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Money Laundering is very easy, but Laundering People? Nobody wants to be a slave, but government assistance is too easy. Affirmative Action holds Blacks and Minorities down. Welfare Programs like this teach a group of people they cannot compete without assistance, or generate dependence through assistance like Social Security. The Programs imply the people being helped are inferior, weak, and helpless. The only way they can Have is if they learn how to Take. This generates large voting-blocks managed by their new Masters, the Politician. And, the People have no clue.

Hillary was the first to reveal the plan to create the Village. Remember her quote, "It takes a village to raise a child." Executing a brilliant maneuver to out flank the Tenth Commandment, the opposition focuses on the first three dealing with God. However, these can be interpreted as respecting and not altering nature. The promoters of the Village already murder, commit adultery, steal, bear false witness, and disrepect their parents. What's left?

The Village ideology represents Socialism wherein the government controls all aspects of your life. One problem. The whole point of Socialism is Coveting. That's the Evil virtue that must be removed. How are they going to change Dr King's speech from Equal Rights to Equal Stuff if you are not allowed to Covet another's property? How can they push us toward Socialism with this annoying moral anchor?

God said no. So, they slowly got rid of God. The Family Ideology preceded all these social programs provided by the Government. So, they slowly broke that down too. Marriage is the Family's bedrock and they have it reduced to a checkbox on a tax form. Social Security teaches the People they do not have to remain married, invest and discipline their children, or be fiscally responsible. They have a guarantee from the Government.

Social Security destroyed the Family Ideology. God is the only thing left holding it together; just one Commandment remains, the target of their secret war.

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