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A study performed by a large Aluminum manufacturer in 1930 convinces the public with Government assistance to allow a toxic byproduct, fluoride, to be dumped into the drinking water. Multiple studies confirm many side effects, which include cancer and Alzheimer's disease. Saving enormous disposal costs, Aluminum can now compete with Steel and the fertilizer industry can provide the volume of product needed to expand corporate farming.

Politicians have created a large pool of campaign contributors by allowing their poisons into the market. It also generates a massive support industry to treat the side effects; seen as more re-election dollars. City water remains tainted to encourage bottled water sales, further promoting petroleum and farming industries to make all those plastic bottles and filters.

Under the guise of saving the environment, emission controls are added to vehicles. The added burden on the engine to exhale generates other more noxious gasses. It also increases government taxed fuel sales and more profits for oil companies. So, everybody wins, except the environment. Removing the catalytic converter will boost fuel economy by 50%. Politicians confuse the people with mathematical word problems to hide the flaw in computation basing environmental safety on gallons burned rather than miles driven.

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