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Vegas and Hawaii benefited from GSA and other government agency lavish parties -err meetings with a combined cost to the tax payers of over a hundred million dollars; that we know of. Payoffs are typically hidden in plain sight.

This is after Obama's negative comments about Vegas, Senator Reid's town. If Obama wants Reid's support (not passing a budget), then money needs to flow into Vegas. If Obama wants his birth certificate to remain hidden, then the Governor of Hawaii needs to get paid too. An infusion of millions of dollars will keep unemployment low in Hawaii and encourage Abercrombrie's reelection.

Too bad those multi-millions did not get spent rebuilding multiple Tennessee Towns nearly completely wiped out by tornados. In fact, Obama hasn't even visited those sites. He was too busy vacationing with Michelle and daughters in Hawaii.

The 2008 election was followed by an ad campaign for the 2010 census. Hollywood supported Obama's election and is now getting paid through these useless commercials, which tell the people to check their mail. Kinetic military actions, revenue enhancers, movie rage, ... nothing is as it seems.

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