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(10:32:50) Thu Jun 8, 2017 Matter Matters
(16:43:53) Tue May 16, 2017 Trump Dynasty
(8:26:41) Wed Mar 15, 2017 Neanderthals V Cromags
(7:45:7) Tue Feb 21, 2017 Brenda Buttner
(7:16:7) Thu Jan 19, 2017 Boycotting Trump
(17:28:32) Mon Jan 9, 2017 America's First Lady
(6:47:31) Tue Jan 3, 2017 Recess Appointments




(10:32:50) Thu Jun 8, 2017

Matter Matters
Now stare deeply into my eyes.

The Comey hearing was disturbing. Does it matter that the President asked the FBI Director to let a nothing Flynn investigation go so he could get the focus back on his agenda - satisfying all those campaign promises? Does it matter that Comey acknowledged committing a Federal crime?

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch requested Comey call the Clinton criminal investigation a 'matter'. He caved to that request. Was Lynch influenced by the subject of the investigation to make that request? Why else would she make it? If not directly from Clinton, did Lynch receive an order from President Obama to meddle in the investigation?

Did Comey allow Clinton to control his words - a puppet of the Clinton machine? Matter appears to be a thread that needs pulling. How much control over the Server Scandal did Hillary Clinton have? Comey's diaries need to be subpoenaed next. When we discover he kept records of conversations with President Obama too, will the charge be Perjury?

(16:43:53) Tue May 16, 2017

Trump Dynasty
Trump Twenty Four

The Media and Democrats, collectively known as the Left, do not fear Donald Trump. They are terrorized by the Trump family because each is capable of running the country. This is the most competent business family in our history. The Left fears the slogan TRUMP24 !!! Their next five Presidential candidates are going to lose to a Trump. This will effect Senate and House seats as their long term supporters turn Republican. We are witnessing the beginnings of a Republican dynasty. Democrats cannot allow Donald to succeed.

(8:26:41) Wed Mar 15, 2017

Neanderthals V Cromags
Cain V Abel

Cromags were killed off by the Neanderthals and were replaced by Homosapiens, who are a slightly modified Cromag - a new and improved version with two added genes for complex speech (US). The Neanderthals lived in small family tribes due to competition for food, much the same way child sacrifice for better crops was answered because there was now one less mouth to feed. Neanderthal was hardier, capable of enduring freezing temperatures. They were slowly pushed out and north by Homosapiens who were better organized in larger communities with technology and were told not to mate with the beast.

In Biblical terms, Abel represents the Cromags killed by Cain representing the Neanderthals because Cain's love offering was denied over Abel's lust offer. History's first murder, and based on religious intolerance. Why Love vs Lust? Cain was the first, even before Enoch, to recognize something had to create this and without knowledge of that something said, "Thank you." Abel on seeing the gift, scrambled to replicate the offering from his flock lest he be left out of any reward from God.

Cain's offering from agriculture is determined to be less than Abel's because it is more difficult to herd animals. Completely wrong. Farming is far more complicated. God got it wrong, or an example of resistance to change be it political, religious, or technological?

Cain is punished with the Mark. Although never mentioned were it is placed, it is clearly visible, suggesting the forehead which makes it the extended brow of Neanderthal. The Cain and Abel story is a great example of agenda and politics with a pinch of bad translation leveraging a popular story of the day. It is a wonderful onion of layered meaning.

(7:45:7) Tue Feb 21, 2017

Brenda Buttner
No Bull, All Bear.

Sadly, cancer takes down another before their time. I formalized my solution to cancer a couple years ago in another Commodity Laundering video exposing cigarette paper as the key cause of tobacco smoking related cancer. ( I stumbled into this solution for cancer about a decade ago while watching a Discovery Channel program on brain fungus in ants. I forget the particular fungus, but the documentary asserted every creature has a particular fungus that invades the brain to which there is no cure. For humans, it is meningitis.

However, nature is always in balance. It already provides a cure. The key to fighting cancer is to find the appropriate poison. Cancer invades the body like a fungus, grows like a fungus, propagates like a fungus, so let's identify it as a fungus. Acne creams use a mixture of Baking Soda and Vitamin-A suspended in Palm Oil to fight fungus. Our bodies can handle large doses of an alkaline solution (base) better than acids. Baking Soda provides that base to annihilate fungus. Vitamin-A is a poison in large doses that hardens and kill cells.

Cells take in what they need and expel waste. When Vitamin-A is present, the cell takes what is needed and then tightens to prevent any further exchange, protecting itself from an overdose leading to death. To much Vitamin-A in your system cannot be flushed out fast enough and eventually the cell ruptures because it was unable to excrete. How long can you hold your breath? Same thing. Cancer is an aggressive eater. The fungus mimics body cells and sends a clear signal, "FEED ME!" It acts like a sponge absorbing the Vitamin-A in massive quantity and dying. I tried it on myself a couple years ago. Three unusual bumps on my shoulder appeared with other dots forming in a general line. They were not warts or acne.

A study on Vitamin-A suggested one million units to an average size male was lethal. About half that was used on children with a particular disease and they were cured but the high dosage led to liver failure. The daily allowance of Vitamin-A is arbitrary. Nobody knows how much is too much. So I took twenty pills, two-hundred thousand units. The next day the three half dime-size bumps turned bright, bright red, almost translucent. So I took another ten pills. Clearly, these things soaked up the poison. The next day they were crusting up and within two weeks pulled out like plugs similar to any puncture wound.

It works. The medical industry knows it works. They are studying Vitamin-A&C for their ability to fight cancer. They dont want us using the basic off the shelf stuff because that is not profitable, just like they dont want to tell you Baking Soda calms acid reflux instantly. It even stops postnasal drip, the beginnings of acid reflux, the body's way of pushing back the rising acid. It is far more profitable to sell you a pill of compressed baking soda for $5 each rather than a box of powder for a dollar.

Please take the time to watch the video, and demand answers.

(7:16:7) Thu Jan 19, 2017

Boycotting Trump
Take Your Medicine

A growing number of Dems, over sixty in number, and many Hollywood one-percenters will boycott Trump's presidential inauguration. While this is a disgrace to the office of the Presidency and the peaceful transfer of power, it does show courage; unlike the Bushes, who will be hiding in hospital. Hopefully by example, this motivates Republicans to be brave and publicly stand for something.

(17:28:32) Mon Jan 9, 2017

America's First Lady
-err Laddie -err Drag Queen

Always thought Obama was gay. The proof was in his wife's manly arms. (

Always knew Joan Rivers was killed for her anti-Left stances. Did not know about Joan being the one that outed Michelle and Barack. (

Where's the news media on this? If there is nothing wrong with it, why wont they report it?

(6:47:31) Tue Jan 3, 2017

Recess Appointments
Illegally Used Already.

During the milliseconds in which the Senate is being sworn in, the Senate is technically in Recess. The Constitution allows the President to appoint senior Federal positions. However, this only applies to vacancies that happen during the Recess. Obama could try to squeeze in a Supreme during the swearing in ceremony, but it would not stand because the vacancy did not occur during the recess period and the appointed official would still need approval by the new Senate by end of the next Congressional session.

Obama has already made sneaky recess appointments in 2012. These were declared by the Supreme Court to be in violation of the law. However, what happened to the appointments? Anything they did during their period in office becomes illegal and voided as well. Many are pondering the potential for another recess appointment to the Supreme Court. Obama would once again be violating the law. 1) Both House and Senate must be in Recess for a three day period, minimum. 2) The vacancy must occur during the recess period, the Supreme position is already vacant.