said anything about water? Mine's still got wine in it.
  17. Nancy Pelosi(s) :: You have to drink from the glass to find out what is in it.
  18. Hillary Clinton(s) :: What difference at this point does it make?

You get the idea. Now, it's your turn. Keep this going.

How else can we answer the question, "Is the Glass Half Full or Half Empty?"

(16:47:31) Sun Mar 23, 2014

Internet Lost
The Left failed to TAX the Internet. They are now Outflanking the U.S. Congress by giving away what is not theirs to give so that the U.N will impose the TAX, and there wont be anything we can do about it. Sovereignty Lost.

(12:43:54) Wed Feb 5, 2014

Credit Card Theft
Identities for sale by the FED.

We have been talking for months about ObamaCare Navigators having criminal records. Baked into the system, Navigators are not checked. We are facing the largest Identity theft in history because of ObamaCare (a.k.a. HillaryCare, the ACA).

Is it coincidence, Target and other marketers are being hacked? Millions of credit card numbers and other personal information being grabbed, just in time to blame all future Identity Thefts on these robberies and not ObamaCare. Protect the plan at all cost.

And, is there any coincidence that Michelle Obama was shopping at Target just before the hacking incidents?