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Global Warming
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Sea level will rise 1.6 feet over the next 147 years. This is confirmed by both camps on the subject of Global Warming. It represents a natural planetary phase. Politicians jump on this as a financial and power grabbing opportunity. They invent their version of SimCity wherein real dollars can purchase fictional game tokens. It is called the Chicago Carbon Exchange, complete with a new currency termed Carbon Credits.

A charismatic spokesperson is needed along with heavy political support to convince the people of the horrors and dangers of Climate Change. The facts show humans are a fly on the elephant that represents the natural producers of global warming gases.

The scam allows the rich and investors like Al Gore to reap billions in profits charging manufacturers for the right to produce the products we all need. Because of the fair-share mantra, the rich can create hundreds of ghost companies and receive a Carbon Credit Allowance, which they then can trade in the exchange for real dollars.

Nothing in the program does anything to minimize carbon pollution. Manufacturers simply move to business friendly nations. Promoting this scam is the Village, controlled by politicians who are creating virtual money based on a lie.

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