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The corporate farmer has genetically engineered a new crop, which is pest and freeze resistant. However, it causes physical side effects; such as, Acid Reflux produced by reengineered wheat. Millions were invested in the new crop, which may yield billions in profits. There is only one obstacle; the FDA. Money is poured into the campaign coffers of key legislators and the FDA stands down.

Because of the medical side effect, a new industry emerges to surround the problem. The politician benefits from another group of companies feeding their reelections and promoting their political programs to keep this new crop on the market. The new jobs yield lower unemployment allowing this poison to purchase the votes of the victims who are made to believe they are defective.

It is the product of fictional economies and does not only affect humans. In 2011, massive numbers of animals, fish, and insects began dying off. The Honeybee deaths might give the biggest clue, or even the flock of a thousand red winged black birds that fell out of the sky. Cause of death was brilliantly declared as blunt trauma. Gee, slamming into the ground will do that, but what made them fall in the first place?

Is it just coincidence the new 4G cell towers went live at the same time of these mini-extinction events? Looks like the signals that supposedly do not affect humans are harmful to the honeybees, birds, and fish. It is difficult to believe a disease could affect all three of these diverse groups.

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