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(6:48:38) Fri Dec 30, 2016 The Twelve Days of Inauguration
(15:42:29) Wed Dec 28, 2016 Abstain
(7:53:28) Tue Dec 20, 2016 Terror Strikes
(7:21:49) Fri Dec 16, 2016 Trump's Nixon Period
(7:1:24) Sun Dec 4, 2016 Finding Hillary
(1:23:7) Wed Nov 9, 2016 Election 2016
(6:26:10) Thu Nov 3, 2016 Benedict Hillary
(5:16:42) Sun Oct 30, 2016 Investigate the Investigation
(9:16:59) Sun Sep 18, 2016 Decoys
(4:55:36) Tue Aug 9, 2016 Hillary's America
(11:5:9) Tue Apr 19, 2016 New York Values
(3:32:27) Fri Apr 15, 2016 Phony Coverage
(5:51:17) Sat Mar 26, 2016 Bullies are Cowards
(12:18:53) Thu Mar 3, 2016 Carson's a Sick Sick Puppy
(8:12:54) Tue Mar 1, 2016 Hope And Change Round Two
(7:35:17) Tue Feb 16, 2016 Dean Scream
(4:7:25) Sun Feb 14, 2016 Antonin Scalia
(8:42:21) Wed Feb 3, 2016 Flipping Out
(9:27:34) Thu Jan 28, 2016 TrumpNado
(13:40:28) Thu Jan 21, 2016 Hydrogen Bomb
(6:23:41) Mon Jan 18, 2016 Prisoner Exchange




(6:48:38) Fri Dec 30, 2016

The Twelve Days of Inauguration
Lame Duck Terrorists are the worst.

(Numbers were rounded downward, greatly in some instances, to fit the spots available. We need the country singers to put this, or something like it, to music.)

On the Twelfth Day of Inauguration, Obama gave to me ...

Twelve New Terrorist Groups
. Eleven Fifth Amendment Pipers
.. Ten Crushed Commandments
... Nine Terror Attacks
.... Eight Years of Redistribution
..... Seven Trillion in Debt
...... Six Hundred Executive Orders
....... Five Bergdahl Hostages
........ Four Deadly Diseases from Illegals
......... Three Abandoned Allies
.......... Two Racially Separate Americas
........... and One Martial Law Declaration in a Shredded Constitution (coming soon)

(15:42:29) Wed Dec 28, 2016

The Only Way

Secretary Kerry declares a Two-State Solution is the ONLY way to bring peace to the Middle East. NO! Exterminating terrorist groups and punishing the countries that support them is the only way to achieve peace. Once again, Obama is blaming someone else for the outbreak of violence under his watch and stimulated by his pro-Muslim Brotherhood stance and actions. Obama even speaks fluent Pashto; the language of the terrorists. (Watch the video carefully of Obama with Bergdahl's father in the Rose Garden.)

Kerry acts as though Israel is launching rockets at themselves. Giving up the ''occupied'' territory was done once before. It led to a bombardment of rockets and abductions from that high-ground. Israel took the property back, which is a consequence of war. If the terrorist-supporting nations don't want to lose more land, then don't attack Israel. That leads to peaceful debate and cooperation.

Obama entered Office on his knees with an appeasement tour in which he subjugated himself before Muslim leaders. He will leave office as an undisputed coward. Obama had a reverse Cuban Missile Crisis in his first year with Russian. Putin threatened and Obama did not hesitate to remove a defensive missile shield from Eastern Europe. The world recognized the weakness and erupted. Russia made plans to expand as did terrorist groups.

Enter Kerry's hour long speech on how abstaining was the ONLY choice for peace — translation — the administration was threatened with war or mass terror attack unless America supported Muslim interests against Israel. Obama caved again and his lap dog Kerry was there to lick his ass. These are dangerous times because the World knows they have 23 days left before adults return to the White House.

The solution is simple. Instead of dividing Israel into two States, give the Palestinians land from any of the surrounding Muslim nations with a collective land mass equivalent in size to double the continental United States. No! Not good enough. The land for Palestine must come from Israel, which is roughly the size of Long Island.

(7:53:28) Tue Dec 20, 2016

Terror Strikes
Germany, Turkey, Jordan, Libya and Switzerland.

A truck plowed through a crowded Christmas market in Berlin on Monday; nine dead and fifty injured. German police are still searching for the driver who fled the scene. On vacation in Hawaii, Obama had this reaction. With a big smile, "My driver's right there in the bag. Call off the search."

