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SW Science Within
Science Within reveals the true meanings to the stories of mythology and Bible. Its main focus is on the Earth's Core and how this object shows up in the ancient writings and modern, scientific observations both local and celestial.

The three areas of study; Mythology, Bible, and Science, need to be analysed together. The physics associated with a planetary core is relatively simple to explain. The influence this entity has on our understanding of the world is being ignored.

Planetary and Solar cores are responsible for the production of natural satellites. For example, Earth expelled its core to produce the Moon. The associated physics, dynamics, and evidence of this explosive event is discussed in detail. It even solves the dinosaur paradox.

(720 pages)

5D Fifth Dimension
This book presents a universe model developed in 1993 and first published in 1996.

The model rejects rigid-linear-dimensions and promotes fluidic-circular-dimensions.

Heavily illustrated, this book is a primer for viewing higher dimensional space and concepts like the oneness of life.

(200 pages)