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(9:36:42) Tue Dec 22, 2015 SpaceX Christmas Gift to Iran
(19:28:0) Sun Dec 20, 2015 Star Wars VII
(5:49:33) Fri Dec 11, 2015 Belief in Allah
(8:14:57) Sat Dec 5, 2015 I finally understand Obama and DEMS
(6:31:37) Tue Oct 27, 2015 Orange Pantsuit
(4:49:39) Sat Oct 24, 2015 Hunted to Extinction
(3:46:51) Sat Oct 10, 2015 Call Your Dogs Off!
(4:51:33) Tue Oct 6, 2015 Four Dead
(9:0:25) Tue Sep 8, 2015 Judge Barack
(14:32:16) Fri Aug 21, 2015 Logarithmic Tax
(11:30:15) Tue Aug 18, 2015 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution:
(5:45:4) Fri Aug 7, 2015 Crony Capitalism
(5:22:40) Mon Aug 3, 2015 Social Security
(11:52:4) Wed Jul 22, 2015 Hillary's Trump Card
(18:15:31) Thu Jul 16, 2015 Cowards
(10:54:53) Mon Jul 13, 2015 "What difference does it Make?"
(10:47:20) Wed Jun 24, 2015 Confederate Statues
(14:41:24) Tue Jun 23, 2015 The Confederate Flag
(5:26:0) Tue Jun 9, 2015 Gun Shows
(16:16:34) Sun Jun 7, 2015 Grab Bag
(15:10:51) Wed May 13, 2015 AMTrak
(4:44:43) Thu Apr 30, 2015 Freddy Gray
(8:50:33) Wed Apr 29, 2015 Shame
(4:25:59) Tue Apr 28, 2015 Baltimore
(16:15:59) Thu Apr 23, 2015 Oopsie
(16:9:42) Tue Mar 24, 2015 Honesty
(7:47:13) Sat Feb 28, 2015 Legislation Protection Money
(6:24:52) Tue Feb 24, 2015 SHUTDOWN
(7:32:50) Sat Feb 14, 2015 Lacking Intelligence
(6:9:15) Fri Feb 13, 2015 Yemen
(4:58:18) Fri Feb 13, 2015 Impeachment
(10:51:10) Thu Feb 12, 2015 Traitors
(5:46:59) Wed Feb 11, 2015 Innovations
(5:10:43) Wed Jan 21, 2015 Deflategate




(9:36:42) Tue Dec 22, 2015

SpaceX Christmas Gift to Iran
Bunker Busters Coming Soon?

SpaceX successfully launched, deployed, and landed; congratulations. However, the confusing part is the primary mission — to put eleven small satellites into low orbit for Orbcomm's (ORBC) new satellite network. Satellites are typically the size of a compact car. How did they stack and release eleven satellites simultaneously into non-intersecting orbits and keep them from bunching up?

Did we just put a single military satellite into low orbit with eleven depleted uranium deep ground penetrators attached to target Iran’s nuclear program? That would make more sense, than junking up an already crowded Space with eleven separate satellites spewed from a single source into a very busy network. Launching and deploying eleven satellites at one time with unique trajectories is far more amazing than one recovery landing.

(19:28:0) Sun Dec 20, 2015

Star Wars VII
One word sums it up:  Pathetic

Basically, Star Wars VII is a rewrite of IV with parts of VI and theme from III wherein Obi-Wan's apprentice Vader kills off the Jedi cadets. It gets used as Luke's reason for banishing himself, but he was not involved because he shows up in IV. Therefore, VII should be X because the story of Luke's failed apprentice needs to be told in VII. What a mess.

B-level acting, mostly Lord of the Rings style curtain calls, everybody bows, ok next scene without any transition, no concept of time, impossible science, and a main villain with a goofy mask, wearing lots of robes and tights over his anorexic chicken legs. If Hollywood had any courage they would have made the evil-dude look Muslim; Instead, they chose Jewish, what a shocker.

The train-wreck ends with Luke standing on a high cliff in an unknown land with stone stairways through the hills leading directly to his hiding perch. No sense of lifestyle, social environment, even a copy of Obi-Wan would have worked, but we get hermit, perpetually standing on cliff. That ends the movie with an obvious pan away from mis-sized figurines. Just when you think it cannot possible get worse, it does; including the lame fight scenes with a lightsaber possessed like Excalibur stored in the center of a closet.

