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WhiteRose White Rose
eBook - Action
Cemeteries – Secrets of the Underworld

Cancer rates soared in the States but not the rest of the world after hospitals went nuclear.  Where do they dispose of low grade radioactive waste, and at what cost?  Why do funeral parlors have to advertise, "Cremation with confidence?"  How many bodies do they cremate at the same time?  At your last funeral did you check if your loved one was harvested for parts?  Maybe, their back and leg skin was removed and sold to burn units.  Do you think these are the only illegal activities hidden within the cemetery system?

The eBook WHITE ROSE exposes what can only be described as pure evil.  It begins with the joyous return of Army Ranger Stephen Smith, received by the loving arms of his wife Pamela and faithful dog Rose.  The heroism and sacrifice of military personnel and their families is acknowledged as the story plunges into the underworld of terrorism right here in the United States of America.  It is an entertaining, though troubling, fictional story with references to real people and places.  What gets uncovered is easily possible and supported by real events.

Are you ready for a reality check?

"See Something.  Say Something."  Are you listening?  Is anybody?  Is our moral compass so broken that we are not pursuing the closure of sex-island?  Who will come to save you, or your child?  Government review of 9-11, determined a lack of creativity was the biggest flaw within agencies responsible for preventing terror attacks.

Get creative and expose it before the enemy exploits it.

3H Three Hours
eBook - Action
THREE HOURS exposes a real vulnerability, and is part three of a five part series on TERRORISM EVOLUTION.  These books are Fiction but based on Reality.  They could happen.

While the News Media is focused on Point-Terrorism, THREE SECONDS deals with Domino-Terrorism, an action that sets the stage for a more effective secondary or ternary attack.  The setting is the U.S. highway system, the life blood of the country.  The title of the eBook reflects the amount of time you have to react.

THREE MINUTES deals with Resource-Terrorism, specifically hydro-electric power plants.  These structures suffer a very simple security and design flaw which can lead to their collapse; however, disabling them for years is just as effective.  Targets include Niagara Falls and Hoover Dam.

THREE HOURS deals with Nuclear-Terrorism mixed with political schemes, a delivery mechanism, and simple detection avoidance.  New York Harbor is the target, but not the primary objective of the Sleepers employed at key U.S. commands.  Terrorism is non-conventional warfare wherein the person next to you could be a Terrorist.

These eBooks reveal Real Vulnerabilities and terrorist plans while exploring the lives of innocent victims.  The setting for THREE HOURS is a popular passenger liner on a Bermuda cruise.  As it returns to New York Harbor, the terrorist take action.  Military and News Media activity drums up the excitement throughout the story.  Action and Surprises densely populate all these eBooks in the TERRORISM EVOLUTION series.

3M Three Minutes
eBook - Action
THREE MINUTES exposes a real vulnerability. New York City is the Holy Grail of terrorist targets. But, the city does not need to be attacked directly. Niagara Falls provides half its electricity. Symbolism is a powerful tool and the towers of Hoover Dam are exposed.

The destruction of Niagara Falls, Hoover Dam, and Oroville Dam as described in this fictional story would bring disruption throughout the northeast, and plunge California into a state of complete panic. The entire nation would feel the impact as food prices soar and millions are displaced.

All nations face this threat, executed in just Three Minutes.

3S Three Seconds
eBook - Action
THREE SECONDS  exposes a real vulnerability that we all face everyday.  A single terrorist act that leaves us helpless if we are not prepared for it.  The characters represent everyday people in all walks of life facing their unexpected three seconds of survival.  The book is dedicated to all those who bravely faced their three seconds on 9-11.

The event takes place on a U.S. highway.  You have three seconds that will feel like an eternity. If you survive because you ran or hid, will your flight gnaw at your soul? For the rest of your life will you be haunted by your subconscious, wondering if there were other options, something, anything else, to help the others, to make the results better. Your entire life measured by your reaction.  Here.  Now.

What would you do with just Three Seconds?


A fictional story based on the ancient records: Bible, Quran, Works of Flavius Josephus, Apocryphal Texts, Pseudepigrapha and Lost Bible books.

A story that examines the special relationship between Jesus and Saul.

(530 pages)

Christmas Feast Christmas Feast
... A story of choice: Good over Evil — Angel versus Demon

It is the tale of a little budding Devil named Micky, his chubby companion called Gabby, and a little Angel named Angelique.

Whatever your faith, Christmas represents all that is good – Love of family, friends, and gratitude for all of God's creation. And it is shown through our daily acts of kindness for all living things, including the gifts of our earth. Be kind, generous, and celebrate the meaning each day of the Christmas Feast.

Pumpkin Girl Pumpkin Girl
Award Winning Illustrated Children's Short Story from the National League of American Pen Women.

Follow the Emotional Adventure of a young girl who transforms into a prize winning pumpkin due to her vain and selfish actions. An Owl and Little Mouse become her only friends. Time allows her to ponder and take responsibility for the sorrow she unleashed on her caring father. Love breaks the spell and provides the opportunity to tell her father she loves him. The young girl learns the value of family along this exciting and very creative adventure.