Four terror strikes, including another Ambassador. Trump immediately condemns it as an attack on the civilized world that will not be tolerated. Obama is still on the golf coarse leaning back on one leg, full of hope his putt will drop.

Later thinking, “Don’t forget Aleppo? Don’t forget Syria? I'm sure the conflicted off duty cop who shot the Russian Ambassador was just experiencing shopping anxiety. We're going to have to crack down on this Capitalism thing, and warn people about the dangers of Christmas."

"Allahu Akbar?" Yes, God is Great! Nothing to see here. Move along. Obama needs to pardon more nice people from death row and GITMO. The only one left smiling is Jimmy Carter because he's no longer the worst. I'm sure conspiracy theorists see these ''random'' attacks as a way to hide a targeted strike on Trump Tower.

(7:21:49) Fri Dec 16, 2016

Trump's Nixon Period
The Hacking Agenda

The Left cannot handle the election loss. They are trying to influence Electors to change the People's vote. To do this, they are focusing on Russia hacking the DNC and connecting Trump to it. This will turn into a prolonged investigation throughout his first-term with the hope of obtaining another Nixon-style resignation. Even though we still have Pence, the Left can leverage it in the next election to resurrect themselves.

(7:1:24) Sun Dec 4, 2016

Finding Hillary
Heartless in Seattle.

Hillary's symptoms (fainting spells, ...) clearly define a heart problem. On debate stage, each time she looked groggy, she suddenly sprung into happy-face mode. Was she receiving remote-controlled adrenaline injections? She is currently in hiding after the election of Trump. Is she getting heart bypass surgery? Or, maybe a heart transplant from her faithful servant Huma Abedin? She is missing too.

(1:23:7) Wed Nov 9, 2016

Election 2016
Only 49% Crazy

It looks like a Republican sweep. They have a guaranteed two years in which they can do anything they want. Get It Done!

The biggest issue will be the Supremes. Get these nominations approved quick. It will set the court and define America for the next forty years.

The lemming Democrats defined compromise as Do As We Say. Now focus, and say it loudly... "Lock Her Up!" — before she runs to Russia for sanctuary like Obama's bagman, Snowden.

(6:26:10) Thu Nov 3, 2016

Benedict Hillary

Benedict Arnold was a Continental Army General who took steps to purposefully surrender the fort at West Point, NY. His plan was discovered. Arnold escaped and became a Brigadier General for the British Army. Benedict was a disgruntled employee in today's terminology. He did great, even heroic things for his country but was often ignored for promotion while others took credit for his accomplishments. Throughout his military career he was plagued by allegations of corruption and profiteering, using his position in the army to benefit himself. Arnold was demanding twenty thousand pounds and forgiveness of all debts to surrender the fort. British General Clinton was excited by the opportunity to take the strategic fort but was delayed in responding to Arnold, and the plan leaked.

Fast forward to Hillary. After thirty years of being passed up for promotion regardless of how many fabricated successes she claimed, Hillary finally got into a position to leverage her government office — selling access, which means national secrets and technology given to foreign governments along with national resources (the uranium deal). During the Bush years, Democrats chanted, "Bush lied and people died!" Well, how many of our brave men and women in the military and undercover have died because Hillary opened the intel flood gates to the enemy? Where are Democrats now? "Hillary lied and people died!"

Benedict Hillary sold out her country. She spent 30 years in public office gaming the system and hurting YOU. All Americans are victims — the nation and allies greatly damaged. Defend your political party but not when they defend a traitor.

(5:16:42) Sun Oct 30, 2016

Investigate the Investigation
Weinergate Leaked

It is very simple. FBI Director Comey with a very shaky voice outlines several accounts that individually would put any of us simple folk in jail for life. But it's Hillary, so he concludes no prosecutor would move forward with any prosecution.

Three months later Trump mentions in a speech the need to [investigate the investigation]. Three days later, Comey changes his mind. Sounds like a cowardly rat jumping ship. From all we know about Hillary (a.k.a. Mafia Don), a Grand Jury is required NOW to handle the Leaks with a sprinkling of RICO laws to deal with the Foundation.

Wiki-Leaks — Revealing,
Weiner Leaks — Disgusting,
Orange Pantsuit — Priceless.

(9:16:59) Sun Sep 18, 2016

Getting out of the heat and humidity.