Void of creativity, the new Luke is female who falls in love with a black dude. For no reason, she saves a droid named Beach-Ball-8 from a salvager who puts up no fight. She then refuses to sell it, for, again, no reason, just like my punctuation, just, random. In all the universe, the main characters just happen to be in the neighborhood. The only interesting character, well animated was the small rodent woman with big glasses; clearly inspired by Edna Mode from The Incredibles. All the other creature characters looked plastic. They even resurrected the old Wookiee costume from the 70’s.

Obviously, many reviewers got paid to give high ratings on this borefest. They lost all credibility. Including the directors, actors and assistants that dont have the courage to speak out against this failure. It was the worse of all, by far. I will not waste money on any future Star Wars movies. Eventually, it will be on TV, where maybe a Geico commercial will interrupt the boredom. I hope it’s the one with the Camel.

(5:49:33) Fri Dec 11, 2015

Belief in Allah
Suspended to exploit Tolerance

In general, ALLAH creates the Disbelievers to test the Believers. You cannot change anyone, only Allah can - stated many times throughout the Quran. They must change themselves. Each individual must find and except Allah. Disbelievers are to be given time to become Believers. However, Believers that become Disbelievers are lost and must be put down immediately. They become a cancer to the faith.

Once found and accepted, a Believer can not denounce Allah. However, if compelled, if under threat, the Believer can be forgiven since his Heart never left Allah. This is why Moslems can openly NOT support Sharia Law while their numbers are LOW. Once they reach critical mass they can demand Sharia Law publicly and show their true colors.

Thus, denying the Law for the purpose of gaining a foothold in the Disbeliever’s land by exploiting their tolerance; then, later enforcing the Law when their numbers are strong enough.

QURAN - BEE (106) He who disbelieves in Allah after his having believed, not he who is compelled while his heart is at rest on account of faith, but he who opens (his) breast to disbelief -- on these is the wrath of Allah, and they shall have a grievous chastisement.

(8:14:57) Sat Dec 5, 2015

I finally understand Obama and DEMS
It took a while, but this is what they are doing.

I understand the open border now. The DEMs want to destroy Freedom. The 2nd Amendment stands in their way. To fire up emotion-voting they orchestrate school shootings days before a gun-rights/limiter vote. When they do that too often they have a Mall shot up. Too coincidental not to be on purpose.

The open border is the same thing. Bring in the drugs and terrorists to encourage more gun violence to give them more emotional push to destroy our freedoms. Pres Obama releasing THOUSANDS of criminals is a good example of this along with bussing in terrorist ‘refugees’. Their goal is the removal of the Second Amendment and all ways to that means is acceptable.

(6:31:37) Tue Oct 27, 2015

Orange Pantsuit
Justice by Royal Decree

Has anybody checked if Hillary’s lawyers were cleared to look at confidential, secret, and top secret documents? What are they doing looking through Hillary’s eMails (as she stated) to determine what is personal and what belongs to State? In that process, they will be exposed to sensitive material by Hillary’s request, and they too will be wearing an orange pantsuit.

Along this path, Does prosecutorial discretion apply when POTUS or Staff is involved? How can Lerner’s CONFESSION not get her prosecuted for using the IRS as a weapon to silence political dissent? That is what the Constitution is supposed to prevent. Lerner's actions are inline with election tampering at a minimum if not rising to the level of a coup.

(4:49:39) Sat Oct 24, 2015

Hunted to Extinction
Without Representation what else should we expect?

The FBI has enough to prosecute Lois Lerner. For example, they have her CONFESSION. But the State Department waited for the Hillary Hearing on Benghazi to whitewash their findings no criminal intent was intended by Lerner. Sort of like ordering Federal Agents to rob a bank for you, therefore you didn't actually rob the bank. Free to go.

Hillary sent signals during the Hearing to the State Department that she would fully support them with her repetitive flattery. This means if she is elected, there will be no justice. The only way to get an A.G. that will do their job regardless of Party affiliation is for Republicans to take back the White House.

Thus, the Benghazi Hearings and FBI investigations will not conclude until 2017. Any decision before that time will simply result in the State Department refusing to prosecute; just like the Black Panther's case. The Sad truth is I, a Conservative Republican, will remain unrepresented by my Government. Instead, I will be hunted into extinction.

(3:46:51) Sat Oct 10, 2015

Call Your Dogs Off!
NO! *wink* *wink*

Hillary storms into Obama's office and demands he call his dogs off - referring to all the investigations, primarily email-gate. Obama say, "No," and the news media goes crazy - for about a day.

