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Plodiac Plodiac
Flash App
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Planet-Zodiac Viewer  Displays all visible stars (in perfect conditions), Planet locations, Canstellation names and outlines. Trackball style rotation of Star Field. Two basic views: Sun to Earth (night sky view) and Earth to Sun (day sky view). Use to screen-snap planet and zodiac period of special moments.

PJS PahJong Swarm
Flash Game
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PahJong Swarm  

The Father of All MahJong style games! That's where the PAH comes from. Match the birds, click-click-chirp, click-click-chirp, and prepare for another Swarm. Exercize for your mind; improving Size, Color, Orientation, and Migration awareness. Left Brain meets Right in an IQ Aviary.

Or, just sit back, close your eyes, and enjoy the peaceful chirping birds.

GC GotCrabs
Flash Game
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GotCrabs?   Well, you're gonna need'em to defeat the Jellies!

A 3D version of the Classic Brick-Breaker with new characters and a Tower Defense feel.

A square reservoir is infested by layers of Jellyfish which are killed and released by Goldfish. You control the Ice Block paddle to prevent the Goldfish and Jellyfish from escaping the reservoir. Goldfish evolve into very powerful Pufferfish and Vampirefish; Why Not?

Crabs at the bottom help redirect the memory challenged Goldfish towards the taunting Jellyfish hordes. The Crabs are easily exhausted and must eat at the coral food plots to regain their strength. You'll need them to finish three layers of Jellies to win the game quickly and survive endurance matches.

Play for FREE! Progress is saved locally as Guest or your Newgrounds userName. The GotCrabs~Skills act as a mixing board to customize your game from fast-n-furious to endurance-marathons. Read through the inGame Help Pages for details. OR, just sit back and enjoy the soothing Whale Song.

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CC3 Chakras Composer 3
Flash Music
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Crystal Toning Bowl Music

Control Volume, Stereo Balance, and Panning speed for each Chakra Tone. Up to three bowls are played simultaneously with random selection based on your settings. Best listened through headphones to fully appreciate the 3D movement and the interaction of the tones.

TOPO Topology
Flash Design
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Topology Generator

Creates terrain images based on a 256x256 grid to fill as much of the browser screen as possible. Drag the image to adjust center location. It has an infinite blend because it is created to be used as a tile. Other options allow for water or mountain dominance, shadow depth, and contour speed. App is meant for developers of fixed background games, but can be used for other purposes.