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(3:28:52) Mon Oct 8, 2018 Humbled
(4:35:21) Sun Oct 7, 2018 Ah Morning
(9:17:40) Sat Oct 6, 2018 Omg its morning
(7:6:32) Fri Sep 28, 2018 Political Assassin
(6:23:6) Tue Sep 11, 2018 Curing Liberalism
(17:46:53) Tue Mar 27, 2018 Anti-Second Amendment March
(11:28:10) Wed Feb 28, 2018 Confession through Accusation
(21:22:9) Wed Jan 31, 2018 Gowdy 4 SCOTUS
(6:50:21) Sun Jan 21, 2018 The True One Percenters defended by the DEMs
(8:1:48) Sat Dec 9, 2017 "Thanks Obama"
(7:54:9) Fri Dec 1, 2017 Michael Flynn Charged
(6:53:31) Sun Nov 26, 2017 Upside-Down Christmas Tree
(7:47:46) Thu Nov 23, 2017 Top of the Weiner
(13:21:39) Tue Oct 24, 2017 Senators Corker, Flake, and McCain
(6:37:55) Sat Oct 21, 2017 Empty Barrel Confirmed
(7:11:1) Mon Oct 9, 2017 To Kneel or Not to Kneel
(15:17:55) Tue Oct 3, 2017 Domestic Terrorist or Blindsided Patsy
(13:24:0) Sun Sep 10, 2017 Morons in the Storm
(8:29:17) Thu Sep 7, 2017 Price Gouging
(6:11:29) Mon Sep 4, 2017 D.A.C.A.
(5:23:34) Thu Aug 24, 2017 Creep!
(7:27:48) Mon Jul 31, 2017 Tweet This!
(5:40:59) Sat Jul 29, 2017 The Power of the Pen
(5:28:11) Wed Jul 12, 2017 Russian Internment Camps
(8:50:22) Tue Jul 11, 2017 Bad Egg
(6:27:57) Tue Jun 27, 2017 Assassination Boomerang
(4:32:21) Sat Jun 24, 2017 Boycott ON
(10:32:50) Thu Jun 8, 2017 Matter Matters
(16:43:53) Tue May 16, 2017 Trump Dynasty
(8:26:41) Wed Mar 15, 2017 Neanderthals V Cromags
(7:45:7) Tue Feb 21, 2017 Brenda Buttner
(7:16:7) Thu Jan 19, 2017 Boycotting Trump
(17:28:32) Mon Jan 9, 2017 America's First Lady
(6:47:31) Tue Jan 3, 2017 Recess Appointments




(3:28:52) Mon Oct 8, 2018

I kneel before you.

Praying, pleading, nay begging for your help. I am vexed by an unreachable warrior of light. Unwavering, it arrives each day with an unyielding assault on my senses.

My joints grow weak. My eyesight blurry. I am ill-equipped to even face this creature’s gaze. It burns, it burns, look away for it burns.

Please Mr Coffee, please I beg you, please give me the strength to survive this monster my good ancestors appropriately named Mourning.

(4:35:21) Sun Oct 7, 2018

Ah Morning
We meet again in this white washed battlefield.

Thine pillow and blanket betray you, guiding me back into darkness where dreams come true. Luring me deeper despite your penetrating messengers of light.

Darkness embraces me. Drifting back. Drifting ever more until your secret weapon is unleashed. A weapon as terrifying as it is pleasing - MEOW. Scratch. Scratch. MEOW. Scratch. Scratch. Scratch.

(9:17:40) Sat Oct 6, 2018

Omg its morning
WHY. Wwhyiiihhh Why morning dust thou torment me with your presence. Though I walk through the kitchen of dust bunnies, I will fear no cat food. Stretching high to the ceiling, my body coils like a serpent, stretching my knees before I reach the comforting floor where I now slumber, cradled by visions of projects past and yet to come.

(7:6:32) Fri Sep 28, 2018

Political Assassin
When you cannot win on the issues.

The DEMs plan ahead while GOPs cowardly focus on their next election rather than what is good for We The People.

Dr. Hope mentioned something that suggests long term planning by DEMs to position people and seed history to eliminate political opposition. She stated [concern Kavanaugh might become a Supreme Court Justice] to her husband and doctor.

The problem is this statement was made six years ago. Was she following Judge Kavanaugh's career for thirty years before making this statement? Or, did she slip and reveal herself as a planted sleeper to one day be activated to damage a good man's reputation?

How many of these political terror cells exist?

(6:23:6) Tue Sep 11, 2018

Curing Liberalism
Nowhere to Run

The Nation can be fixed by bringing back State Citizenship to flush out Liberalism - a Civil War raging in America since the Progressive ERA was announced in 1890. This means an American citizen cannot flee their responsibilities by moving to another State.