A couple days go by and McCarthy steps up to the plate to hand the Left something to talk about by noting the results of the Benghasi Committee are affecting Hillary's presidential run. The Gaffe heard round the World.

Why is nobody connecting McCarthy to the afore-mentioned Dogs? A 'private' conversation between Hillary and Obama leaked to prevent the connection from being made - standard political deniability staging.

It also concerns me the smart-media is consistently unable to make these connections, or at least question it. How Orwellian are we?

(4:51:33) Tue Oct 6, 2015

Four Dead

Hillary’s latest defense is to shame the prosecutors for using the death of four Americans in Benghazi as a political weapon to attack her run for the Oval Office.

Well, that's like Jeffrey Dahmer shaming law enforcement for using his fecal matter as evidence to incarcerate him and prevent another cannibal potluck.

The statement Kevin McCarthy made was not, “We created the Benghazi committee to destroy Hillary’s Office run.” Implying Benghazi is fiction and she is not obstructing. It was, “Hillary is no longer top of the heap because of the Benghazi committee.” Stating the fact -- the committee exposed the truth and this is one result.

There are many ways to interpret an innocent observation, cause and effect. However, McCarthy could not have said it more carelessly. He made it incredibly easy for Hillary to weaponize a gaffe.

(9:0:25) Tue Sep 8, 2015

Judge Barack
A Dredd Sequel

Many movies are based on the theme of social and political engineering. In theory, these influence models are clandestine. However, in the Obama Era the maneuvers are obvious but ignored by entrenched media. The 1995 Movie Judge Dredd was another in the Chaos genre wherein the police are purposefully diminished to open the door for a take over of service, thus generating profits and power for a select few. Why do you think our jails produce better criminals instead of better citizens? Criminals are pardoned by Obama while a Christian clerk is denied bail.

Politicians are very good at double-speak and twisting facts. They can say one thing while thinking another. Obama stumbles. Many times in his speeches he slips and tells you what he is actually thinking. He reveals his hidden agenda. Several times he has mentioned not being able to run for a third-term. He is telling you what he is trying to figure out; a path to another term.

By promoting rioters as peaceful protesters and demonizing police as [acting stupidly], Obama is creating a very hostile environment for police officers. He and the DEM Party have pushed for Nationalizing the Police Force before and failed. Is it any surprise children in schools and malls are targets of gun violence days before a DEM sponsored Gun Control Bill is to be voted on? The same is now true with the police.

By creating chaos, Obama can declare Martial Law in the guise of protecting the people since the police are proving to be ineffective, out of control, and racist. Without proper law and order, the people are in danger and thus elections need to be delayed. Obama already through AG Holder, dispelled the case against the Black Panthers who blocked voting stations. The War On Police is Obama's path to another term in office.

(14:32:16) Fri Aug 21, 2015

Logarithmic Tax
A Fair Progressive Flat Tax

The Rich do Enjoy the country's benefits and features more because they can travel and purchase more freely.  The existing Tax Code needs to be overhauled because it is too complex with many carveouts, exemptions, and games.  Combining these concerns with logarithms produces a simple tax-rate equation that is moderately progressive.  It can be applied to both personal income and business profits.  The progressive component discourages Too-Big-To-Fail organizations, once called Monopolies.

Deductions in the tax code need to be removed.  This includes for example:  the home mortgage interest deduction, charitable donations and any tax sheltering program or organizational label.  However, a single poverty line can be used as a deduction.  For example, the first $10,000 is not considered as income for an individual, and the first $50,000 for a business.  This encourages States to keep their cost of living burden down.  For example, Florida will benefit more from the Poverty Line Deductions than a state like California with all its social programs that have a high cost of living impact on businesses and individuals, which results in higher wages.

Income above the Poverty Line is pushed through a simplified logarithmic equation described as follows.  The last four digits are replaced by the value ten.  The first digit is divided by two.  All digits in between count as five.  These numbers are added together to produce the tax rate.  Examples are shown below for various income brackets.  Regarding the FED portion of yearly taxes, the Log-Tax will generate a practical upper limit of 30% for the uber-rich like Trump, and 35% for a business making over a billion dollars in profits.

