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Property Ownership is the Keystone of Capitalism. Pride of Ownership is not just bragging rights, but it also helps keep the peace. How many protesters vandalizing businesses or tearing up streets in the Middle East to throw at the opposition understand the value of property and have Pride in Ownership?

The Federal Government understands the power of property, and wants to limit private ownership pushing the people into rentals, which is a back-alley to slavery as represented by the Village ideology, designed and controlled by politicians. The government is also attacking State sovereignty by controlling property, both surface and subsurface land and mineral rights through the creation of an endless list of agencies. The Residence Act in 1790 approved the creation of a capital district for the FED measuring one-hundred square-miles. So, why does the FED now own or control a third of the nation, two-thirds of the west, and nearly all of Nevada?

The Acquisition process is not happening fast enough. The Federal government needs another weapon to steal the People's Land and State Sovereignty. They employ crime. The perfect deterrent to Ownership. The law is now a weapon used to extort settlements. The Government has declared open season on property owners who are now responsible for the health and well-being of criminals attempting to do them harm. Nothing can motivate owners to drop their property rights faster and become slaves in the government run Village than crime being used as a weapon.

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