For example: A Californian cannot become a Floridian until they have paid their fair share of the State Debt amassed during their time in California. Voting will shift Conservative overnight because there is now a consequence to wild spending and free social programs. Fiscally responsible citizens will be elected to protect the Public Treasury instead of continually raiding it - demanding more, more, more.

(17:46:53) Tue Mar 27, 2018

Anti-Second Amendment March
An unauthorized field trip.

The school walkout to march against the Second Amendment is an illegal use of children for political gain. This field trip was forced upon the children without a parental permission slip allowing it. The action of the school administrators to take the kids off-campus is equivalent to kidnapping, child endangerment, exploitation, and theft of public funds. You might also consider paralleling this with child pornography. These kids were used in a political fetish film. There are laws against using the images of children. A good lawyer might also apply child labor laws to this event to teach the kids about class action lawsuits when law enforcement fails to protect them from their campus guardians.

(11:28:10) Wed Feb 28, 2018

Confession through Accusation
I'm rubber, You're glue, What bounces off me, Sticks to you.

Long held Kindergarten politics of the Democrats:  They confess their sins with each accusation. Russian collusion maps back to the DEMS, namely Obama and Hillary. We have clear evidence of voter fraud with Hillary stealing the election from Sanders. Free elections is the bedrock of the country, yet it stands. Even Sanders is too cowardly to complain.

Mueller is supposed to investigate Russian collusion. Yet, there is no public investigation into Hillary where all the publicly available information points. The DEMs colluded with Russia to steal an election - a soft coup. That's Treason. Their loss drives DEMs to the microphones to accuse Trump for all their wrongs.

Sadly, the cowardly Attorney General recused himself. Sessions, McCain, ... They gotta go along with the top one hundred of every government agency in order to cut the head off the Deep State Snake. It's time for the Federal Government to give the American People a Courtesy Flush.

(21:22:9) Wed Jan 31, 2018

Gowdy 4 SCOTUS
Ginsburg cannot last forever.

It's that simple. The Court is moving more Conservative. The Left is in complete panic because there are more Trumps waiting for their POTUS shot. They have to trash Donald to stop twenty years of Trumps and SCOTUS seats. The Ninth Circuit is going to be Trumped next.

Even if successful in their mud and lies campaign, the Left will be out flanked by Pence and Nikki. Haley 4 POTUS. The Left loses more SCOTUS seats along with the first woman president.

(6:50:21) Sun Jan 21, 2018

The True One Percenters defended by the DEMs
3.6M illegals versus 360M Americans.

The shutdown was designed to make Trump's anniversary look bad. Nothing to do with DACA. Just an excuse. More DEM hatred and intolerance sacrificing Americans.

Trump is fixing the system and removing DEM talking points. For example: How dare he reduce Female/Black/Hispanic unemployment to its lowest in history. What are we going to complain about now?

(8:1:48) Sat Dec 9, 2017

"Thanks Obama"
Whispered in a sheepish tone.

President Obama governed a flatlined economy. The worst GDP growth of any predecessor in modern times. Forcing the People to buy a product, Healthcare, they could not afford or use due to the extreme co-pays and limits strangled the "recovery". We the People were better off paying the penalty. Companies shuttered their doors and hid from the onslaught of Obama Era regulations geared to drain bank accounts and assets. Businesses under attack by riot after riot while Obama stoked the flames of division.

Trump is elected and We the People, the Makers, breathed a sigh of relief. The nightmare was over. From that moment, the stock market began a climb of 30%, and continues. The GDP rose over 3% each quarter, only five natural disasters held it back from reaching 4%. Unemployment at a seventeen year low with minority jobless rates at all time lows. Trump is keeping his campaign promises; specifically undoing regulation-nation and pushing for massive tax reform.

GDP under President Narcissist Obama peaked at 2.6% in 2015, but proved impotent in 2016 at only 0.8%; eight years yielding only 1.5% growth already eclipsed by Trump's first year. But the Narcissist-n-Chief speaking at a conference of mayors in Chicago took credit for the Trump economic tsunami, specifically pointing out job creation, his climate change initiative, and many participation trophies. Sadly, the number of Obama jobs created is far below the birthrate, therefore short of breaking even. They were also government jobs not private sector, thus more burden.

No, Obama. You didn't build this economy. You cratered it. Trump is rebuilding it. Trump is Making America Great Again at home and around the globe despite your Deep State holdovers nipping at his heels.

(7:54:9) Fri Dec 1, 2017

Michael Flynn Charged
Lying to the FBI.

