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Your Rights of Free Speech and Freedom of Assembly have limitations. The TEA Party members exercised their Rights of Free Speech and Assembly in a peaceful manner as a true Grassroots uprising. The People showed up in the Town Halls and demanded answers from their congressmen and women. The Politician was shamed and had to fight back.

The National Defense Authorization Act for 2012 gave the President unlimited detention authority against American citizens thought to be engaged in terrorist activity. House Resolution #347, the Federal Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act, sounds pleasant, gives the President and Friends protected by the Secret Service authority to selectively extinguish the People's right to freely Petition the Government.

This gives the Democrats (Friends of the President) cover in their next Town Hall meeting because any dissent can be labeled a protest, leading to Federal Arrest. Nancy Pelosi already identified the TEA Party Members as Terrorists. It means indefinite detention. Gulag anyone?

These laws define the foundation of Sharia; to keep the people down, keep them as obedient sheep. The U.S. Government is acting like an Islamic State, wherein reading the Bible is an act of terrorism. The Constitution imposes limits on the Government. The People's Rights are being washed away.

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