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The Government wants to increase Exports to beguile the American People into thinking the nation is strong. Ignore lost manufacturing jobs. Ignore 'assembled' in America stickers. Politicians offer incentives to Corporations to leave the country. It is called the Domestic International Sales Corporation. The DISC is the greatest tax shelter ever invented, a ghost company registered in a trade friendly nation.

The DISC is not required to perform business activities, and is owned by the same bodies that own the business. It keeps up to half the proceeds of the sale, and pays no taxes. It becomes a tax shelter with earnings deducted from the business. The DISC can loan the money back to the business, or simply exchange services to avoid taxes.

The big beneficiary of this cycle are the Unions who own the longshoreman and truckers who get paid to load vessels on their way out, and unload the same vessels on their speedy return. In the industry, it is called Flipping-Trucks.

The Unions pay the Government through campaign contributions, votes, and protesters to further the politician's careers and special interests. They act as a political army in exchange for the continued and expanded life of the program. The Government recoups the lost tax revenue, by simply raising taxes, I mean revenue enhancers, on the American People.

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