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World news is focused on point-terrorism.  I am examining the next phases.  Terror tactics will evolve even though the objective remains the same.  Resource-Terrorism presents the most damaging in lives, structure, economy, and way of life.

Terrorism Evolution:

Point — Singular targets, population oriented.
Domino — Point-events designed to stage later attacks.
Resource — Nation-artery disruption causing self-induced Point-events.
Nuclear — Transport of dirty bombs and operational nukes.
Biological — Attacks on food supplies and population centers.
Political — (see U.S. government)

We are told to be vigilant, 'see something say something'.  Unfortunately, nobody is listening.  I've attempted to contact local news, national news, governors, mayors, senators, congressmen, agency leads, and even the FBI through eMails and USPS mail.  No responses.

The nation resembles an old wooden movie theater with a sparking electrical box in a small storage closet filled with flammable materials and chemicals.  Warning management (Government) receives a brush-off response, "Shut-up kid.  We're trying to burn it down, to then rebuild it in our image." Laws prevent the People from being warned, and the media remains non-responsive.

Terrorism Risks:

Highways — National Circulatory System
Appalachian Mountains — Firestorm Airdrop
Niagara Falls — Diversion Tunnels
Hoover Dam — Another Twin Towers
Oroville Dam — Collapsible Rammed Earth
Cruise Ships — Easy Harbor Access
Bailey Yard — Critical Railroad Commerce Hubs

Make a Difference. Print these pages and post them on office walls and public bulletin boards.  Force world governments to acknowledge and fix these major vulnerabilities.  Every nation faces these severe national security gaps.

Nearly three-thousand died on 9-11 by the hand of nineteen al-Qaeda terrorists hijacking four commercial passenger jet airliners.  Fortunate for America and the world, al-Qaeda was ignorant of hydroelectric power plant security.

Details of my concerns are published in three fiction novels; Three Seconds, Three Minutes, and Three Hours available through Amazon.  Or, visit for direct links.  (The Kindle eBook App is Free and compatible with many devices.)

Each novel deals with real vulnerabilities, real locations, real reconnaissance, real structural blueprints, and could really happen with real lives at stake.  The threats described require fewer terrorist members and yield far greater, lasting damage.

THREE SECONDS explores Domino-Terrorism, an action that sets the stage for a more effective secondary or ternary attack.  The setting is the U.S. highway system, the life blood of the country.  The title of the eBook reflects the amount of time you have to react.

THREE MINUTES tackles Resource-Terrorism, specifically hydro-electric power plants.  These structures suffer a very simple security and design flaw which can lead to their collapse; however, disabling them for years is just as effective.  Targets include Niagara Falls and Hoover Dam.

THREE HOURS covers Nuclear-Terrorism mixed with political schemes, a delivery mechanism, and simple detection avoidance.  New York Harbor is the target, but not the primary objective of the Sleepers employed at key U.S. commands.  Terrorism is non-conventional warfare wherein the terrorist could be the person next to you.

All Americans were affected by 9-11.  A simple security hole can yield millions displaced, food and water shortages, power disruption, and trillions in damages.  We cannot remain silent.  We must take action to correct these flaws.

How will you proceed?


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