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A long term goal of Democrats is abolishing the Second Amendment. In one method, it appears Los Zetas were paid with guns laundered through a secret government program called [Fast and Furious] to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador on American soil. If successful, the program vanishes and a U.S. gun dealer is blamed ushering in a public outcry for more gun restrictions. If unsuccessful, the operation gets confused with the failed program named Wide Receiver that ended six-months prior to Obama taking office. When all that doesn't work, then just start shooting up schools and libraries. Targeting children just prior to a critical gun-rights legislation vote is purely coincidental.

Border agent Brian Terry is dead, Holder is held in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over documents, and nothing further is being done. This is another [innocent by ignorance] excuse from Obama and his Administration. It is the same process for the Benghazi scandal, potentially another failed gun running program.

Los Zetas, an arm of Iran, were sending a message to the Saudi king for his statement the Muslim Brotherhood was the source of all problems in the Middle East. Obama consistently supports operations and programs that help the Brotherhood. It is a common thread in many confusing decisions.

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