Per Hillary's history, there is no way she is going to stand for hours at a 9-11 event. We also know the Secret Service is required to take Hillary to a hospital after she collapsed; unless she's not the real Hillary. That is the only way Clinton staffers could call the Secret Service off and redirect them to Chelsea's place where the real Hillary was waiting; nearby and watching the event in comfort.

(4:55:36) Tue Aug 9, 2016

Hillary's America
Exit Taxes

(Laundering Freedom)  You must watch this video to understand how you are being turned into a slave.

(Laundering Life)  You must watch this video to understand who the Democrat Party has embraced.

(Laundering Voter Fraud)  You must watch this video to see how they strip away your voting rights.

Latest ExampleHillary wants to punish businesses leaving the USA with Exit Taxes. How does this relate to the above videos? Well, the Business is being treated like a slave who has found the courage to run away. The Democrats (wanting to be their Masters) do not seek to find out why the Businesses are suffering. Instead, the Democrats simply beat them more to take away their courage and make them an example for all others looking for freedom. Exit Taxes are nothing new. Just ask the descendants of Jews who tried to flee Germany in the 1930's.

(11:5:9) Tue Apr 19, 2016

New York Values
Political Character

It was shameful for Trump to leverage 9-11 for political gain. Emotions rule the People because they allowed Trump to dodge the New York Values question with a story about American Strength. The Moderators failed to do their job in making Trump answer the question instead of changing the subject - the Political Two-Step.

Trump has an advantage in New York State. The State assigns three delegates per district plus fourteen based on statewide results for a total of 95. Of these, Trump has a 65 delegate floor based on current polling around 52%. Impressive, considering the candidate has only presented wishlists - another empty Democrat Hope and Change POTUS hopeful, but running as a Republican.

The big question involves Rubio. What will happen to his delegates? Most are bound to vote for Rubio on the first ballot; however, many are freed to vote as requested by the candidate, as directed by the State Party Leaders, or become unbound. The 70 unbound state delegates plus 244 unbound or released delegates from the suspended campaigns could yield 162 extra votes for Trump who must win on the first ballot - his only chance.

Rubio has influence over 27 released delegates. The question becomes one of character for him and the State Party Leaders. Does he ignore all the hateful statements and sell out to Trump for a Cabinet position like Carson and Christie have done? Trump coupled Carson with Pedophiles, yet Carson still endorsed him. What does that say about Carson's character? Christie proved himself a simple lapdog. He just wants to get pet and doesn't care who's doing the stroking.

Will the GOP allow their Party Selection for POTUS turn into a General Election? How many Democrats have voted for Trump? Why are these crossover votes allowed? Infiltration Voting? The GOP needs to protect its brand and clearly define it. Being conned into a bigger and bigger tent means representing everything, which is the same as not standing for anything.

(3:32:27) Fri Apr 15, 2016

Phony Coverage

Today, FOX is commenting on the NY Gala crowd noise and how ONLY Cruz was being ignored. Yet, on CNN the same speech is easy to hear and the crowd noise is filtered out. The difference is for Trump, mic-cones were used to capture the speaker and muffle the crowd noise. Common devices removed for Cruz.

It's another creative way to change perception, similar to camera angles. It's a game and FOX has turned. It is no longer Fair or Balanced. Their pro-Trump bias is clear. Throughout this campaign process, I am getting better coverage from CNN. They are drifting back, while FOX is moving out. Shameful. Their coverage is as phony as Geraldo.

(5:51:17) Sat Mar 26, 2016

Bullies are Cowards
This I can Tell You.

The Bible describes Sin as being sometimes acquired and sometimes inherited. Disease satisfies the definition. Bullying is a disease that is both acquired through social experiences and inherited - passed down through generations. The Bully was probably bullied themselves by an older sibling or parent, who were bullied in the same way. It is a natural response to oppression for the Bullied to lash out against another and become a Bully themselves.

Trump is the most insecure POTUS candidate in our lifetime. He is a Bully. Starting with the comments about Gov Perry's glasses, the media did not defend Perry. In typical fashion, these cowards gathered around and mocked the victim because they were afraid of being Bullied themselves. This gives the Bully his strength, but it's hollow. Once the mob realizes they have strength in numbers, they divorce the Bully and become a bullying force of their own.

