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Managing Debt is the secret to real wealth. The Government invents the Domestic international Sales Corporation providing a tax shelter for Big Business, completely neutralizing any tax increases on those evil one-percenters. The DISC drains the business of all assets, leaving the business with all the Debt. The Board of Directors of the Business, are the same Board members running the DISC. The program has worked so well, trillions now sit offshore and it is becoming too difficult to launder it back into the States.

Enter the government with the Repatriation Program. It is our first laundering of a previously laundered commodity, tax dollars. The program creates the perfect opportunity to offload the debt and dissolve the Business. A new company is formed to restart the process with the domestic assets transferred as debt offsets. The Business is now completely hollowed out, severed from the DISC, and contains only toxic debt, which gets paid by you through 401ks and other investments.

The Board also needs to pull in the International Assets, which is what the Repatriation Program enables. Trillions of dollars transferred virtually tax free. The Program does not impose any requirement to pay off any outstanding debts of the originating business. In fact, it does not even want to know where the money came from.  It could be U.S. Aid money laundered through terrorist supporting nations, or a foreign country looking to fill the coffers of their favorite politicians. It is an American Government for sale.

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