$4,000 400010 10 10%
$14,500 10.5 450010 0.5 + 10 10.5%
$73,200 73.5 320010 3.5 + 10 13.5%
$592,700 52.5 95 270010 2.5 + 5 + 10 17.5%
$2,008,000 21 002x5 800010 1 + 10 + 10 21%
$316,411,000 31.5 16414x5 100010 1.5 + 20 + 10 31.5%
$2,114,870,000 21 114875x5 000010 1 + 25 + 10 36%

(11:30:15) Tue Aug 18, 2015

14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution:
Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.

There are two distinct parts to this statement: [born/naturalized IN] and then [subject to jurisdiction]. This is redundant IF jurisdiction means subject to laws of the nation. But it does not. Jurisdiction refers to Nation of Origin; thus, one of the parents IS a citizen and thus subject to the Jurisdiction of the United States.

We dont need a constitutional amendment to enforce the 14th Amendment properly. The LEFT has redefined it. And the RIGHT is too cowardly to stop them.

(5:45:4) Fri Aug 7, 2015

Crony Capitalism
Accepted Bribery?

The big takeaway, completely ignored by the pundits, in the Republican Debate last night is Donald Trump admitting to BUYING politicians. When pressed he stated giving money to the Clinton Foundation to get Hillary to come to a wedding. Seriously?!

He stated BUYING MANY politicians for business purposes on a regular basis. Did Trump admit on stage to committing a CRIME? -- A Federal Crime because these are Federal officials who are also guilty of accepting the bribe. Trump has unlocked the barn door. It is up to the media to press this issue and open that door; in front of a judge if necessary.

(5:22:40) Mon Aug 3, 2015

Social Security
The Cuts Continue

As an honest politician, if I campaign on cutting Social Security benefits in half, I will get butchered in the election.

As an illusionist (a regular politician), if I campaign on doubling Minimum Wage, I will get elected in a landslide, but still accomplish cutting Benefits in half thus extending the life of the Program and Praised for it.

This is because Buying-Power equals Number of Dollars TIMES Value of those Dollars. Doubling minimum wage Doubles prices (worse because there is a snowballing effect), but there is no plan to Double the number of dollars received by Social Security recipients; therefore, their buying-power is cut more than half.

The video Laundering Taxes details the scam.  It would be better to hire the honest politician and just cut the benefits. An honest politician? Yeah. I laughed too.

(11:52:4) Wed Jul 22, 2015

Hillary's Trump Card
Ross Perot Part 2

I like Trump for his direct, non-apologetic, in your face, non-PC comments. I liked Perot for the same reason. I want to vote for Trump because he is a successful businessman and not a politician. I wanted to vote for Perot for all the same reasons. Am I being Clinton'ed again?

Bush loses reelection because Perot split the Republican vote. Bill Clinton gets reelected because Perot successfully splits the Republican vote again. We learned nothing, other than we don't like the Republican candidates. Both Perot and Trump have the cash to go it alone. Will Trump split the clueless Republicans again?

This is a classic Clinton move. Trump supported Hillary. Trump was a Democrat. He only recently switched to supporting Republicans. Is that to hide the deception? Why doesn't Trump run for office as a Democrat? If he really wants to keep Hillary out and thinks he can win against her, then that would be the best path for success.

Gaining the Democrat nomination and being a Centrist, would ensure a Trump presidency. Slogging it out for the Republican nomination is the more difficult path. It also puts Trump in candidate bashing mode rather than forcing Hillary to answer ANY questions.

Carly Fiorina, John Kasich, and Ted Cruz are the only Republican candidates. The rest bow to the PC crowd, and should just bow out. If the group came together to form a Full Cabinet Ticket, Trump would make a great Treasury Secretary; that would remove the Perot stain.

(18:15:31) Thu Jul 16, 2015

We are all truly stupid.

Obama makes a really bad deal with Iran and immediately releases CRIMINALS, many to hide a few that Iran probably negotiated the release of. You can listen to the negotiation because Obama’s subconscious reveals it often — his comments of, “It’s either this or WWIII.” That’s what he was threatened with, and he caved just like he caved to Putin to remove the missile defense in Eastern Europe that could have helped Ukraine. Just like he caved to everything in between.

Obama does not know how to deal with bullies because he is a coward, probably been a coward all his life — a puppet elected by cowards, which makes you wonder about the Republican Leadership who has failed to use the Power of the Purse even once. They have caved to Obama each time because they are Democrat Sheep in Republican Office.

