Laundering TerrorismVideo

Purpose — Offers the impulse behind the project, which is composed of two parts as represented by the links below. The goal is to educate the general public to evolving terror objectives and current U.S. government tactics.

Terrorism Evolution — Guerilla warfare allows a small group to sabotage greater targets, even disrupt entire nations. Terror tactics evolve with technology as will objectives. Being vigilant means imagining the impossible.

Commodity Laundering — Anything can be laundered. Ideology, property, ideas; nothing is off limits. Politicians use the principles of money laundering to promote and pass their agendas. You pay all the bills and become dependent on them.

Get Involved — Enhance awareness of U.S. economic strategy and national security threats.  Keep the conversation going.  Share and discuss these topics.  Thank you.

Laundering People
eBook - Active Scams
LaunderingPeople       Terrorism Evolution
eBook - Security Flaws
Three Seconds
eBook - Action
Three Seconds       Three Minutes
eBook - Action
Three Minutes       Three Hours
eBook - Action
Cruise Ships
Three Hours
White Rose
eBook - Action

Agostino Ramelli (32.5x43.5 inches) — HELP!  They say we are just six people away from knowing everyone on the planet.  The photos below are of an unknown artwork.  What Is It?  (Etching) Style?  (Ramelli) Artist?  (1588) Period?  Value?  The wood frame looks modern, no signatures anywhere.  The only labels are in the sketch.  The stenciling looks rolled. 

I've searched the web.  Pretty sure I've searched all of it.  None of the online art appraisers know.  You, or someone you know, or someone they know, Knows!  Help figure this out before I go completely crazy.

(front)       (back)       (hi-res)

Scrabble Cheat Sheet — All valid two letter words as of SEP 2015.
A single letter above OR below can be added to make a valid three letter word; very valuable for parallel word plays.

Flash — My goal for 2013 was to learn this language.  The project ended in March with the release of the two games below.  ENJOY!
PahJong Swarm
MahJong Gone Wild
PahJongSwarm       GotCrabs
3D Brick Breaker

Axis&AlliesTripleA is a free online turn based strategy game, similar to Risk. It comes with multiple games with many more downloadable from the user community (HERE).  My contribution to this WWII and other historic battle reenactments is to go PreHistoric with a dinosaur invasion!


2021 :: Free Energy — Home/Land/Machine repairs and improvements continue along with useful inventions.  Big item is release of Water Project to the world.  → PDF(Discovery) PDF(Graphic Summary)

  Thermal Exchange  
←  Motor
  Gravity Turbine  
Engine  →

Perpetual Motion is a dirty phrase.  Re-branded as Free Energy can it be discussed without immediate rejection.  Truth is, Nature already does it.  Otherwise, Niagara Falls would have run dry millennia ago.  Gravity is a Constant, Limitless.  The trick is employing cheap state-changes to get Gravity to indirectly push, turning weight into bouancy and back.

2020 :: Invention — Home/Land/Machine repairs and improvements continue, generating several useful inventions.  Surviving the Great Cooties Scamdemic along with more pond and canal digging for drainage and berm creation.  Several paths cut through forest/swamp.  Next home site cleared and raised. 

2019 :: Ponds — Home, yard, and equipment repairs, clearing and maintenance.  Major accomplishment is excavation of four ponds ranging from a sixth to third acre.  Cleared roughly twenty acres of heavy brush and raised four acres around ponds. 

2018 :: Home BuiltLegacy Homebuilders Dothan was the builder used.  A complete nightmare.  Two month job, incomplete after four and a half months.  Rarely onsite to inspect sub-contractor work.  Questionable accounting, double billing, poor workmanship, warranty items and job abandoned.  I will not hire this company or its associates. 

Do the work yourself! Dry-In build saved me lots of money by doing the trimwork (tile, paint, baseboards, cabinets, ...) myself.  Average savings factor of EIGHT.  Do it yourself and move the decimal point on some tasks!  Use online resources to sub-contract out large tasks like framing, electrical, sheetrock, ... 

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