Laundering Terrorism

The goal is publishing an informative book on commodity laundering and terrorism evolution.  The People need to know.  The book must be distributed to all Congressmen and Senators, all Governors and Lieutenant Governors, Critical Agency Heads, News Media at all levels.  I want to warn as many people as possible to the actions of the U.S. government.  This book is critical for our survival and peace around the globe.  The criminal behavior of the Government and their assigns must be terminated, and not just pass between Parties like a baton in a sprinting competition.  The obfuscation of truth must end along with the creative word-smithing.  Honesty must return to the Government and media outlets.

For example, The President of the United States gave an NSA speech asserting Ordinary Americans are not being spied on.  That demands an answer to the questions, "Who is Ordinary?  And, Who decides?" Are Congressmen and Senators non-Ordinary?  Are political opponents and candidates non-Ordinary?  If I send a concerned, philosophical email regarding the odd, speedy, Indian Ocean burial of Bin Laden's body when the ceremony takes four days, am I now non-Ordinary?  If I suggest Bin Laden was captured and taken to the CIA Temporary Activities Center in Benghazi, am I now non-Ordinary?  And, how would they know, unless THEY ARE reading my emails?  It also makes the recipient non-Ordinary.  It just made everyone reading this, non-Ordinary.  This sweeping dragnet defines potentially millions in the secondary level that just became non-Ordinary.

Ordinary becomes the most important word in that speech.  We must all be vigilant and aware of these tricks, which are attacks on our privacy.  We should not allow ANY President to jackhammer the Constitution.  We are all equally affected and damaged, and both parties play this game.  They polarize the argument to keep us little people fighting.  They can then hide in the fracas and ratchet up their criminal behavior.  They claim to be concerned, but both Parties have spent sixty-years creating this environment.  It is an expertly executed Good-Cop Bad-Cop routine.

The Laundering Terrorism book project will demand attention.  The book illuminates the environment and allows corrective action starting with discussion.  It generates media attention and can begin the healing process.  All books are meant to inspire, expand creativity, thought, and discussion.  At a minimum, the Laundering Terrorism book is a history of political strategy and manipulation.  A record of how it happened.  The *it* being the failure of the Great American Experiment.  We are a Republic.  The Founders defined a system to prevent runaway Governments, to prevent the formation of tyrannies and dictators.  However, there is one flaw; the Tyranny of the Poor.  We are entering a Makers versus Takers era.  Like it or not, this is the current environment.

Those we believe are helping to level the playing field are using our rage to increase the divide because they have no power without it.  We must focus on American interests and stop rooting for our team; Left, Right, or anything in between.  How often do you encounter [the other Party did something equally bad] excuse.  Stop defending criminals.  Start prosecuting both sides.  I'm very angry about this, and cannot understand how others are not equally disturbed by these findings.  I'm tired of being treated like an expendable pawn for someone's political career.  Aren't you?

My approach is as an Engineer.  Emotion is swept aside so that the environment and process can be examined without bias or desire clouding the excavation of truths.  Like a paleontologist digging through dirt, these ingredients need to be identified and the relationships between them studied.  This is the foundation of the many short mapping-videos I've placed online.  They put everything in motion to understand the flow of ideas, products, and services to expose the corruption.  Economics taught in school is Macro and Micro.  Economics in reality is Conflict Management rooted in Commodity Laundering.

The series of short videos on deal with many diverse issues established, in some cases, a generation ago that are current and global in their outcome.  For example: Why is there a war on God?  The truth is brilliantly evil.  Once you know it, regardless of which side you are on, you will demand answers and realize you are the victim, trapped in the system.  I read a very descriptive analogy of the process.  It describes the capturing of wild-hogs by simply feeding them.  Patience deviates their migration paths to a more manageable area which is slowly penned in one wall at a time.  This is us.

Once trapped, we only know what they want us to know.  Our history and what lies beyond the pen walls is all defined by the Political Parties.  This is the warning in the Bible regarding Moses Law prohibiting Graven Images in the Temple.  It is not a religious message.  It is a political one.  Graven Images refer to writing.  The Temple refers to the Government.  It states: Don't let Government write your History.  This includes media outlets with spouses working for the Government.  That's how the News and Government is controlled; one critical cog at a time.

The Laundering Terrorism book will carve in stone the process and use active laundering operations as examples.  It also defines the future of Terrorism.  Our lives, and way-of-life, are in enormous danger.  But for the government, that's just another laundering conduit to further erode our freedoms and increase their power.  [Never let a good disaster go to waste] is their mantra.

After 9-11, I wanted to help, do my part as an American citizen.  I sent a few eMails to the FBI outlining small concerns that could have major impact.  A few years later, I had a dream.  It involved three terrorists shooting a line of cars along the highway.  One walked between the cars.  The other two walked the shoulders.  I was five cars back, and they were getting closer.  Where could I hide or run?  What could I do trapped in this traffic jam?  How could I help others?  This nightmare inspired a search for answers that led nowhere.  Instead of defending against it, I ended up perfecting it.  Now, how do I talk about it?

The Government tells me through many outlets to be vigilant, see something say something.  But, how do I talk about this and not get arrested for screaming fire in a crowded movie theater?  After three-years of failed attempts to contact Congressmen, Senators, Governors, Agency Heads, and Media at all levels, I wrote three fictional novels.  A fourth was planned, but Hollywood came out with the movie Contagion, and it was good enough.  My novels are designed to inform but without becoming How To, or Do It Yourself instructional videos.

Many errors were inserted into my stories with distractions to slow, minimize, and encourage failure.  When you read them, you will be affected.  The simplicity and use of real reconnaissance, places, blueprints, and structures is frightening.  Knowing there is more, hopefully gets you demanding answers from world Governments.  These topics must be front and center in gun-debates and public-safety discussions.

I've provided short YouTubes describing many Laundering Conduits, Villains, and Candies currently active.  I've provided eBooks describing the Evolution of Terrorism.  Both of these topics are compressed into short webpages with printer friendly PDF's to inspire discussions.  Watch them.  Read them.  Share them.  Add to them!

The Laundering Terrorism Book Project is a must read.  It will force world Governments to pay attention and do their job protecting the citizenry.  It all depends on you.  If not financial support, then communicate the information with friends, family, and even obnoxious coworkers.  Tell our government WE KNOW and we're not going to take it any more.

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