And today’s news? Another Shooting. Imagine that! Another shooting to distract us from asking who the released prisoners are. Another shooting to change the discussion from the Bad Deal, more Abandoned Americans in Iran, and released Iranian prisoners. Obama gave them everything because he is a coward and we are stupid. Like bitches in heat the media swoons around another shooting, ignorant of the connection, not even asking.

CNN was a refreshing global news outlet when it first aired. Ten years later it began to turn. Now, it is liberal fantasy. FOX was a refreshing global news outlet when it first aired. Ten years later it is turning. If media continues to sleep with the enemy, then the nation is truly lost because the people are cowards more concerned with the rights of the transgendered — than the lives of Americans defending our freedoms or the marketed parts of the unborn.

(10:54:53) Mon Jul 13, 2015

"What difference does it Make?"
American Lives Matter.

The Truth: First, Hillary appoints Amb. Stevens who is tasked with supporting the Syrian Rebels by providing surface to air missiles. Second, the riots in the Middle East were spurred by frustration over Obama's failure to release the Blind Sheikh, not a fabricated video. Third, AlQaida attempts to capture Amb. Stevens to give Obama a stronger negotiating position against the U.S. Congress. Fourth, two Navy Seals defy orders to stand down and attempt to defend the 'consulate’.

These four things conclude with the loss of four Americans, including Amb. Stevens. His death disrupts the flow of illegal weapons to the Syrian Rebels, who now leave AlQaida and form ISIS. Couple this with weapons 'mis-drops' and the Iraqi military abandoning heavy machinery, and ISIS is now well armed which was the original U.S. mission for them to fight in Syria.

America is building another power in the region to hold Iran back, as done with Saddam, Mubarak, Gaddafi and others. However, ISIS is not cooperating. The death of four Americans matter because history will remember them as the Franz Ferdinand moment of WWIII.

(Bumpersticker available through or the linked image above.)

(10:47:20) Wed Jun 24, 2015

Confederate Statues
Stripping our history away.

The Left is jumping on the Charleston Shooting because there is a link to the Confederate Flag. This is their opportunity to strip away more American History. The Confederate Flag was their first target. Now, they are moving on to Confederate Statues. Next, they will be demanding the Lincoln Memorial be torn down because he too was a slave owner. Evil. We must erase it all.

Mind control (a.k.a. brainwashing) is a indoctrination process to remove independent thought and disrupt beliefs and affiliations. The Army does this to new recruits. Shaving their heads is a way of removing their identity, break them down to build them back up. Reeducation is more forcefully employed in propaganda, torture techniques, conversions to new religious movements, and so on.

One nudge at a time, the Left is redefining our history to break us down, then they can rebuild America in their own image and we are lost.

(14:41:24) Tue Jun 23, 2015

The Confederate Flag

The problem is, the Right keeps letting the Left define the argument, arena, and issues. The Confederate Flag to many is a symbol of Rebel Spirit and does not Promote Slavery. We all need to look at the positives and assume good intentions instead of always being dragged down to our knees apologizing for crimes that dont belong to us.

For example, the Swastika is associated with the Nazi Party. However, it was chosen by Hitler for its ancient meaning of Luck, Good Fortune, and Well Being. It goes back to Neolithic times and is still considered a sacred symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

SO, let's stop the hysteria and get back to Freedom of Expression. If I want to paint a Swastika on my home for good luck or fly a Confederate flag to display my rebel nature against the oppressive Leftism movement attempting to strangle my voice, that is my RIght and the right of any State with a vote of the People.

Let's get off our knees. Dust off the shame that is not ours. Defend our good intentions and be proud of what we have done to ensure all are truly equal.

(5:26:0) Tue Jun 9, 2015

Gun Shows

You can NOT walkout with a GUN at a gun show (unless you have a Class III weapons license which requires extensive background checks). Yes, you can buy one. But you must fill out a lot of paperwork and have to wait for the background check to complete (3-10 days). Then, you can return and pick up the gun.

You CAN walk out with a rifle, shotgun, bow, stungun, dartgun, slingshot, knife and pepper spray. The STUNGUN is the most dangerous weapon, even worse than a gun, because it leaves no marks and disables the victim making the task far easier for any mugger, rapist, or kidnapper.

The STUNGUN should be banned. Pepper spray cannot be banned because Wasp Spray works far better. The people attending a Gun Show are also very polite (because they know everybody is packing) compared to the rude Mall Trolls.

