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Logic encourages conversations to settle differences. However, it is common for religions to interpret the modern versions of their ancient records based on what is desired rather than what is written. This leads to emotions fueling heated debates, which paralyze discussion and erase any hope of finding common ground.

All religions claim tolerance of others. Islam is exploiting this to gain a foothold in their lands. This is nothing new. It is five-thousand years of history. Islamic Law is very violent towards women and outsiders. For example, wearing a cross is viewed as a weapon of mass destruction because it is an attack on Islam and thus punishable with extreme prejudice. The Quran preaches tolerance, but Sharia Law exploits nuances to justify hostile action against all non-Muslims.

When our leaders show weakness by willingly covering themselves in accordance with Sharia Law as Nancy Pelosi and other prominent Democrat women shamefully have, the discussion has been lost. How can we live in peace with a violent people who will only accept peace if Sharia Law is obeyed and non-Muslims accept slavery? Tolerance is healthy. It allows the sharing and free flow of ideas. But, it can also lead to very dangerous things, when cowards hide behind it.

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