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Conspiracy theories are generated by poorly obfuscated truths, also known as deliberate lies. Hillary's outburst, "What difference does it make?" made me think of her husband laughing at the funeral of Vincent Foster. Lives are at stake, and they do not care.

By her own admission, Hillary cannot manage the Ambassadors even though that's her job. This is her excuse for Stevens being in Benghazi instead of his assigned post in Tripoli. We may never know who gave that order or the stand-down order to the Seals. I'm concerned they saw too much and were executed for it.

The length of lies from Obama, Holder, Lerner, Hillary, and the rest of his minion seem to grow each day. Unleashing an orgy of scandals is the employed strategy to exhaust investigators, media, and public. The question becomes; Just how many Nixon level scandals does it take to impeach a Democrat?

Is it Treason ...
    1... To murder Americans, or to allow their deaths because it serves a political agenda? (Benghazi)
    2... To habitually lie to the American people to protect personal careers? (Fabricated Video Excuse)
    3... To use the IRS, EPA, FDA, NSA, HSA, FEC, SEC as weapons to gain political office? (How is that different from an armed military coup?)
    4... To conduct weapons deals with the enemy (AlQaeda in Syria)?
    5... To control and threaten the news media?
    6... To negotiate with terrorists, or to release prisoners (Blind Sheikh) to appease terrorist nations?
    7... To send your bagman (Snowden) to the protection of a foreign nation? (Lerner leaked the NSA taps, Snowden only confirmed it.)
    8... To leverage the murder of a foreign ambassador (Saudi) to subvert the U.S. Constitution? (Fast-n-Furious)
    9... A means to an End. (Was it coincidence school children were being shot just before a crucial gun-ban bill vote?)

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