Flynn does not remember a conversation. Later, truth emerges in the Russian Tampering witch-hunt, and he will be charged with lying to the FBI. What about Senator Elizabeth Warren claiming on federal documents to be Native American and receiving Federal money? That's lying to the government and theft of public funds. What about Hillary Clinton lying to the FBI, CIA, and Congress regarding any number of scandals covering decades?

The potential for blackmail by Moscow is the underlying issue. What about a secret server? Destroyed federal documents? Hundreds of millions donated to the Clinton Foundation? Fictional dossier prepared by Russian agents? A document submitted to U.S. government agencies, another crime of lying. How'bout lying to a FISA court judge to unmask Americans? A portion of that illegally obtained information used to hang Flynn, but for Benedict-Hillary Clinton we still wait.

(6:53:31) Sun Nov 26, 2017

Upside-Down Christmas Tree
IS . . .
  1. another veiled attack on Christmas.
  2. a fire hazard because it is unstable and can fall near the fireplace.
  3. a fire hazard because it is not sat in water to prolong green health.
  4. more cat knocking ornaments off fun, but then choking on small wire hooks.

(7:47:46) Thu Nov 23, 2017

Top of the Weiner

There needs to be an investigation when Dem Michigan Representative Conyers uses Government money to payoff accusers (a Federal crime called embezzlement). An ethics committee is required for DEM Senator Franken's busy little hands. Calm and caution is applied to DEM misconduct (a.k.a. sexual assault), but an over thirty year old unprovable event weeks before an election and Republican Senator Moore should step down immediately - guilty before proven innocent, but never reported so remains guilty because Republicans are racist-sexist-homo-xeno-phobes.

It is the Clinton way to accuse the opposition of exactly what they themselves are doing. Bill Clinton guilty but ran towards the problem by bringing another accuser, and another, and another to exhaust the media with years worth of distractions to get to the now over used phrase, "This has all been litigated already," without prosecution or even charges. From Clinton to Weiner women are sexually harassed by DEMs but it's those racist-sexist-homo-xeno-phobic Republicans you need to worry about. "Look over there!" is the basis of the Hillary What Happened Book Tour designed to dump her Russian Collusion onto Trump. Who is a racist-sexist-homo-xeno-phobe.

The charge is Russians paid over $100,000 in ADs to influence the 2016 election, completely ignore the $150,000,000 in Clinton Foundation contributions and speaking fees being associated with the UraniumOne deal and other events and actors. ADs versus Nuclear weapons. Mueller is aggressively digging for dirt on Trump (opposition research for 2020, no doubt). One year of tax payer money wasted on unrelated accounting/filing errors that will amount to nothing. The mandate was to investigate Russian meddling and there is a mountain of influence, associations, payouts, fabrications, coordinations, ... on the Hillary side that include the investigator.

Weiner was just the tip of the DEM corruption iceberg stained by inappropriate touching. Now, news of DEM candidates paying rivals to drop out of Primaries launching an FBI investigation, but nothing on Hillary's coup of the DNC stealing the Primary from Sanders? Six for six on coin tosses and super-delegates in the bag. Bernie didnt have a chance. Normal, unbiased people would call this election fraud. But what do I know? I'm just a racist-sexist-homo-xeno-phobe questioning the actions and motives of DEMS and Clintons.

(13:21:39) Tue Oct 24, 2017

Senators Corker, Flake, and McCain
Liars, RINOs, and Weasels. Oh My!

Corker and Flake threw a tantrum after today's GOP Senator lunch with the President. Corker said things to the media that might come back to haunt him. Flake learned from Harry Reid to only lie on the Senate floor where anything can be said, but off the floor standard Slander laws apply.

Corker and Flake realize they will be Primaried and removed from office. They gave standard loser comments while thumping their chest pretending to be brave and powerful leaders focused on helping the people. Yet Flake noted not running for reelection to help the people instead of dealing with elections and politics; thus admitting to not focusing on the people. Thank you Trump for spanking these children.

Flake clearly prepared his Senate Floor statement prior to the GOP lunch with the President, and of course the weasel McCain was close behind. However, his read remarks were completely empty of a defined issue. It was just a bunch of Trump's making me do my job whining.

So what caused these RINOs to expose themselves so clearly for us? Hillary-Russia collusion. I have Blogged about this before (Assassination Boomerang). The DEMs are very good at flipping scripts, putting their wrongs onto Republicans who then flounder defending themselves. But, Trump is not a coward. He fights back. Finally, someone brave in the GOP.

Trump allowed the Russia Fishing Investigation to continue, to give DEMs more rope to hang themselves with. Now, Senators are finally calling for a Special Prosecutor to investigate the Uranium One deal. Hillary immediately comes out to blame Right Wing conspiracy, with Corker and Flake close behind to levy empty claims against President Trump to shift media coverage.