Currently, a public picture of Trump's wife is circulated. Trump feigns outrage that Cruz would display his beautiful wife in an ad. Most likely, Trump circulated the photo to shore up his insecurity pointed out by Rubio, and for the purpose of launching an attack on Cruz though his wife. Trump's wife offers cover for the attack. It is another Bullying tactic - cannot affect another alpha, then lash out at their wife. Trump is disturbed by Cruz's strength and is hunting for another target; probing for a weak spot.

This is the environment in the Middle East, governed by Islam. Fifteen hundred years of oppression. Every time one dictator is removed, their replacement is liberated from that oppression and can lash out. Years, decades, maybe generations of frustration, embarrassment, and punishments are unloaded on the next group of victims as the inheritors of power take their place as Bully.

The 2016 election is a whirlwind of confusion. A life long Democrat leads in the Republican Primaries. A devout Socialist challenges the front runner in the Democrat Party who in turn may spend their Presidency in the Big House and not the White House. Mobs form around their respective candidates as they denigrate each other.

In order to truly bring peace to the world and end this madness, bullying must be stopped. Potential victims must stop supporting the Bullies. They do this to be part of the team and avoid the abuse, but they inherit the oppressive environment of the Bully. Step out of the mob and have the courage to say, "No. The Bully is wrong and the rest of you are just cowards." Stand with the victims. It would be most helpful if the media would stop swooning and get back to unbiased reporting.

(12:18:53) Thu Mar 3, 2016

Carson's a Sick Sick Puppy
Oh That Trump, What a Character.

FoxNews must be working for future Trump advertising dollars because the coverage from the beginning has been extremely lopsided. Trump makes hollow statements and the reaction is one of amazement. Romney gives a very presidential speech identifying facts and the reaction is one of scorn. How many times in one hour can Varney proclaim Trump the winner? [Why bother competing?]

The coverage goes something like this. [Isn't Trump dreamy? Who cares about those childish comments he just made. This is what he probably meant, and it's accurate to some degree. He's proving to be a very good politician and he's so dreamy.] And, 20% of the coverage is given to the others. [Why are you running? Clearly you are not as dreamy as Trump. Your comments are not presidential, they are embarrassing. You are such a loser and have no chance according to these polls, and Trump is so Dreamy.]

Every time an other is mentioned by FOX they are prefixed with a Trumpism - low energy Bush, little Rubio, dishonest Cruz, pedophile Carson, liars all of them, Fiorina's face, and so on. [Let's remind you why Trump is so dreamy.] Instead, let's be fair and balanced and reference Trump as a Phony, Dishonest, RINO, and so on.

The FOX broadcast breaks down as follows; 30% commercials, 30% infomercials or banter buried in the shows, 30% Jerry Springer chatter, 10% actual news. The biggest problem in all this FOX coverage is it forces me to watch CNN, and I am liking it. The only question now is, How low will FOX go pushing their candidate?

(8:12:54) Tue Mar 1, 2016

Hope And Change Round Two

DEMS are leaving the Party; announced on FOX, while GOP membership is growing. The fix is in for Hillary. Thus, there is no Democrat Primary; register and go vote in the Republican Primary to destroy the GOP by electing a hollow actor. That's why the Parties have Super Delegates - to prevent infiltration voting. The Republican Party was convinced to abandon this safety valve, while the Democrats maintain a stranglehold on the entire process - another example of Republicans allowing Democrats to define the argument, place and time, talking points, solutions, ...

There should be no voting cross party, nor super delegates. Voting in Primaries must be based on past voting record to prevent saboteurs. It's a game to the Left, and they are winning because the Right doesnt even know they are being played.

(7:35:17) Tue Feb 16, 2016

Dean Scream
Meet Hillary Yap

Little things destroy candidacies, instead of major criminal actions. They fill our news and interests with endless media focus. Unlike events that should get our attention, like a dead Supreme.

Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara declares no autopsy necessary after a brief discussion with Scalia's personal physician along with local and federal investigators — Move Along, Nothing to See Here, makes me want to look even more.

A simple blood test to determine foul-play or an autopsy to determine death by suffixation (pillow smothered Hollywood style), would be better evidence of natural causes. For a member of government this high up, the People deserve assurances that no pending Supreme Rulings can be reason for his demise; for example, Unconstitutional Executive Orders. There is too much on the line for just a quick whitewash by a Democrat Judge.

What do we know? On Wednesday Scalia visited his doctor. On Thursday he visited with his doctor again. On Friday he was found dead in a resort bed. I would like to know what happened on Tuesday.

(4:7:25) Sun Feb 14, 2016

Antonin Scalia
Problem Solved?

