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Voter Fraud
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No ID required. What could go wrong? In fact, tomorrow I'm going to open a bank account wearing a ski-mask. Why would politicians be so concerned about a simple picture ID?

The polling place has good security to protect the voting box throughout the process, from setup to teardown. Two types of outsiders are allowed to supervise the election. You can be an Observer to visually validate the opening and closing process. The other is called the Poll Watcher. They work for the campaign offices and can inspect the Registries during the polling hours. This is when the fraud occurs.

The Poll Watcher's job is to challenge someone's right to vote; forcing a provisional ballot to be validated later. However, I worked the polls. These Watchers just check the Registry and run off. They report back to the home office to assure them certain people have not voted, completely unaware of their secret purpose.

The Watchers verify the habitual non-voter has still not voted. The home office funnels this information to the identity thieves, who already prepared the necessary ID's. They are bussed around and easily vote five to ten times in one election. A small, committed group can forge thousands of votes in critical districts. And, that's how elections are stolen.

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