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Tax the Rich, Fair Share, Health Care, and Flat Tax are all tools used by both political parties to lower wages and benefits while deepening the divide between the large and mid-size companies.

The Flat Tax will produce a sugar high, which will crash wages as companies adjust. Health Care encourages companies to down size to avoid penalties. Unemployment is reduced as full-timers are converted to part-timers, producing a fictional metric. Fair Share is a chant designed to envelop everyone in common misery. Tax the Rich is a clever way of driving out smaller companies to generate a larger under-employed workforce, which reduces competition for talented workers. Each of these avenues has the effect of reducing wages and benefits.

The reverse, less government meddling, will encourage start-ups and mid-size company growth. Large companies will experience stagnation due to a talent drain in the available worker pool. These mammoth businesses will be forced to increase pay and benefits to court better employees. This ripples throughout the workforce as higher wages and benefits for all.

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