(16:16:34) Sun Jun 7, 2015

Grab Bag
Let's cover a few things.
  • Bruce Jenner is not a hero. He is a freak.
  • If he truly believes he is and always was a woman, then the Olympic Committee needs to take back all his medals since he was a woman competing in men's sporting events. This includes all moneys and appropriate fines levied for this hoax.
  • Are transgendered men going to be allowed to compete in women's sports? When I was a kid, that was the joke regarding the Russian women competing in the Olympics.
  • Caitline Jenner is a sad event. Sad only.
  • The Duggar girls lied in their interview on FoxNews. They stated they learned to lock their doors, and then stated they did not know until their older brother revealed the molestation events to their parents. Why the locking of the doors if you did not know?
  • Sound sleepers the Duggars are not. This is either innocent childhood curiosity with all parties consciously involved, or a media stunt to revive interest in their failing show.
  • Hillary is expertly creating another fictional issue to get out in front of the voter fraud being executed. The person that made this famous, but never credited, is Hitler.
  • Remember, Hitler LOST the election to Republicans. Then a Session Chamber of the Reichstag Building is burned and blamed on the Communist Party; his rivals. They are villainized, just like the Dems are villainizing the TEA Party.
  • This gave Hitler power to fight the Communist threat and he invoked the Invasion of Privacy Laws that Bush calls the Patriot Act and Dems now changed to the USA Freedom Act.
  • If you dont know history as-is, then you dont learn from it and are likely to allow it to repeat -- enter Ross Pero. He's back in the news, just in time for another Clinton White House run. He worked for them before by splitting the Republican vote, TWICE, to give the Office to Bill Clinton.

(15:10:51) Wed May 13, 2015

More Money

This is very simple. A Congressional Bill is being voted on. Democrats want more money for AMTrak, Union jobs. The DAY prior to the vote, there is a horrible accident enforcing the DEM position, tugging at heart strings and ignoring logical thought.

This is the same thing that happens when Democrats push Gun Control. The week of the vote, there is a school or mall shooting; children die or are put in danger. Once, maybe twice is coincidence. Every time? That just highlights how gullible the People have become.

(4:44:43) Thu Apr 30, 2015

Freddy Gray
Common Sense

My first thought on Freddy Gray's broken neck was NOT the police drove off-road, maybe Baja, to bounce this prisoner around their vehicle. We all have driven in a car, bus, train, and even plane and never experienced that type of bouncing!

It is pretty clear the prisoner was irate, as they commonly are, and tried to BREAK OUT of the van by rushing the door, or kicking it, or something similar and ended up breaking his neck either by slipping or through impact with the door in his escape attempt.

That makes sense. Doesnt it? But I guess we, and by 'we' I mean News Media, dont think in common sense terms until AFTER the ratings war over the encouraged riot ends. It completes the story, extends it, gives it legs, makes for a great yearly event, ...

End the SHOW. Get back to NEWS.

(8:50:33) Wed Apr 29, 2015

Hyping Profits

Shame on FOX News for doing the 'in crowd' shots of the protesters in Baltimore to pretend there are more there. Shame on Geraldo for staging his bravado 'in crowd' broadcast. That was pathetic.

There are more police than protesters in news shots. There are more cameramen than protesters in news shots. Yesterday the media beat the drums of protest and today continue to milk the event.

Yesterday was filled with the same L.A. broadcast that led to the riots then and now -- no cops, police are not advancing, police ordered to protect looters rights, looters wont be stopped, and so on. These had to be the dumbest things to broadcast in history.

Shame on all media but especially FOX because they were supposed to be truth in broadcasting, fair and balanced, but reality has arrived and it's just a Show.

(4:25:59) Tue Apr 28, 2015

Sanity Purged

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake clearly rung the riot bell by stating the police were there to protect the looters and give them space to destroy. She should be charged criminally for instigating a riot. The people responsible for the social media posts calling for a Purge should be prosecuted as well.

The News Media should also be prosecuted for there coverage of the event which encouraged rioters with continuous statements like, "No Police, Police in retreat, Protesters allowed to loot, ..." The media also rung the riot bell. It is the same thing that happened in the L.A. riots.

Political Correctness should be outlawed. They tried the back-off strategy in Ferguson, and we all witnessed the escalation of riots there. Why implement the same failed strategy in Baltimore, just because it's what Obama would do? It gives the impression that government wants the destruction.

For example, Mayor Nagin educated government officials across the country how to receive new school buses -- by parking them in the lowest place in New Orleans for the Katrina flood waters to destroy. Government aid and insurance claims rebuild what poor management could not maintain.

