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In the world of academia, economics is Micro and Macro. We all slept through those classes at some level. To prepare us for reality, professors should teach us about African diamond mines. These industries create cyclical economies.

The Company enters an oppressed area as a savior offering a salary, a Living-Wage to the impoverished people. Their fiction involves promises of a better life, health, happiness, and equality of stuff. Their reality is a slave-camp for mining resources.

The Company draws the people in willingly by offering jobs. In turn, the workers have to buy their tools, food, housing, and other supplies from the Company. This means the Company fully recovers the paid salaries and has erased the people's original way of life. The people get nothing for their labor and are now trapped in the system, dependent on their new masters.

The successful companies do this without anyone realizing. America is no longer the land of opportunity. It has become a Diamond Mine. The mushrooming size of government, and the redistribution of wealth agenda of its President and Democrat party, is creating a massive slave-camp with no way out.

U.S. Economics is the art of managing conflict. Allow a problem to exist to benefit a friendly business while crippling the opposition. Capitalism encourages business allies to circles the wagons around the problem to protect the people. Another industry is born yielding more campaign dollars to keep the fictional economy in place. Eventually, one Party rule is achieved and the dictatorship can begin.

Money Laundering is not just for processing illegal drug money any more. It has evolved into just about anything; products, morals, even people, and is the root of conflict management in the fictional economy. Take an illegal product, process, or concept, and make it legal, unaccountable, or untraceable, with the victims paying, supporting, and defending it.

The growing list of Lessons on provide Commodity Laundering examples within the United States economic and political systems. It is important to note, this Criminal behavior started generations ago. Understand how to Launder Commodities and you will understand American Economics and why dishonest people working behind closed doors need to surround themselves with signs that say otherwise.

Laundering FundamentalsVideo Map

Active Scams:

Mortgage Deduction — Protecting the IRS.
China — Controlling a Nation.
Poison — Managing a Pharmaceutical Dynasty.
Global Warming — Printing Fictional Money.
Payoffs — Draining the Public Treasury.
Services — Pouring a Union Foundation.
Competition — Lowering Wages and Benefits.
People — Building the Slavery Village.
Death — Attacking Gun Rights.
Justice — Commercializing Crime.
Voter Fraud — Stealing Elections.
Tolerance — Ignoring Invasion.
Rights — Quieting Dissent.
Benghazi — Abandoning Americans.
Gulf Oil — Extorting Services and Equipment.
Pollution — Strangling Engine Exhaust.
Trade — Promoting the Middleman.
Syria — Arming the Enemy.
Scandal — Hiding under the Pile.
Debt — Selling the American Government.
Property — Losing State Sovereignty.


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