Upcoming Supreme Court decisions include the (non)Affordable Care Act, Same-Sex Marriage, Abortion, Teacher's Unions, Affirmative Action, and Freedom of Speech in public offices. However, the biggest will be Obama's sweeping Executive Actions on Immigration and Climate Change. On path to rejection, these rulings will now be delayed allowing Obama's illegal, unconstitutional actions to linger and solidify.

The 5-4 Conservative Majority is lost. I hope we learn more about the conditions surrounding his death at a West Texas hunting lodge. Obama gains a timeout for his legacy agenda items. Hillary and Sanders also gain ammunition to stir up the Base in the pending Presidential Election. The Supreme Court is too important to be understaffed for a full year. While the Congress battles to fill the vacancy, are we heading for another Recess Appointment? Another Executive Action by our Dictator In Chief?

(8:42:21) Wed Feb 3, 2016

Flipping Out
Our future: Heads or Tails

The biggest loser of the Iowa Caucus was the COIN. Our future being settled by the flip of a coin. Hillary won the Iowa Caucus by six delegates. However, if the coin delivered fair odds, Bernie Sanders tied Hillary. Six out of Six tosses; Hillary won each. Bernie gets three of those and the delegate count is equal.

(9:27:34) Thu Jan 28, 2016

Perot Part II

Just like Perot, Trump does not want to be president. His only purpose is to split the Republican vote by running as an Independent. Bill Clinton used Perot twice. Hillary Clinton is using Trump. This is a Clintonian election strategy.

Tump is making a big mistake avoiding the final FOX debate before Iowa. He is also disgracefully weaponizing Veterans by using them in a ratings war with FOX. Hopefully, the Vets dont fall for it and watch the debate instead. Cruz supporters calling Trump's bluff with a million dollar donation is brilliant, because I'm sure the Veteran organizations will get the donation regardless of Trump's participation in the debate.

Trump will continue whining about fair treatment to set the stage for an independent bid for the White House. However, just like Perot, Trump will continue sabotaging his campaign for the purpose of taking votes away from Republicans without winning to clear the way for Hillary, his long time friend.

(13:40:28) Thu Jan 21, 2016

Hydrogen Bomb
Extreme Weather

Here we go again. A nuclear bomb is tested, and the world experiences unexpected weather conditions. Each time the connection goes unnoticed by the experts who scramble to explain the anomaly.

Similar to oil prices dropping $100 per barrel due to Saudi Arabia attempting to strangle ISIS oil revenue but the experts cannot make the connection. Well, thank you ISIS for getting the world to price oil reasonably, or should we consider this an attack on the Oil companies by the Obama administration by dropping all sanctions on Iran who can now flood the market with oil?

Three earthquakes hit the west coast of the States and the next day North Korea announces a successful hydrogen bomb test. A few days later the unseasonably hot weather in the States is replaced by cold weather storms measuring snow in feet! The eBook Science Within explains the process along with ancient references.

The concussive wave nudges the planet's core which already drifts off center. Depending on timing of the wave, the Core is either moved further off center causing hotter temperature on the surface; like the desert conditions that hit Florida for three years after the Pakistan-China nuke tests. Extreme cold notes the Core's movement was weakened. The result is frigid weather.

The Core is the Biblical Devil. It lives within the Earth, is surrounded by fire, and has dominion over the Earth — controls the planet's weather.

(6:23:41) Mon Jan 18, 2016

Prisoner Exchange
Wanted: Any-American — One Billion Dollar Reward

Once again, Obama caves to Muslim nations who support terrrorist organizations. Once again, the Democrat Lemmings and Republican Cowards do nothing. The News jokes about the Imperial Presidency instead of demanding Impeachment. Obama is doing what Nixon only dreamed of.

Let's put the latest Nuclear Deal into perspective. You are an alcoholic with no money. You promise to stop drinking for ten years if I give you a million dollars today. Who would make this deal knowing as soon as you receive the money there is nothing stopping you from buying booze?

The two U.S. military speed boats taken by Iranian fishing boats on the isolated island in the Persian Gulf with the U.S. Fleet watching can be understood as the prisoner exchange location. The U.S. went in with the Seven and waited for Iran to release the Five. This is why it took one night, for verification, and we were not supposed to know about it. The location was picked for the ease to which it could be raided. Shortly after the U.S. military fast-boat crews are released, the World gets word of the prisoner exchange.

All Americans now have a price on their head. We The People have become a commodity.