Store owners should have the right to shoot anyone entering their store during these riots. If the police cannot defend the citizens, then the citizens need to step up and protect themselves. Once the penalty for rioting is reestablished the hooligans will run away.

(16:15:59) Thu Apr 23, 2015

Obama shooting blind.

Ommm, Let me get this straight. Lord Obama does not have the authority to kill Americans unless they are actively engaged -- similar to police not shooting first and asking questions later. It's the whole point of the Constitution and the Law.

But now, Lord Obama has delegated the killing authority to the CIA, who 'accidentally' killed a few Americans. The CIA did not have the intel to know the Americans were in the building being targeted, so it's ok to shoot blind into a building or crowd.

Carry this through, does this mean Lord Obama can target the RNC Convention Building under the suspicion AlQaeda might be using the building? He can then just ask for a mulligan? Oopsie! All the Republican nominees just got blown up along with the Constitution.

Am I also understanding it correctly that the Iran Nuke negotiation to limit (originally prevent) Iran from getting the bomb or developing nuclear material, has actually become Iran receiving U.S. uranium laundered through Russia, while America is now being limited?

(16:9:42) Tue Mar 24, 2015

Mere Mythology

When consumers see $9.95. They think nine dollars. Even though, it is just five cents away from ten dollars. That's a whole'nother dollar!

When Obama announces ninety-eight hundred troops will remain in Afghanistan, do you think Hundreds or Thousands? It is just two-hundred away from TEN THOUSAND.

I'm sick of all politics, all the time. Aren't you? If a candidate for President stated ten-thousand, would you appreciate the honesty? Or, would you scorn the quantity, while continuing to praise Obama's ninety-eight hundred?

(7:47:13) Sat Feb 28, 2015

Legislation Protection Money
Organized Crime took over the Federal Government

The latest attack on the Second Amendment is a proposed ban on the 223 hunting/target round. The argument naturally includes concern for police safety against a weapon that is not unique and not capable. The manufacture of cut down versions of the 223 for handguns is not a special threat. The smaller round is safer and more accurate because it has a low kick; low power to weight ratio.

Look at the 410 shotgun shell. A 223 rifle round in a handgun is a complete waste of power. The round is not designed for a short barrel. Buy a 45/410 revolver. That allows 45-longs and 410 shotgun shells. These come in multiple configurations for all types of hunting and protection. Excellent for close range spray, i.e. taking out twenty foot Florida snakes and gators.

This is a firststep-ban. Opponents to the Second Amendment are focusing on this small round because they believe it is the avenue of least resistance. It opens the door to other weapons and rounds; just like income tax was not suppose to go over 3%. It also grants the government more leverage over gun manufacturers in election season. Politicians need those campaign contributions. This is basic 1950's mob tactics; pay your Legislation Protection Money, and don't contribute to the GOP or else.

(6:24:52) Tue Feb 24, 2015

Blame Game.

The Obama Administration, with the help of the obedient lemming Democrat Senate, shutdown the government back in 2013 and blamed Republicans for it. The Administration spent MORE money closing open air monuments, national parks, and memorials. They even replaced the government homepages, like NASA, with [closed due to shutdown] notices. If the government web server is serving that notice page, then why not just keep serving the static pages of a website?

The pain was manufactured. Never before has the Federal government used government facilities and offices against its own people in such a brazen way. The amazing thing is their propaganda machine was successful in blaming the perceived pain of the shutdown on the Republicans. The same threat was executed with each spending debate. Now, the 2015 government shutdown fear tactic is out in full force. Basically, give us what we want, and then we'll debate the stuff you want.

I hope the GOP does not cower and cave yet again. Already we hear the political debates. How this will hurt their reelections or the elections of others in their camp. STAND FOR SOMETHING. Do your job. The people will reward you, even the Democrat Zombies will come to their senses. The Administration is spewing lists of government employees who will work without pay until the increased spending limit is granted. Just keep spending!

Considering past history, I wonder if the Administration will hype the shutdown in the same way they did in prior years by hiding the workers. They actually covered monuments in tarps, and blocked scenic viewing areas along roadways with obstructions. Will the Democrats support the Obama Administration's shutdown by covering all the government workers with sheets? I wonder how long it would take for the Republicans to be blamed for bringing back the KKK?

(7:32:50) Sat Feb 14, 2015

Lacking Intelligence
... or Completely Incompetent?