Once again, the DEMs are flipping the script to put the focus on the other side to run out the clock and protect their collective asses. But, in this case, if the ass is too big, you cannot acquit. The flaky Senators need to stick a cork in it. You are going to be driven out in '18, and Hillary will look marvelous in a prison issued orange pantsuit.

(6:37:55) Sat Oct 21, 2017

Empty Barrel Confirmed
When everything is about race.

Florida congresswoman Wilson proved President Trump’s chief of staff General John Kelly's statement "She's an empty barrel" by immediately crying racism. Wilson should read The Boy Who Cried Wolf, but instead stated she had to look up the term to confirm it was racist. So, I did the same.

I don't believe the General was referring to the belly and loins of a four legged animal like a horse to suggest the Congresswoman is barren. Nor do I believe he was referring to her as a drunkard bottoming out another barrel of beer. Maybe this military man was referring to her as having no ammunition; her intellectual guns were empty, mentally unarmed for battle.

Nope. I think her comments were as he stated "Heartless", [an empty vessel] as Shakespeare twice wrote which is where some media highbrows went. Take your pick of morally vacant, politically entrenched, worthlessly loud, one trick mule, .... Nothing is sacred to this soulless woman.

According to Wilson, Trump said to the widow of a slain soldier "he knew what he was getting into." Immediately, half of America understood this was a quote taken out of context, incomplete. We all can fill in the surrounding statements which are very appropriate to commend the bravery of the fallen.

General Kelly's explanation of the process and account was the most impressive beatdown speech I have ever heard. Soulless Wilson's 'rock star' reaction along with the Lamestream Media proved his point of being a loud, clanging, empty barrel of a shrew.

(7:11:1) Mon Oct 9, 2017

To Kneel or Not to Kneel
There is No Question.

The news media is truly stupid along with the general public. They allow the haters to huddle in peaceful masses that cost millions in damage to public and private property over a failing quarterback's tantrum but offer no support to another quarterback's firing due to quiet prayer at the fifty. First Amendment rights are violated when cowardly owners selectively apply them.

Our founder's died so that we would never bow to a king or queen again. We would never find ourselves on our knees before any misguided leader or Party. This is why Obama's bow to a Saudi King was so controversial. The media was quick to distract from the continued apology tour that exploded the Middle East and North Africa, allowed Russia to expand its borders, and give nuclear weapons to NOKO and Iran. A POTUS bow generated an image of America on her knees.

The silent majority is waking up, demanding respect, but already hit the snooze bar. The America haters retool their protest. With a smug grin they stand with arms locked; another veiled protest. They stand in defiance to our great nation because their hands are not over their hearts; instead they are bound to one another, spitting in the eye of freedom.

(15:17:55) Tue Oct 3, 2017

Domestic Terrorist or Blindsided Patsy
Another gun vote, another shooting.

Something noticed through the Obama years was the timing of school and mall shootings just prior to gun ban legislation coming to vote. Within days of the vote civilians lost their lives. No vote on the schedule, no mass shootings.

My information is sketchy regarding Las Vegas because all media filters the truth or flat out makes stuff up; however, I did hear one news reporter mention or someone they were interviewing mention a gun ban vote coming up or an existing law going to sunset unless POTUS signs its extension. Is there an assault weapons ban extension vote or re-authorization due?

Each shooting event was executed in accordance with the type of legislation to be voted on. "A means to an end", has to stop. We need a deeper analysis of Vegas. No blind acceptance of their patsy. The shooter, with the equipment and addons, would have commented on his new 'toys' to friends and family. No comment means long term planning or an orgy of evidence planted at the scene, his home, in bank accounts, ....

It doesnt make sense.

(13:24:0) Sun Sep 10, 2017

Morons in the Storm
Giddy-up, Get'em Out, Rawhide!

News People,
I know you want to hype this storm up to push for more advertising dollars, but it is laughable and achieves the opposite goal of getting us to evacuate to have your people standing in the storm. Your people out in the storm are not supermen. They are the morons they talk about who did not evacuate, times ten because they choose to stand outside in it. If they can ride it out (stand/drive in it), then we can ride it out. You diminish the danger; ignoring flying debris hazards and downed live wires that can kill. Instead, use in-place cameras. That enforces the message, allows everyone to watch the show, and doesn't make the network look stupid.

(8:29:17) Thu Sep 7, 2017

Price Gouging
Capitalism Be Damned

Hurricane Harvey presented with short notice, but locals still had days to prepare. Many political hopefuls and office wranglers got to say "Get out of Dodge" and "Our hopes and prayers go out to the people in the path of this storm." Hurricane IIrma has its sights set on Florida, preparing to tear that State a new one. All the buzz is about price-gouging and condemnation for companies hiking prices. Public officials proudly proclaiming to put companies out of business if they gouge the public.

