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GGW Mysteries Solved
Gods Gone Wild
Where is the Valley of Death and the Red Sea crossing? What are the secrets of the Bermuda Triangle and the Dinosaur Paradox? How were the Great Pyramids built? What is in the Ark of the Covenant? Is Water from Rock extraction possible? What about the Burning Bush, Pillar of Fire and Smoke, Graven Images, Manna, Great Flood, Tree of Life, Lamb of God, Jonah's Whale, Ezekiel's Angel, and the Mark of the Beast?

Well, look no further. GODS GONE WILD solves these mysteries, and MORE!

This revolutionary book identifies God, Devil, Savior, Jesus, Iblis, Enoch, Cain and Abel. It discovers Jehovah's Mountain, Miracles and Crimes of Moses, Resurrection, Bible Code, Purgatory, Original Sin, and Crucifixion. What exactly is the Soul, Sabbath Day, Fasting, Blind Faith, Global Warming, and why is Brass so important?

Environmentalists! Read all about the Ten Commandments and protect Nature. Hold onto your Firstborn because we are going Kite Flying in this Old Testament, War on God fact finding mission. GODS GONE WILD uncovers the Truths buried within the Ancient Stories inside the King James Bible, Holy Quran, Works of Flavius Josephus, Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha, Book of Mormon, and Lost Bible Books.

GODS GONE WILD provides real solutions to all these topics, issues, and characters through unique investigation revealing lost science and technology.

(Illustrated with full-color photographs and computer generated images)

KWF Key Words
The Summary series for the King James Bible, Holy Quran, Works of Flavius Josephus, and Book of Mormon presented what the records said along with various types of errors contained within.

Key Words Foundations ties these records together to reconstruct the events that spawned the stories. It also trains the reader to identify alterations and innovations both innocent and malicious within the records.

(310 pages)

BD Summary
Book of the Dead
Summary of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the Papyrus of Ani. Plus a short description of the Egyptian Book of Breathings.

Thirty-one pages of summary. Plus, notes and BoD-text totaling 379 pages for your convenience in validating the summary which includes comparisons to later records.

The Book of the Dead is the origin to many modern religious texts, and worth the read.