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KT Kitty Trap
Game App
FINALLY !!! An APP for your CAT. Yeah, That's Right! It's a GAME for your CAT. Why Not?

KittyTrap is meant for small cats, purrrfect for kittens. It displays several rotating stars that move across the screen along a chaotic path, just like your cat!

As they get older they'll paw and stare. My beta tester 'Blur' watches intently after several attempts to grab the sparkly snow flakes, and eventually falls asleep in front of the iPad.

Good for cats of all ages, but intended for kittens to focus their wild side. Placing this on the floor means lots of pouncing. Check the load rating of the iPhone and iPad before subjecting the device to the weight of a large cat.

Score is kept along with elapsed time and hits per minute. Each time the cat paws the screen and gets close to a sparkling star a hit is scored with a quiet beep to enhance kitty's enjoyment.

PJ PahJong
Game App
The West simplified the popular Chinese game MahJong into a single player Tile Matching game in the spirit of Solitaire. Both very popular games improve cognitive activity and inspired the development of MahJong Therapy.

PahJong takes it to the next level. Stacks of Tiles are replaced by Topology representing deep-oceans on up to mountain-peaks. The stagnant Tile images are replaced by Birds in motion.

PahJong also adds several Game Enhancers that help complete the process of removing all the Birds and associated Topology to win the Game. It is the perfect game for all ages and convenient for spanning commercial breaks.

The Game's Help Pages will explain all the details. There is a SHUFFLE option to re-randomize the birds, an EARTHQUAKE option which flattens the topology exposing more birds, and a FREEZE option to slow the clock which eats away at your Score and Bonus. The most useful and fun option is RADAR because there is a Nighttime period where the Birds disappear into the darkness.

Each of the Game Enhancers require Credits. These are earned on successful completion of clearing all Birds and Topology. Achievement Credits are awarded for End Score, Bonus Peak, and Completion Time. Enhancers also affect your Bonus, so use them sparingly. If you run out, don't worry, sympathy Credits are awarded on first activation in a given day.

Even without the Enhancers, PahJong is very fun, competitive, and relies on the same luck found in Solitaire. Stretch your brain, enjoy the chirpy-screeching bird sounds, and HURRY. The clock is ticking.

UM uMinotaur
Game App
MAZE GAME with optional creatures, fog, and tracks. Tip the device to move through the maze and find the exit. Along the way capture creatures and then use their abilities. It's PacMan in reverse; you chase them, but there is still one that chances you. And, stay out of the Fog!

BU BatterUP
Game App
Pinball game with a Baseball theme.

Game play follows the rules of baseball: hits, stolen bases, balls, strikes, outs, and walks with the cheers and groans of the crowd.

UV uVent
Game App
Disarm Yellowstone Super Volcano!

uVent is a Pinball game with four challenging boards that represent the key phases of farming the magma pool of a volcano.

Yellowstone is on the move and thousands of years overdue for an eruption. This game is a presentation of the method to save all life from Yellowstone.

Game App
Another timeless classic - Simon for the iPhone. Simply repeat the sequence of lights that grows with each cycle.

Two game boards, five and nine cell, to challenge your mind. Part of the Mental exercise series mixing sounds, color, and shapes to enhance the communication between the two halves of the brain which specialize in different areas.

uCube uCube
Game App
For years you've been told to "think outside the box". Well, now "get in the box!"

Can you solve the classic cube-puzzle from within? Eight game zones await you from 2x2 to 9x9, and of course the classic 3x3 that started it all.

The game consists of a large forward view that responds to 'swipes' to move rows or columns. A set of four arrows in the title area rotate the entire cube. And a smaller rearview mirror area is provide so that the entire cube interior can be seen.

This is a timed event, so hurry!

BallSnare BallSnare
Game App
3D version of the classic arcade game: BreakOut. It's the opposite of Dodgeball. It's BallSnare.

You defend the front wall of the court; either blocking the active pucks or catching floaters. Clear three layers of balls and advance through progressively more difficult levels with multi-ball action.

Each level contains five sub-levels that determine back-wall depth. As it gets closer the game gets harder. Each level notes the number of active pucks (green balls). Skipping level-one gets the gamer to multi-ball play faster, but it is strongly encouraged to spend time in level-one and learn puck control. Gaging trajectory and timing is very important in-order to prevent or minimize multiple pucks reaching the paddle-wall (YOU) at the same time.

TIP: Tapping the screen away from the paddle pauses the game. Touching near the paddle and not on the paddle gets your finger out of the view. Dragging from the paddle-corners is the most useful position, just be careful not to paint yourself into a corner. And remember to rotate the iPhone too if hitting to one side is easier for you.

PahJong Hurricane PahJong Hurricane
Game App
A single game combining facets of three classic games to exercise your brain: MahJong, Picket, and Tetris.

Symbols are dropped (ie rain down). Pair the 15-different celestial symbols that can appear in 6 colors and 4 orientations. The game board allows for three layers of symbols to build up.

Rain volume increases with each level. Highest level is CAT-5.

Enjoy the beginning level (Drizzle) to get proficient at tapping the symbols because it's going to get ugly.

Good Luck.

PahJong Tsunami PahJong Tsunami
Game App
A very challenging combination of three classic games; MahJong, Picket and Tetris, into a single symbol matching game.

Twelve zodiac symbols populate the game board in waves. An empty board will be populated quickly.

Each level increases in wave frequency and volume. CAT-5 defines the highest level, and it will be a very notable accomplishment to reach it.

Similar to PahJong Hurricane; however, less stressful even though you have to work faster due to the higher volume.