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Gulf Oil
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Obama took complete control of the Deepwater Horizon on day-one, but all blame went to BP. All attempts to cap the hot-oil leak failed and also went unrecorded. Eventually, the Administration blamed methane ice for causing the problem, and the media bought it. Violating the laws of physics and requiring a temperature 182 degrees lower than the freezing point of salt-water, this methane magically froze to prevent the unrecorded attempt to cap the pipe. The ruse continues with President Obama sifting through sand to locate the elusive tar ball. Jacques Cousteau would be proud. Meanwhile, a few miles from this photo-op, oil slime covers the beach and fills marshlands.

Obama's actions are consistent. He is a strong supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama demanded the oil companies move a couple rigs to Mexico and Brazil where that terrorist group grows in power. When they said no, the isolated Deepwater Horizon exploded and Obama issued a moratorium for all gulf drilling. You do the math. He held the oil companies hostage until delivery was complete. Obama then promised Brazil two-billion dollars to drill in deeper more dangerous waters, while blocking the Keystone Pipeline.

Eleven died. Their families deserve the truth. Terrorism was never even considered; even though, an oilrig explosion was used to launder equipment and money to a terrorist organization.

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