From the very beginning of his presidency, Obama hides his incompetence by claiming agency intelligence vacuums. It's always someone else's fault as he runs off to the golf course, skipping National Security Briefings. Obama learns everything from the news media as he has stated many times throughout his term, discovering crisis upon crisis AFTER it happens. Does that comfort you?

In regards to the Houthis taking control of Yemen and ordering the disarmament of U.S. soldiers as condition for U.S. withdrawal. And considering, the Administration's spokespersons stated it fell apart faster than we expected, and the U.S. was preparing evacuation plans for months. What is worse? The Obama Administration claiming the fall of Yemen to Houthi Rebels was unexpected? Or, The Obama Administration admitting to the World the U.S. military was unprepared?

How long will Democrats blindly support this buffoon?

(6:9:15) Fri Feb 13, 2015


ISIS is not stupid. They need money. Taking oil resources in Iraq and Syria forced the Saudis to reduce their prices to starve ISIS of recruiting dollars. Gas prices in the States dropped nearly 50%. To offset this action, ISIS partners with AlHouthis fighters to take Yemen, giving them control of the Gulf of Aden which is the gateway to the Suez Canal and the movement of oil to the West.

This was telegraphed. The Obama Administration knew it was coming, and so did market speculators. This is why gas prices suddenly rose twenty cents over night. This is why Obama requested war authorization from Congress just before Yemen fell. However, it is almost like Obama was signaling to the terrorists, "Go ahead, I've got your back." His war declaration presser was more of a non-war declaration, "Dont worry. No boots on the ground. Only humanitarian relief."

The language of the terrorists is Pashto, the main language in Afghanistan. Bergdahl's father made a statement in this language in the Rose Garden with Obama by his side, and Obama immediately understood, responding with a chuckle and big smile. Should Americans be concerned the President of the United States speaks fluent Pashto and is abandoning sixty years of American investment in the Middle East?

(4:58:18) Fri Feb 13, 2015

Fall of the Democrats

Just when you think Obama cannot get more embarrassing and pathetic; the day American hostage Kayla Mueller is killed in Syria, he makes a comic selfie video to promote Health Care which is mandatory. And No, he wont have time to meet with Netanyahu.

The destruction this one man is doing to the nation and his Party is beyond belief. These are the worst years in America's history. When are Democrats going to come out of hiding and save their Party? Obama is doing what Nixon only dreamed of.

His recent actions further solidify my belief that Obama wants to be Impeached to prevent Hillary from taking office because Biden will now be the incumbent. The hatred between the Obamas and Clintons is obvious; hence, Hillary's first trip as Secretary of State was to Phuket, Thailand.

President Biden (God help us) would then be able to recommend Obama for a Supreme Court Justice position, or a UN Ambassador if not President thereof. When are Democrats going to stop being Lemmings and demand impeachment? When are Republicans going to wake up and stop being cowards?

(10:51:10) Thu Feb 12, 2015

Point of View

When Obama says everything is going well in the Middle East and we see it falling apart. We should consider his allegiance and not his intelligence. The Media is focusing on his stupidity and lack of planning; his Bushritus, and not his actions which are consistently promoting the Muslim Brotherhood.

The latest announcement asking Congress for a declaration of war without a plan, is a move to limit the next President. Obama's request is more of a non-war declaration. He already has the powers to engage the enemy as he himself has stated.

Obama is taking preemptive action against the next President and not AlQaeda, ISIS, or other. Traitor is a serious charge, but it is one we must consider. It would be disastrous for the world if when he leaves office, he travels to the Middle East to become the new Caliph.

(5:46:59) Wed Feb 11, 2015

Williams and Hillary

The focus needs to be on NBC, not Brian Williams. They knew about his innovations for over a decade and chose to do nothing. Now that William's lies are exposed, NBC is taking action solely to protect themselves. What about their apology to their audience? What about their News License being revoked? There are restrictions on newscasts in exchange for certain privileges. The rest of the media needs to explain these to us, and follow up on what punishments will be levied on NBC.

(5:10:43) Wed Jan 21, 2015

No more rules.

The deflated balls used by the Patriots do not just help the quarterback grip the ball in slippery weather conditions. It also helps the runningbacks. The Patriots should lose draft picks. The Patriots should be fined. The Patriots should be disqualified. The Patriots should be broadcast banned two years. These are the same penalties experienced by college programs for cheating.

Stop allowing thieves to prosper. Prosecute; otherwise, laws mean nothing.