The biggest price gougers are the politicians. Public workers whose sole job is managing fifty other public workers to monitor prices, to put clamps on capitalism, to shackle the free market. Public officials who whip the People with an unbearable Health Care burden while exempting themselves, claim six months is not enough time to get any legislation done, who cannot balance a budget, fully fund our military, or defend our borders; are suddenly concerned with the People's safety?

How'bout shaming those who did not prepare for the storm. Shaming those who did not evacuate and then demand public assistance for years and decades after. Shaming those who chose to live at or below sea level without flood insurance and then expect the rest of us to pay for their failed gamble. Shame politicians that turn a natural disaster into a photo op. The people have plenty of time to stock up on supplies while prices are low during times of calm, but just like the nightmare that is ObamaCare, they expect no preconditions affecting current pricing. Demand goes up, prices go up. It is that simple. Get over it. Take responsibility for yourself and be free from government's swaddling grasp of enslavement.

Let the People reward companies that do not raise prices. Vote with your dollars. Let the People condemn stores that took advantage of them and drive them out of business. Let the free market flood disaster areas with high priced goods. The smell of profit brings volume that will drive prices back down through competition for that hot marketplace. If a hardware company wants to lock prices on water and sell it cheaply to the People congratulate them, reward them with your business, but make sure they did not bait you in to pay higher plywood sheeting costs. Holding water to a few dollars a case still pulls a profit. Increasing sheeting prices by 10-20% goes unnoticed but quadruples profit margins.

Blame the politicians for the Hell they unleash on us everyday. Demand protection from Hurricane Pelosi and the like. Demand prosecution of swindlers like Hillary. Demand imprisonment of looters and vandals hiding behind fictional movements. Demand an end to the brainwashing of students. Demand the removal of activist judges. And so on.

I have survived many hurricanes and the storm damage is nothing compared to the vultures who swoop in to 'repair' the damage. There's a lot of money to be made growing mold, exaggerating insurance claims, purposely leaving public equipment in harms way to drain the public treasury, ... We need a reality check and prosecution of all who take advantage of these incredibly charitable people called Americans, but take your damn dirty hands off my Capitalism.

(6:11:29) Mon Sep 4, 2017

No Fault of Their Own

Imagine Bonnie and Clyde bringing their first child with them on one of their heists. They enter the bank guns a blazing and on entering the vault put their baby on the floor. The police come and haul Bonnie and Clyde away but not the baby due to some sort of concealment in the scuffle. The next day the baby is discovered while the vault is being cleaned up. According to the D.A.C.A. advocates, the baby acquired residency in the bank vault due to no fault of its own. Thus, it is the baby's right to stay in the vault with full access and use of the contents.

Bonnie and Clyde in this analogy could be one of the illegal immigrants riding the Death Train (as Central American countries termed it) gaining access to America, which represents the Bank. Just because they got in and squatted, doesn't make them Americans. That was not the intent of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. However, Section II apportions Representatives to Congress based on head count; citizenship does not matter but should. California would lose Congressional seats without a large illegal immigrant base; hence the desire to house as many as possible, not for love of the child and their family, but for the love of power.

American Citizenship is the most valuable commodity the World has ever seen, and it should not be given away as a participation trophy to those violating/abusing our laws.

(5:23:34) Thu Aug 24, 2017

Too timid/cowardly to say, "Back Off!"

Hillary's reinvention of the facts is boundless. In her audio book (because who would want to read it?) she recounts the creepy/stalking actions of Trump standing behind her, lurking in the shadows like her husband -errr like a rapist.

However, it is Hillary that walked from her highchair, passed Trump standing before his chair, to stand between Trump and the audience on the far Left of the stage. She put herself in that tight situation. Trump just stood his ground completely unaffected by her debate tactics.

PS: When are the uber sensitive Left going to demand the removal of statues and structures erected to sex offenders like William Jefferson Clinton.

(7:27:48) Mon Jul 31, 2017

Tweet This!
Get the RINOs on record.

USE YOUR PEN! Shame Congress. Force them to be on record defending their exclusion but not the People's. Imagine your follow up Tweets.

Tweet: Trump unites DEMs and GOP.

Tweet: Look at Senate/Congress speed/cooperation to protect themselves but not you.

Tweet: Exclusion bill vetoed. Let them go on record overriding it so the People can vote them out in 2018.

Tweet: I still control the Treasury.

Tweet: Congressmen/Senators and their Staffers get paid last **IF** enough money in the budget remains.

