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The USPS was critical to expand and unify the country. It lured workers by promising retirement pensions after twenty-years of service even though the life expectancy was just ten-years, similar to school teachers. That hostile environment no longer exists and life expectancy goes well beyond retirement allowing workers to double-dip.

The program is out dated, out lived its usefulness, and is now a burden to the public and its workers. It is time to sell it off. There are trillions of dollars in land, buildings, supplies, equipment, delivery routes, and plenty of private companies ready to fill the void and buy all of it. The USPS cannot survive even with existing protective legislation that holds the private delivery companies back.

Public schools should also be sold off for the same reasons. The FED can provide an online knowledge base carved up into age groups for kids/families to self-school, community school, or join private schools. Libraries can be saved by expanding computer rooms to augment this change. USPS, Schools, and Libraries can all be retooled for the modern age and produce trillions of dollars in revenue to even save the economy. Sadly, Congress only cares about their reelections, which are heavily supported by unions controlling these services.

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