The story was inspired though a dream by the author's sister struggling with the passing of her father of ninety-nine years. An illustrated story of love and discovery for the child in all of us.

Beauty's Beast Beauty's Beast
Within this creative legend from the first inhabitants of the Kamchatka Peninsula, the little acorn that produces the mighty oak tree is used as a symbol of strength and possibility. It is the magic of love that touches a heart and becomes strong as an oak. The tale includes many hidden and pleasant reminders of classic fables read to children by loving parents. This story is dedicated to all who allow themselves to grow into mighty oaks.

The story predates Alice in Wonderland written in the 19th century, and Beauty and the Beast written in the 18th century.  It took the 21st century to uncover their origins.  Life's many changes present common challenges we all must face.

Happy Cobra Happy the Cobra
Happy the Cobra and Miki-boo
- by Count Francesco Alessandroni

This lovely bedtime story was written and drawn by Count Alessandroni for his two grandchildren in 1969.  It is a tale of friendship, loyalty, courage, and most importantly - love - a fantasy to delight all little girls and boys.

Happy is an unusual, almost magical cobra, who comes to the aid of a little boy who finds himself all alone in the world.  It is a tale full of imaginative adventures and a lesson in good triumphing over evil.

Count Allessandroni was born in Italy and came to America after WWII with his American wife and raised two lovely daughters.  He owned several businesses before retiring, and now over ninety years old he continues to draw and write his creative tales.

(Both Italian and English versions present, each 64 pages, illustrated.)

WhiteRoseLove White Rose of Love
White Rose of Love

Dedicated — To All Mothers and Fathers,
Honoring Love of Family, Friendship, and Faith.

The Power behind an Act of Kindness
allows a girl to rescue a kitten
in this youthful tale.

By touching a starving heart,
she frees a Kingdom from a wicked spell
through an act of selfless courage and concern.

(English, 24 pages, illustrated)

Guadalupe Lady of Guadalupe
Our Lady of Guadalupe
- by Count Francesco Alessandroni

The story of Our Lady of Guadalupe as written and drawn by Grandfather Francesco for his two grandchildren in 1969.  It is the story of faith of Juan Diego.

This is translated by his daughter Maria PIna Gregorek.  Count Alessandroni was born in Italy and came to America with his American wife and two daughters.  He is now 96 years old and still drawing.

(English and Italian versions, each 27 pages, illustrated)

BAAL is a completely new species, genetically engineered to investigate the Mars' interior between the Crust and Core.  Politics and technology-misuse causes the Martian Moon to fracture into three primary parts.  Two remain to orbit Mars even to this day while the third crashed into the planet and buried everything in three to ten kilometers of Regolith.

BAAL is hidden from the general population, but is cast out of the laboratory during the cataclysmic destruction caused by the descending lunar fragments.  After many millennium, Earth sends a Martian Rover that wakes BAAL from hibernation.  With childlike curiosity, BAAL makes the journey to Earth and interacts with the exciting new life forms of the water, air, and land.

Public reaction and News Media hype combine to drive Political action.  The unique creature from Mars is hunted by the U.S. military.  Even though it attempts to communicate through changes of color and brightness along its surface as it learned from the water creatures, BAAL's experience with people ends in controversy.

The story is written from the perspective of an alien arriving to Earth.  First Contact is from BAAL's point of view.  How can it communicate?  Its quest is to learn, but most importantly, to belong, to be accepted.  BAAL loved its Creators and now searches for that same connection, guidance, and comfort with the creatures of Earth.

Evolved Tide Evolved Tide
If life evolved from the oceans, then who's to say it cannot happen again?

Evolved Tide is an invasion.  The creatures of the world's oceans pushing back against the land dwellers polluting their environment.  A multitude of specialized creatures, adapting to conditions on the ground and in the air surge across Florida after a successful beach invasion.  The actions of civilians, military, and reporters tell the stories of survival from this new breed of monster.

Decades of whales beaching themselves along our shores and heightened Red Tide swarms are clues to life in the ocean beginning to fight back.  Evolved Tide is a work of fiction; for now.

HS Hidden Stars
Hidden Stars is a recreation of how Mankind came into existence. The story hovers around the making and transport of the icon commonly known and used for the practice of the Feng Shui.

Studying the effects of a cataclysmic event to Earth and playing out several realistic scenarios, a re-evolution of technology takes place.  Looking forward, we can see how technology could again be taken away from us, driving mankind back into the Stone Age.  In some distant future, technology would eventually resurface.  We may theorize methods for sending a message to the next high-tech race but, unfortunately, we fail to recognize that these events have already played out.

Hidden Stars is a fictional account that ties many elements from Mythology, Bible, and Science together.  It will leave you wondering if this is actually how 'it' happened.

(500 pages)