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            Global Warming Topology
Stained Glass Tarot Cards
Bumper Stickers


Frame Options on some.

Artwork by Pina. Story of Juan Diego's encounter with the Lady of Guadalupe available on the iPhone/iPod along with the Labyrinth Walk for meditation with crystal toning bowl music.

Science and historic evidence shows less than two feet of pending sea level rise over 147-years. However, with some units confusion two-feet becomes two-meters which is six-feet. The confusion continues making it six-meters which is twenty-feet, becoming twenty-meters and, now, a global pending disaster. After much effort, it was found global-warmist sites report a six-meter rise in sea-level, and agree with the 147-year time limit to reach that height. The topology images below are produced from government elevation databases. Red-color shows land regions below six-meters.
Africa NorthAmerica SouthAmerica Australia SouthPole Artic Iceland NorthPole Asia AsiaMinor Caribbean Europe Mediterranean IndoAustralia Indonesia JapanNewZealand NewZealand
Topology globe is rotated East-West then North-South to position desired land mass in center of resultant map when globe is opened and stretched flat.
Africa Asia Australia Europe Iceland NorthAmerica NorthPole SouthAmerica SouthPole

Frame Options on all single images. Artwork by Pina from the iPhone Tarot Reading application: PYTHIA.
0.Fool 1.Juggler 2.Priestess 3.Empress 4.Emperor 5.Pope 6.Lovers 7.Chariot 8.Justice 9.Hermit 10.Fortune 11.Strength 12.Hanged 13.Death 14.Temperance 15.Devil 16.Heaven 17.Star 18.Moon 19.Sun 20.Judgment 21.World 6x4 8x3 11x2
2x11 3x8 4x6 5x5