Tweet: Balance the Budget, Repeal Obamacare, Live under the same laws, DO YOUR JOB.

(5:40:59) Sat Jul 29, 2017

The Power of the Pen
A message to the President

-1- President Obama with his pen gave the Congress and their staffers a waiver from Obamacare participation. TRUMP. With your pen, take that waiver away! Instead, give me the American Citizen a waiver with your pen. The law gives you that power. Kill Obamacare with your pen. Can you imagine Senators and Congressmen suing to be OFF Obamacare, while at the same time leaving the American Citizen to suffer? The free market will react and will produce good health care options. Further, with your pen, President Trump allow insurance across state lines. It is unconstitutional for one State to prevent commerce from another State. That in itself invalidates the entire Obamacare nightmare.

-2- Border Wall -- Think Border Trench! People have terraced mountains and countrysides for thousands of years. With our tech we can terrace the Rio Grande River, creating 100ft drop mini hydro electric plants, fisheries, border crossing stations, and SELL THE DIRT. This avenue creates 300-million dollar annual profits from the electricity and fish, and reduces expenses for border stations and policing. JOBS! The dirt has a value of 100-Billion to 1-Trillion dollars in direct sales to the private sector and cost savings to Public sector use. The Dirt industry is HUGE. As a software engineer, I used government topology, rail, river databases to estimate project performance. The electric output of the Falcon and Amistad dams is doubled! I can provide details.

-3- Tax reform. End the divide and conquer tax system -- a thousand and one regulatory fees, licensing fees, penalties, fuel taxes, and so on. End the attack on business and Family Ideology by employing a LOG TAX. It is very simple and the instructions fit on the same business card as the filing form. It reduces Congress' control to a min/max tax rate, individual and business deduction (income adjustment), and a tax factor. Everyone is part of the system that encourages individual responsibility, savings, growth and even prevents business monopolies. Too BigToFail today gets a bail-out, but back in the day they were called monopolies and forced to segment to protect the country from the collapse of a single business. Use your pen. I can provide details.

-4- Get the Senate back to 67 votes to pass a bill. At 51 we are India, 700 parties just raiding the public treasury. A two party system ignoring half the country is not a solution. It is a death nail to the Republic.

(5:28:11) Wed Jul 12, 2017

Russian Internment Camps
How to impeach a president for things you did.

Obviously, the media is covering for Hillary and the Clinton Foundation. The list of Russian collusion, along with many other nations buying influence and access, is well documented. Clinton obstruction and obfuscation is expertly employed. With Hillary's loss, the DEMs are terrified their dirty laundry will be exposed. The script is flipped and the GOP is attacked for DEM crimes putting the prosecutors on the defensive.

With all the media hype, extrapolation and fabrication regarding Trump, Trump JR, anyone related to Trump and Russian, you'd think the media was calling for Russian Internment camps. Are all Russians bad? Can you be arrested for talking with someone of Russian descent? Well then, sound the alarms! Act all hysterical. With reckless abandon march on GOP businesses. Threaten GOP officers and advocates while praising your devotion to love and tolerance. All those doing business with Russians need to be arrested/detained/questioned immediately. Just like the 25,000 Communist Party members killed in 1930's Germany, the origin of the work camps that were later used to exterminate millions.

For example, all those working with Minnesota, DEM Senator Al Franken! Russians have infiltrated the United States Senate! Take to the streets! Oh My God! DNC Presidential candidate runner-up and current Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is from Russian ancestry. It's a Russian incursion! All senators, congressmen, and DNC officials need to be detained for questioning for this obvious Russian collusion.

Let's all ignore the distraction and get back to the Rule of Law. Investigate Hillary, Lynch, Comey, and all associates for what they did. Prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law to protect the nation by sending a clear message to the next batch of misfits elected to high office. Also prosecute all media outlets that ran cover for them. Under collusion and co-conspirator laws prosecute the producers, managers, directors, anchors, even the camera operators for attempting a soft coup of the United States government. And, don't get me started with any company advertising on their networks, funding their illegal activities and treasonous movements.

(8:50:22) Tue Jul 11, 2017

Bad Egg
What goes around ...

The reason EGGS became BAD was due to REWASH. The farmer accepts return of unsold eggs from the market. These eggs get mixed with fresh eggs and go through the wash, packaging, and shipped back out. In principle, an egg can be in the rewash cycle for years before getting purchased and YIKES, that's a black egg -errr African American egg. I dont recall when the rewash cycle started, but it has been at least three decades in use. It would be nice if rewashed eggs got a scarlet letter. Maybe a red stripe each time they go around.

