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Nuclear/Biological Terrorism Risk
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Water brings false security.  Radar illuminates all vessels making it impossible to sneak up on a major cruise liner at sea.  But, it's false security because water also slows the arrival of help beyond the point of recovery.  Piracy still exists.  It is a booming industry with Indonesian waters recording the highest number of attacks.

A cruise ship is unarmed and grossly ill-equipped to deal with boarders.  The passengers alone present a great distraction with a treasure of precious stones and other valuables in this communications age.  However, the boat also defines a confined space that provides the prolonged contact needed to thoroughly spread a pathogen.  The passengers disembark to catch a plane home wherein the recycled air fans the flames of this fast spreading biological attack.  This has already been tested in the New York subways by the U.S. government.  But, what about a nuke?

Speed boats easily overtake the cruise ship returning to port.  Simple rigging and access allow makeshift hoists to bring weapons, people, and a warhead onboard.  Iran does not need rocket technology.  That noise is just a distraction employed by an Administration that does not want to deal with this problem.  Let the next President get blamed for it.  But, what politician is going to approve the sinking of a runaway cruise ship without knowing the true danger that exists onboard?  The delays in verifying content and objective just cutdown the distance to target.  The passengers are evacuated, granting the terrorists more time, more delays while the ship barrels forward.

I'm tired of being treated like an expendable political pawn.  I'm tired of seeing the Constitution under attack, slowly eroded.  I'm tired of politicians leveraging the people's pain for their personal advancement.  Aren't you?

There is no security preventing this form of attack.  The number of terrorists required for operational success is unclear.  Cruise ships represent Nuclear and Biological terrorism vehicles.


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