(6:27:57) Tue Jun 27, 2017

Assassination Boomerang
Karma says, "What goes around, comes around"

Kathy Griffin's career was already in the toilet. Her pro-ISIS poser was a desperate attempt to be relevant. She ended up digging her own grave, but it will go unmarked like her forgettable career.

The Clinton's supersized DEM evasion strategy. The technique was revealed in the Monica Lewinsky trial. It was all cover for Bill's sexual harassment of Paula Jones. They setup a long line of accusers to hide one real event. Of course, Juanita Broaddrick's rape allegations went unanswered.

The point is obfuscation, a Kindergarten tactic known as Na-Na Na-Na Na, I got away with it, you can't get me. When the authorities show up the bully is always going to play the victim card.

This is what is happening again with the DEMs regarding Russian collusion. From the embarrassing Hillary reset button and uranium deal to Obama Syrian red line and DNC/Hillary computer servers, the DEMs have a lot of answering to do. Obama is protected if Hillary gets elected, but she got Trumped.

Now, all the rats that supported this mess have no cover. QUICK! Blame Republicans. Attack Trump! Put the Russia label on him so that when the truth comes out, we can claim "It's all ready been litigated, it's old news, it's just Republicans trying to flip the script, ... I'm rubber you're glue, what bounces off of me, sticks to you."

Hungry to get collusion charges or even just an investigation in the hopes of impeaching Trump, they have opened the barn door on investigating AG Loretta Lynch, which then brings in Obama and the rest of the rats. If Trump's AG Sessions opens the investigation, then the DEMs can cry foul. But, this is their doing.

The DEMs are desperate to stick the Nixon label on Trump. They have to teardown Donald or else face twenty-four years of Trump; Eric, Ivanka, ... waiting in the wings, all capable. Imagine the DEM devastation, the apocalyptic marches if Republicans post the first woman president!

They are terrified by #TRUMP24. Not just restocking the Supreme Court with conservatives, but the grooming of Ivanka for the Oval. We are witnessing the birth of a dynasty that in its infancy just bulldozed through all others.

(4:32:21) Sat Jun 24, 2017

Boycott ON
Depp, Madonna, Griffin, ...

Start putting these loons in jail for advocating the assassination of the President of the United States before some nutcase acts on their irresponsible, illegal words.

(10:32:50) Thu Jun 8, 2017

Matter Matters
Now stare deeply into my eyes.

The Comey hearing was disturbing. Does it matter that the President asked the FBI Director to let a nothing Flynn investigation go so he could get the focus back on his agenda - satisfying all those campaign promises? Does it matter that Comey acknowledged committing a Federal crime?

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch requested Comey call the Clinton criminal investigation a 'matter'. He caved to that request. Was Lynch influenced by the subject of the investigation to make that request? Why else would she make it? If not directly from Clinton, did Lynch receive an order from President Obama to meddle in the investigation?

Did Comey allow Clinton to control his words - a puppet of the Clinton machine? Matter appears to be a thread that needs pulling. How much control over the Server Scandal did Hillary Clinton have? Comey's diaries need to be subpoenaed next. When we discover he kept records of conversations with President Obama too, will the charge be Perjury?

(16:43:53) Tue May 16, 2017

Trump Dynasty
Trump Twenty Four

The Media and Democrats, collectively known as the Left, do not fear Donald Trump. They are terrorized by the Trump family because each is capable of running the country. This is the most competent business family in our history. The Left fears the slogan TRUMP24 !!! Their next five Presidential candidates are going to lose to a Trump. This will effect Senate and House seats as their long term supporters turn Republican. We are witnessing the beginnings of a Republican dynasty. Democrats cannot allow Donald to succeed.

(8:26:41) Wed Mar 15, 2017

Neanderthals V Cromags
Cain V Abel

Cromags were killed off by the Neanderthals and were replaced by Homosapiens, who are a slightly modified Cromag - a new and improved version with two added genes for complex speech (US). The Neanderthals lived in small family tribes due to competition for food, much the same way child sacrifice for better crops was answered because there was now one less mouth to feed. Neanderthal was hardier, capable of enduring freezing temperatures. They were slowly pushed out and north by Homosapiens who were better organized in larger communities with technology and were told not to mate with the beast.

In Biblical terms, Abel represents the Cromags killed by Cain representing the Neanderthals because Cain's love offering was denied over Abel's lust offer. History's first murder, and based on religious intolerance. Why Love vs Lust? Cain was the first, even before Enoch, to recognize something had to create this and without knowledge of that something said, "Thank you." Abel on seeing the gift, scrambled to replicate the offering from his flock lest he be left out of any reward from God.

Cain's offering from agriculture is determined to be less than Abel's because it is more difficult to herd animals. Completely wrong. Farming is far more complicated. God got it wrong, or an example of resistance to change be it political, religious, or technological?

Cain is punished with the Mark. Although never mentioned were it is placed, it is clearly visible, suggesting the forehead which makes it the extended brow of Neanderthal. The Cain and Abel story is a great example of agenda and politics with a pinch of bad translation leveraging a popular story of the day. It is a wonderful onion of layered meaning.

(7:45:7) Tue Feb 21, 2017

Brenda Buttner
No Bull, All Bear.

Sadly, cancer takes down another before their time. I formalized my solution to cancer a couple years ago in another Commodity Laundering video exposing cigarette paper as the key cause of tobacco smoking related cancer. ( I stumbled into this solution for cancer about a decade ago while watching a Discovery Channel program on brain fungus in ants. I forget the particular fungus, but the documentary asserted every creature has a particular fungus that invades the brain to which there is no cure. For humans, it is meningitis.

However, nature is always in balance. It already provides a cure. The key to fighting cancer is to find the appropriate poison. Cancer invades the body like a fungus, grows like a fungus, propagates like a fungus, so let's identify it as a fungus. Acne creams use a mixture of Baking Soda and Vitamin-A suspended in Palm Oil to fight fungus. Our bodies can handle large doses of an alkaline solution (base) better than acids. Baking Soda provides that base to annihilate fungus. Vitamin-A is a poison in large doses that hardens and kill cells.

Cells take in what they need and expel waste. When Vitamin-A is present, the cell takes what is needed and then tightens to prevent any further exchange, protecting itself from an overdose leading to death. To much Vitamin-A in your system cannot be flushed out fast enough and eventually the cell ruptures because it was unable to excrete. How long can you hold your breath? Same thing. Cancer is an aggressive eater. The fungus mimics body cells and sends a clear signal, "FEED ME!" It acts like a sponge absorbing the Vitamin-A in massive quantity and dying. I tried it on myself a couple years ago. Three unusual bumps on my shoulder appeared with other dots forming in a general line. They were not warts or acne.

A study on Vitamin-A suggested one million units to an average size male was lethal. About half that was used on children with a particular disease and they were cured but the high dosage led to liver failure. The daily allowance of Vitamin-A is arbitrary. Nobody knows how much is too much. So I took twenty pills, two-hundred thousand units. The next day the three half dime-size bumps turned bright, bright red, almost translucent. So I took another ten pills. Clearly, these things soaked up the poison. The next day they were crusting up and within two weeks pulled out like plugs similar to any puncture wound.

It works. The medical industry knows it works. They are studying Vitamin-A&C for their ability to fight cancer. They dont want us using the basic off the shelf stuff because that is not profitable, just like they dont want to tell you Baking Soda calms acid reflux instantly. It even stops postnasal drip, the beginnings of acid reflux, the body's way of pushing back the rising acid. It is far more profitable to sell you a pill of compressed baking soda for $5 each rather than a box of powder for a dollar.

Please take the time to watch the video, and demand answers.

(7:16:7) Thu Jan 19, 2017

Boycotting Trump
Take Your Medicine

A growing number of Dems, over sixty in number, and many Hollywood one-percenters will boycott Trump's presidential inauguration. While this is a disgrace to the office of the Presidency and the peaceful transfer of power, it does show courage; unlike the Bushes, who will be hiding in hospital. Hopefully by example, this motivates Republicans to be brave and publicly stand for something.

(17:28:32) Mon Jan 9, 2017

America's First Lady
-err Laddie -err Drag Queen

Always thought Obama was gay. The proof was in his wife's manly arms. (

Always knew Joan Rivers was killed for her anti-Left stances. Did not know about Joan being the one that outed Michelle and Barack. (

Where's the news media on this? If there is nothing wrong with it, why wont they report it?

(6:47:31) Tue Jan 3, 2017

Recess Appointments
Illegally Used Already.

During the milliseconds in which the Senate is being sworn in, the Senate is technically in Recess. The Constitution allows the President to appoint senior Federal positions. However, this only applies to vacancies that happen during the Recess. Obama could try to squeeze in a Supreme during the swearing in ceremony, but it would not stand because the vacancy did not occur during the recess period and the appointed official would still need approval by the new Senate by end of the next Congressional session.

Obama has already made sneaky recess appointments in 2012. These were declared by the Supreme Court to be in violation of the law. However, what happened to the appointments? Anything they did during their period in office becomes illegal and voided as well. Many are pondering the potential for another recess appointment to the Supreme Court. Obama would once again be violating the law. 1) Both House and Senate must be in Recess for a three day period, minimum. 2) The vacancy must occur during the recess period, the Supreme position is already vacant.